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If you’re moving forward with writing your own essay let’s discuss what challenges you might be facing while doing so.


1.     Introduction to Writing for High School

You might have a lot of ideas in your mind but you just don’t know how to give a start to your essay. You might get inclined towards a vague and long introduction but know this, a concise introduction is the most impactful even with little words. An easy way is to first complete your rest of the essay and then write an introduction. This will let you have a complete scope of the essay and a grasp over the outline of your article.


2.     The Structure

Most of the students find it difficult to margin their thoughts and structure them. The ideas are just spilled all over the article. They go from one point to another and come back to the first and get lost in the process. A coherent argument is not formed. This causes the audience to lose interest in your essay making up to bad grades. To organize your essay, list down the arguments on a rough piece of paper with the explaining points right beside them. Write those points one by one and lead towards the next at the ending of each point.


3.     Quoting with References

Quoting in the essay always makes a good impression. As is said:

“Quoting a right reference has the power to change willing minds”

See what we did there? *wink wink*. Cite your references or it can be considered as plagiarism and we don’t want that. Essay becomes more impactful with a strong reference for your argument. These put soul in the words.


4.     Focus for Good High School Papers

Students lose focus in the blink of an eye. Staying focused is one of the hardest things for teenagers attending school. With a lot more to explore around, it is hard to stay focused on a piece of paper with some arguments in mind. Students get easily distracted from the tasks assigned and writing requires focus. Getting distracted again and again causes uneven writing tempo and hence uneven styles. Having proper guidance does the deed of making one focused.


5.     Ending

Concluding the thoughts and giving a compact ending is really challenging for even big time writers. If you get frustrated with just not having the perfect words to conclude your essay, no need to panic. This happens to the best of us. Read your essay again and again. This will give you a grasp over your essay and will give you the perfect ending.