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Are you considering purchasing CBD products, but you’re not really sure what CBD is or how this natural medicine can promote a healthy lifestyle? 

CBD products have been growing in popularity in recent years, and now that the sale of CBD has been legalized in all fifty states in America, more and more people are trying it out. 


Cannabidiol is a non-psychoactive compound found in marijuana plants. The oil is extracted from either a cannabis plant or a hemp plant. Although it is becoming more popular nowadays as a health boosting remedy, people have been using CBD for health purposes for thousands of years. 

Although research is still in its infancy, experts believe that CBD has potential wellness and health benefits. 

Will I Get “High” From CBD?

Those who are new to CBD, often worry about it making them feel “high”. This is a common question because of the stigma surrounding marijuanma. 

Cannabidol is one of the most active ingredients found in hemp plants. Another well-known natural compound found in marijauna plants is THC, which is a psychoactive compound that has the ability to create mind-altering effects. Not all CBD products contain THC, but some, like full-spectrum CBD oil, contains small traces of the controvistal compound, but not enough to get you “high”. If you are new to CBD and you are worried about it making you feel “stoned”, don’t be. 

However, if you get drug tested at work, or for any other reason, you should speak to a trained medical professional before taking CBD. Although it is unlikely, there is a slight possibility that you will fail a drug test after using CBD products that contain THC. Some workers decide to speak to their employers about why they use CBD before they take a drug test to let them know they might fail. However, there are plenty of CBD products readily available that don’t contain traces of THC. 

Experts advise people who want to try CBD to purchase products from a company that provides transparent lab results on each of their products. Also, don’t forget to read the dosage instructions before trying it

Is this Cannabidiol even Legal? 

Although the sale of cannabis for recreational purposes or medical use is still not legal in every state in America, the sale of CBD products has been legalized. In 2018, the American federal government legalized CBD in every state, so buyers and sellers don’t have to worry about getting caught with it. All legal CBD products on the market must be derived from hemp plants. This means it must come from marijuana plants with less than 0.03 percent THC. Some states allow the sale of full-spectrum oil containing higher levels of THC, but this depends on what state you are living in. 

CBD products are legal in Canada and Mexico, but that doesn’t mean they are legal in every country. Countries like the United Arab Emirates banned the sale of any products manufactured from cannabis. If the authorities were to catch a person in possession of CBD, they could face years behind bars. If you plan on traveling with CBD, find out about the laws in place before setting off on your trip. 

Because researchers are still trying to figure out the long-term effects of CBD, some countries are reluctant to legalize it. Very few clinical trials have been carried out, which is why it’s not completely legal across the globe. 

Is Cannabidiol/CBD Strong?

If you have already begun shopping for CBD, you will have noticed a wide variety of products available, from cbd oil to edibles. More often than not, the price will vary depending on how much CBD mg content the product contains. The more CBD in the product, the more you can expect to pay for it. If this is your first time purchasing CBD, it’s recommended that you start your CBD journey with products containing low levels of CBD. 

Because products vary in strength, it might be worth your while reading reviews posted to social media or online forums. Users often post information online about the different CBD products out there, which can prove beneficial when you are buying CBD, especially for the first time. If you are buying CBD in your local drug store, ask the seller for advice. If you plan on purchasing CBD products online, don’t hesitate to make direct contact with the seller. Some websites that are dedicated to CBD products have lots of different products in stock, so you are bound to find one that you can handle. 

Side Effects

It is safe to consume, and it has few side effects, however, some people claim it makes them feel drowsy, while others claim it makes them feel light-headed. CBD might also reduce the user’s appetite, which is why some people take it to lose weight. Studies show that controlled CBD is safe for human and animal consumption. 

If side effects do occur after taking CBD, they are usually mild. However, if you are worried, consider making contact with your doctor. If you are already taking prescription medicine, you might want to speak to a medically trained expert for advice. Those who experience side effects, often use multiple products at once. 

Research Brands Before Buying Cannabidiol

Consumers should research CBD brands before spending their hard earned money. Here are a few things ‘newbies’ should look out for:

  • Where does the CBD manufacturer get its hemp? If the hemp has been sourced within America, chances are that it has been regulated and that the plants are pesticide-free.
  • Did the manufacturer use a clean extraction method when extracting the oil? If they used unclean methods dangerous solvents and other harmful chemicals might be found in the product. Keep an eye out for CO2 extraction, because it is known as the cleanest method of extracting cannabidiol.  
  • Third-party lab test: Reputable CBD companies employ a third-party lab to test their products before putting it on the market. Products that have been tested will provide you with information about what is inside the CBD product, which will give you confidence before putting it into your body. 

If you are shopping for CBD online, you should buy from sites that provide customers with clear information. The more transparent the company is about the products they are selling, the more you will know about the products available. 

Cannabidiol – Different Types of CBD

The words used to describe different CBD products can cause confusion, especially for first time buyers. There are a few different varieties readily available, including “isolate”, “full-spectrum” and “broad-spectrum”. Try familiarizing yourself with the different options before buying CBD.

Full-spectrum CBD products are the most popular products at the moment. Manufacturers use the whole Sativa cannabis plant when making full-spectrum CBD oils. Unlike other CBD options, it contains small levels of THC. 

Those who want to take CBD products without containing the mind-altering compound can purchase broad-spectrum CBD or CBD isolate. Although broad-spectrum CBD oil doesn’t contain THC, it is made up of lots of terpenes and minor cannabinoids. This can help create an “entourage effect”. This will help amplify the effects of CBD. People should also consider purchasing CBD isolate, it is made purely from cannabidiol and nothing else.

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