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Cannabidiol popularly known as CBD is considered one of the most effective treatments for a lot of medical problems such as sleep disorders and anxiety. It even helps in improving the quality of sleep.

But regardless of this fact, some people are still wondering whether CBD can make someone tired or not. Are you one of them? If so, then this article is for you.


But before we tackle if CBD can make you tired, lets first find out what CBD is.

What is Cannabidiol, aka, CBD?

CBD is a chemical compound that is found in marijuana. It is worth mentioning that it does not contain THC (tetrahydrocannabinol) which is the psychoactive ingredient found in marijuana that can make a person high.

While CBD is being utilized to cure multiple sclerosis, diabetes, schizophrenia, and Parkinsons disease, research supporting the benefits of this compound is quite limited.

Much like other forms of treatments, CBD carries some side effects, but the huge majority can be tolerated such as fatigue, drowsiness, reduced appetite, diarrhea, and dry mouth.


To avoid any problem, we highly recommend that you consult a medical professional if you are planning to use CBD.

How Does CBD Make You Feel?


If you are wondering how CBD will make you feel, well the answer will mostly depend on certain factors.

According to some medical professionals, the reactions of every person to CBD are distinct. Aside from that, the reactions are affected by many different variables such as the delivery technique whether the individual who takes CBD is taking existing supplements and medication.

It is also pointed out that the terpenes found in CBD products, particularly the oil will affect the reaction of every person. Terpenes as we all know play a crucial part in identifying the strain as well as influencing energetic effects, sedative effects, or the mixture of both.

When CBD is given at various dosages, it will kindle unique responses. Higher dosages encourage drowsiness and are relaxing, whereas lower doses may cause the person to feel alert and energized.

Does CBD Make A Person Tired?


In actual, it would be a great fault to utter that CBD will make you feel tired in the same manner sleeping pills do. Sleeping pills in case you didn’t know are associated with plenty of side effects that are negative and fatal the CBD is not.

When it comes to whether CBD can make you tired, the opinions of medical professionals appear to be contrasting and mixed.

CBD should not make people drowsy. With this in mind, CBD will diminish the anxiety that will give someone a hard time to sleep. What’s more, it can offer a helping hand to people who want to relax their mind and need to calm down.

A board-certified cannabis name Dr. Patricia Frye said that there is proof that higher dosages of CBD may inflect the pathways of adenosine in the brain, it is the substance that will compile during the day and will deactivate the sensory neurons in the portion of the brain that will keep you awake.

CBD, (Cannabidiol) however, may trigger a sleep response or tiredness through its effects onto the 5-HT1a serotonin receptors. The moment it binds to the 5-HT1a serotonin receptors, CBD will block such receptors from other agonists constricting to them.

Depending on the body chemistry of the individual, when CBD constricts to the receptors it will block the molecules that trigger depression and anxiety. This will then result in immediate relief, thus most of the time people feel a sensation of sleepiness.

Is Cannabidiol Safe?

Now that you have an idea of whether CBD will not or will make you feel tired, admit it or not you are wondering if CBD is safe.

Well, truth be told it safely unless you are using it illegally or more than the administered dose. There is every reason to conceive that extracts of CBD from hemp plants are very much safer and even effective compared to the psychoactive strains of cannabis.

In actual fact, in 2017, the WHO (World Health Organization) subordinated that it is safe and there is no potential for abuse. And since this period, different national, as well as global agencies, support the usage of CBD.

Keep in mind that the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) does not regulate CBD. However, it is worth mentioning that this organization issues warnings to companies that break the laws thus you are certain that you can still use CBD safely. Usually, such companies created an outlandish claim about the abilities of the supplement. Sometimes they are altering the side effects.

Nevertheless, the FDA already issued some rules and regulations as well as safety guidance regarding CBD in late 2019.

Final Words

As mentioned a while ago, CBD is safe to use and when it comes to the fact that it will make you feel tired there is only a small possibility that it will happen.

A lot of people have already taken advantage of CBD. However, if you are looking forward to using it we highly recommend that you consult a doctor first even though it is safe to use.

Thank you for reading. We hope that you have learned a lot from this article.