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Canteen Pro Coils, Replacement Tanks, and Airflow Controller Now Available!

Whenever our good friends at Johnson Creek send us a package it’s like Christmas (good timing!) around here. Yesterday we got such a package, and it was stuffed with several Canteen Pro Accessories.


Last night the crew was invited over for a review session. Everyone had a Canteen Pro with them. (read our review here) These Canteen Pro tanks are gorgeous glass tanks for your JC Vea, or other eGo-threaded batteries actually. (Can’t guarantee that other batteries will work, but it does for us with Vision Spinners)


So let’s get to it. Here are the accessories we were sent, and our team’s reaction, including my own. (I’m the fanboi after all).


Screen Shot 2014-12-09 at 7.49.25 AMReplacement Coils – From .8-ohm to 1.8-ohm – $9.95 (5-pack)


Me: Come on; 8-ohm coils that actually work with the Vea? Wonderful! Warm, thick, flavorful smoke juice; these coil heads are welcome additions. I tried a couple of different ohms and I think, for now, I’m sticking to .8ohm because of the increase in vapor production and flavor. Wicked nice vape.


Tom: The Canteen Pro is such a beautiful piece of work it’s almost ‘art’. Although they can’t compare with most other tanks I use, RBA, RDA’s and high-tech glassomizers, they are excellent for everyday vaping. The addition of the lo-resistance coils is a major plus for vapers wanting to experience more flavor and vapor from their Vea. Johnson Creek did an excellent job.


Dave: Since I bought a couple of the Canteen Pros I’ve been using my Vea a lot more. For me the capacity is just right. Now, these new coils give me an even better experience, what’s not to love? $9.95 for 5 coils is a good price too, considering the cost of other coil heads for clearomizer like the Aspire X.Jet and CE5. ($2.99 each).


Canteen Pro Colored Glass Tanks – $3.95 each


Available in Johnson Creek Red, Clear and Light Gray these tanks are made of the same glass the Canteen Pro comes with. JC Glass Tanks for Canteen Pro


ME: All I wanted was the option to replace the Red glass tank should I need to. Now I can. The other colors add spice, but I’m a Johnson Creek Red guy.


Tom: $3.95 for these replacement tanks is a good price. I like the option to change out colors depending on my mood or whatever, so this is all good. My choice is the clear glass.


Dave: I’m pretty much in agreement with John on this one. I like Johnson Creek Red (is that a real thing?) so just knowing I don’t have to buy another tank if I break the glass, I’m good. Love the $3.95 price too.


The Best Accessory Yet is….


Canteen Pro Adjustable Airflow Controller – $3.95

Me: Now this is awesome! Airflow control is what was missing form the original Canteen Pro. Not anymore. And it works great. I’ll tell ya, if you order the Canteen Pro toss in this airflow controller for a real pro vape.


Screen Shot 2014-12-09 at 7.49.36 AMTom: Airflow control is now a must have with all pro level tanks, and with the new Airflow controller for the Canteen Pro no one can say that this tank is not a pro tank. A .8-ohm coil and Airflow controller… together they complete the package. Bravo Johnson Creek!


Dave: I am loving these new coils and I appreciate the glass tanks, but this, now this is what I’m talking about. Airflow controller on the Canteen Pro just takes this thing to a whole new level. Don’t like the draw of the Canteen Pro? Change it up! Use the airflow controller to tighten your draw, or open it up. Combine it with the .8-ohm coils and you got yourself a wonderful small capacity pro glassomizer. I am beyond impressed with the performance and price of these accessories.




For Canteen Pro owners these new accessories are a godsend. The performance of the Canteen Pro by itself was and is wonderful, but using different coil resistances, replacing the tank if you break it, and the awesome new airflow controller, well, like Dave said, take it to the next level. That next level of course is a serious performing pro tank for under $25.


These accessories are out today, so pop on over to Johnson Creek and pick up some goodies. They make great stocking stuffers for vapers, and both the tank and airflow controller come in their own metal tins, so they wrap really well and would look nice under the tree.


Johnson Creek continues their rollout of high-quality products for vapers, and now this includes products for the advanced vapers as well. If you’ve never tried the JC Vea and the Canteen Pro you are most certainly underestimating the performance from these terrific products.


Johnson Creek Quality is legendary, in their eliquids and now in their hardware. Don’t believe me? Spend $25 for the Canteen Pro, a set of coils and the airflow controller and you’ll see what I mean.


John Manzione, with Dave Foster (!) and Tom McBride