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Pure Science Labs – CBD Oil Vaping
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Review: CBD Hemp Oil – Greetings my dear readers… well here I am late…. again.  My computer wanted to act up again, and we have had some killer storms here in South Florida resulting in loss of power here at Tim’s home for a period of 3 hours one day and a half hour another day, and yet an hour another day.  ENOUGH already, I am so sick and tired of the storms, of the shitty weather, which for me I think is the worst.

When the weather starts to turn to shit and the pressure starts to drop, well my pain levels goes way up.  Then the pressure drops even more and my pain levels shoots up 3 times than before, by the time it finally does rain… I feel like I am a human pressure cooker and I’m about to blow!

Then, sometimes….it doesn’t rain, so the clouds kinda go away, and the sun peeks out and the pressure in my body drops…a tiny bit.

The next day it starts all over again, then again maybe the day after that as well.  So by the time it actually does rain I am a physical wreck about to explode both mentally and physically.  I’m like ” Leave me the EFF alone!!, I don’t want to be touched talked to, or mothered, just leave me alone”!

Pure Science Labs – CDB HEMP Oil Spinfuel eMagazine

 After 25 years my wife and family have learned to just leave me alone. If, and that’s a big if, I can apologize before I get too bad I will give a blanket apology to my wife and son.  Something to the effect of …”I’m having a bad day, the weather is shitty I don’t feel good so if I snap and yell at y’all I don’t mean it, it is the pain talking.”  So….how was your week?

This week’s column is going to be kind of a review…yea I know I’m not the best at doing a proper review. This review is also going to be the subject of my column.  I won’t bore you with small talk about this atomizer or what ohms this or that is, I’m just gonna talk with y’all like I do with my friends, which I consider all y’all to be….my friends.

To that end, this week, while still in the medical or medical patient theme, I want to talk to y’all about something that was given to me by my fantastic editor Dave.

While no one at Spinfuel wants to review, or even deal with, the subject I’m fixin ta talk to y’all about, that is OK by me.  It doesn’t bother me, and believe me I can understand where they are coming from.  What I am talking about, and I know y’all are frothing at the bit to know, yer like “GEEZ Tim, just tell us already will ya!

CBD Hemp Oil Vaping

OK then, what I am gonna talk about is CBD Hemp Oil.  I kinda, sorta, touched on it in my columnPure Science Labs – CDB Oil Spinfuel eMagazine on chronic pain.  This time I’m gonna go a bit more in depth and attempt to give y’all the low down, at least to the extent that I am able to with the equipment that I had on hand.  As I said I received this from my editor Dave, or rather he had it sent to me from the vendor. Check here to get the lowdown on the CBD restrictions in the US

CBD Hemp Oil by Pure Science Labs

This is not your typical CBD Hemp oil that you get at your local B & M shop or even online.  No….this CBD Hemp oil is what is called scientific grade CBD Hemp oil.  What I received was 2x-1ml clearomizers, might not even be 1ml, but for the sake of argument we’ll call it 1ml.

So, each one is in its very own little baggie and was marked with what was in the clearomizer.  With me…great, I look at the one that is marked 100mg, the other one is marked 200mgwax.

OK, I can take my old Innokin iTaste v3, in case y’all don’t know the Innokin iTaste was, and still is, being sold, it is a vape pen that v3 will go up to 11 watts and I believe 5 volts. It has an internal 800mAh battery.

I also have v4 which is the new and improved version, this one sports an 1100mAh battery goes up to 15 watts and/or 6 volts.

Both versions are VV/VW and you can switch between wattage or voltage, whichever mode you choose then the other mode is automatically set. I like both v3 and v.4, though v3 is a bit smaller in length v4 has very good graphics, and both are excellent devices for what they are.

Believe me, I have used ‘abused’ both of these devices, and the v4 has been kept in the house and never got much use before. My v3 was used a LOT!  They have given me great vapes when using my Aerotank or my ProTank, as well as other tanks that are similar to these two.

Pure Science Labs – CDB Oil Spinfuel eMagazineWhen I say that this CBD Hemp oil is not your everyday variety store CBD oil, this stuff packs a punch!  Something I found out very early on, was my usage of this oil.  Now most of your CBD oil can be bought in ranges from 50mg up to, and including, 500mg. However, what most people don’t understand is the fact that, let’s say you shelled out $130 for a 15ml bottle,(yup, that is the current price in most vape shops) of 500mg CBD Hemp oil.  You think….” OH WOW, this stuff is gonna make me feel SO EFFING good.”

Then you start vaping said juice and you’re thinking after vaping a 3ml or 4ml tank, “why am I not feeling anything, this stuff is shit…. I paid a $130 bucks for a 15ml bottle of liquid shit!!”  But wait, while you may think its crap, you need to do some basic math.

The Basic CBD HEMP OIL Math

You take the said a 15ml bottle of 500mg CBD oil, it will state somewhere on the bottle something to the effect that its 500mg CBD oil that is it.  What they don’t tell you is that while it may be 500mg, that covers for the entire bottle.

Here is where the math comes in; you need to figure out what the mg per ml is so you take your 500 and divide it by 15 that will give you the mg. per ml.

It comes out to 33.33333 mg/ml.  Which, in and of itself, isn’t too bad, but what is bad is the $130 dollars you had to pay for the 15ml bottle33.3mg/ml it shouldn’t take but maybe a tankful, maybe a 3ml or 4ml tank, and you should get some relief of your pain, or whatever you’re using it for.

Now then, here I am with a 100mg CBD oil in a 1ml clearomizer.  What I’m getting is 100mg/ml, that is some serious CBD oil I’m here ta tell ya.  I found out using my little vape pen, I took maybe 3 or 4 tokes, maybe 5, in just a matter of minutes… 5-7 minutes or so and I am out EFFING COLD!

I stayed out of it for something like 5 hours, and when I woke up I’m like “damn, I must have been Pure Science Labs – CDB Oil Spinfuel eMagazinereally tired”, it never dawned on me until a couple days later, that after taking only a couple hits I’m like SO freaking groggy, like I can’t stay…wait a minute, wait a freakin minute, it dawned on me that taking those 4 or 5 hits a couple days previous and taking 1 or 2 hits today, that it’s the CBD oil that is making me feel like this.

Now, I have used up pretty much most of that 1ml clearo, might be enough, maybe half dozen hits, which, if needed, I can use it to help me get to sleep.

Now, don’t forget I also have a 200mg/ml clearo with CBD wax in it.  Now I have no, zero, experience when it comes to the CBD wax, never have tried before and really didn’t have anything that I could use to vape this wax at the time, though Spinfuel is sending some gear for this very purpose.

I received an email from the vendor of the CBD Oil whom I will identify later, near the end of this column.  His first name is Steve and he basically asked if I received the items, I told him yes that the 100mg/ml CBD Hemp oil was fantastic, and told him that I was a 100% disabled veteran, and that the decent dry herb/wax vaporizer has not yet arrived, so I couldn’t review the wax yet. He understood, I think, and when my wax vaporizer arrives I’ll jump right on the review.

Let me say that when I vaped this 100mg/ml CBD Hemp oil, as I stated earlier, I was out for the count.  Usually what comes from the B & M stores, you get a diluted vape and it takes more ejuice to get the same ‘experience’ as you would get from the good folks at Pure Science Lab, so check them out at . This company is located in Coconut Creek, Fl. All the information you need, ie; the address and phone number, ordering information, and more, can all be found on the website.

They have all manner of CBD waxes, even tinctures. One could spend hours, as I did, staring in awe at all these products therein.

I will say this, while they have a LOT of different products, it is definitely not cheap or inexpensive.  They have the clearomizers like the ones I received, and I believe it comes in a 3-pack for around $99, I believe it was.  Yea, like I said; tis not cheap.

They also had certain tinctures, which is a spray that gets sprayed under the tongue, or sprayed Pure Science Labs – CBD Hemp oil Spinfuel eMagazinetoward the back of the throat. I have had this kind of thing a couple of times before and while it may not have had the same kick, it was still a viable option for those who do not vape.

I cannot say the same for the spray you get from Pure Science Lab. I would imagine it has to be a higher quality product than what you might find in a standard vape shop.  They also have syringes that have a wax or paste that you, from what I gather, put some under your tongue and swallow.  I cannot talk to the efficacy or efficiency of of the product, but based on the previous use of their CBD, I’m sure it fits a need somewhere.


That said, Pure Science Lab in Coconut Creek, Fl. is a company which seems to me is set on providing the very best product available.  There are a lot of people that think there is no use for these products, or the stuff really doesn’t work.  Let me make no bones about it…The CBD Hemp oil from Pure Science Lab does work!

This from a plant, from a common hemp plant, and by whatever process they use turn it into a product that does in fact help, at least in my case, some really severe pain issues, all with no THC in it, which makes it, as far as I know, purely legal in all 50 states.

That I think is gonna do it for me for this week.  We shall see what next week brings, I know I will be receiving some CBD oil from a vendor in Pa.  I don’t know a lot about the company or the product.

Maybe I’ll do a review on it in a similar fashion as this week’s column.  No fancy good byes this week, nothing but this; I know this product is expensive, but it does work, very well I might add.  T

hat said, I will bid y’all a good day, happy Saturday, I trust your weekend will be a pleasant one. Be well, stay safe, God bless, and VAPE ON!

Tim Timblin