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CBD Oil vs CBD Capsules: What's the Difference?

CBD is a trendy ingredient in the wellness world. As a result, the market is filled with a vast range of supplements. Among numerous products, CBD oil and CBD capsules are two popular ways to take CBD. How to add CBD to your wellness routine depends on many factors, including lifestyle, experience with CBD, specific dietary needs and more.

For example, you may not be keen on natural hemp flavour or dislike putting the oil underneath the tongue. Or you are looking for a convenient and accurate way to get CBD. Answers will influence the chosen supplement.


Although CBD oil and CBD capsules are the most popular, they differ. This makes it hard for some consumers to find out what their differences are and what to choose. While you will never find the right answer for you, you can choose the product based on many factors. This article will outline the key differences between CBD oils and capsules, giving you a clear picture of the perfect choice.


Why Choose CBD Oil?


CBD oil is an extract that is derived from industrial hemp strains. Oils come in different spectrums and strengths. You can find full-, broad-spectrum, and CBD isolate, which differ in their cannabinoid content. The first two are rich in all plant elements and contain safe levels of THC. CBD isolate is up to 99.9% pure cannabidiol, which is usually mixed with an MCT oil to create an extract.  


CBD oils come in a dropper bottle, allowing users to experiment with different dosages to find what works for them. The great part about the oils, as opposed to the capsules, is that you customise the strength to suit you. CBD oils have different strengths, suitable for beginners, middle and experienced consumers. 


CBD oils and tinctures belong to the sublingual type of supplements. This means they should be delivered via drops under the tongue. Since our mouth has lots of blood capillaries, active compounds quickly absorb through this method. CBD oils are considered to offer the highest absorption rates, allowing consumers to feel the onset within 10-20 minutes.


CBD oils also come in different flavours. Therefore, you can enjoy CBD oil with strawberry, citrus or natural flavours, for example. That is why consumers like this product.


Why Choose CBD Capsules?


CBD oil capsules are the best choice for convenience and accurate dosage. They come in a bottle which can easily be carried with you and fit any bag or purse. CBD capsules also come in different spectrums and strengths, making them suitable for all consumers.


Each CBD capsule comes with a pre-measured dose of CBD. Since counting CBD doses can be challenging for some users, especially beginners, CBD capsules are a better choice than CBD oil. So if you just start your CBD journey, CBD capsules are the best choice.


Another difference between CBD capsules and oils is the taste. As we mentioned, CBD oil comes in many flavours, including natural hemp taste. However, CBD capsules are made without flavouring and are tasteless and odourless. 


There is also a wider choice when it comes to CBD capsules. That is because these capsules can contain other ingredients, like hemp seed oil, MCT oil, extra compounds like melatonin and more, depending on what effect you are looking for. 


Can You Take CBD Capsules & Oils Together?


If you can’t decide what to buy or to look for maximum experience, you can buy CBD oil and CBD capsules to take them together. This will be a safe and effective option only if you don’t exceed the maximum daily dose of 70mg of CBD per day. This is a recommended dose by a healthcare professional.


To ensure you are safe, we advise you to take the lower intake suggestion for both CBD oil and CBD capsules. Monitor your feelings and their effects, and then gradually increase your dose if required. Although it can take time, you will be able to understand how your body reacts and how to achieve the best results from your consumption. In addition, you will know what strength to choose next time you buy CBD supplements.


Wrapping Up


Since CBD is so popular, the market offers numerous options for users with various needs and dietary requirements. This could be challenging for most consumers as products look the same at first sight. In case you are looking for a convenient and accurate way, CBD capsules are the best choice. CBD oil is an excellent choice for consumers looking for high bioavailability and almost immediate effect. Which method is best for you comes down to your preferences, experience with CBD and lifestyle. But knowing the difference between the two most popular products can help you power up your CBD experience.

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