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California's Blockhead’s Super Boof Strain Review

The Super Boof cannabis strain was developed by California’s Blockhead, who named it “Blockberry.” Later, Mobile Jay chose the strain and named it Super Boof. This strain delivers hard-hitting effects that blast into the mind and body with a potency level unrivaled by any of its competitors. Here you can find all info about the Super Boof strain:

What is the Super Boof Strain?

The Super Boof is an evenly balanced cannabis hybrid (50% Sativa/50% Indica) created by mixing Tropicana Cookies and Black Cherry Punch strains. It contains 19-28% THC and 1% CBD, which aids in treating various medical conditions such as depression, appetite loss, and ADHD. The Super Boof strain is recognized for its fruity citrus flavor and similar taste. Super Boof delivers both Indica and Sativa effects. You will first feel giddy, cheerful, and creative, followed by profound soothing effects.


When you have Super Boof strain during the day, your first taste of its remarkable power is a burst of energy that will make you want to laze on the sofa. Your mid-afternoon adventure begins with energy and builds to a tingling body high that will leave you feeling creative and excited about your current endeavor. This will result in a late-afternoon sense of extreme relaxation.

Super Boof’s sense of serenity gives it the mind-lifting qualities that make it ideal for individuals suffering from melancholy and mood swings. Chronic tension and worry are no match for a dosage of Super Boof.

Super Boof, with an extremely high THC level of 28% on the high end, can not only help with mental disorders like ADHD and PTSD, but it can also alleviate inflammation. Super Boof can reduce muscle tension, a root cause of many stress and pain conditions. Those who have arthritis are aware that pain issues might reoccur when your body’s systems overwork or struggle to cope with the discomfort. Also, this strain can assist with that by easing pains and giving your body calm.

Characteristics – Appearance, Aroma, and Taste

The scent of the Super Boof marijuana is a citrus fruity with overtones of flowers, aromatic, and chemicals. The fragrance spreads across the room like lemons being chopped. The Super Boof Cannabis has a fruity citrus taste with chemical undertones. Its pleasant citrus fruity flavor keeps customers interested all the time.

The Super Boof cannabis strain boasts spherical fluffy thick forest green buds with minty overtones in a round form. The buds are surrounded by small and long orange hairs and coated in a crystal-white amber covering of trichomes. Here are common terpenes found in Super Boof:

  1. The major terpene is myrcene, which has earthy and cherry scents. Also, myrcene has some subtle sweet undertones, comparable to luscious guava, ripe mango, and other exotic aromas. Myrcene has several medicinal characteristics, like providing anti-inflammatory, anti-tumor, sleep-supportive, and other health benefits.
  2. One terpene found in the Super Boof strain is caryophyllene. It contributes to the spiciness of black pepper and is abundant in cloves, hops, and rosemary. However, it is secondary to the primary terpene in this strain.
  3. Humulene is responsible for the earthy, peppery diesel aroma that permeates the Super Boof strain. It has anti-inflammatory, antinociceptive, and painkilling, antibacterial and cancer-fighting characteristics.
  4. The strong citrus flavor of Super Boof is due to the presence of limonene. This zesty substance is linked to the energy associated with this strain’s high. Also, Limonene possesses medicinal qualities such as chemoprevention, anxiolytic (anti-anxiety), and antidepressant properties.

Growing Super Boof strain

Growing Super Boof is simple and ideal for novices. They grow tall because of their Sativa genetics but create Indica-like buds and have broad leaves. The strain can be cultivated both inside and outdoors, but it requires a semi-humid habitat with constant daily sunshine and temperatures in the 70 to 80-degree Fahrenheit range to thrive. When cultivated indoors, this strain blossoms in 8 to 9 weeks and has a greater than normal flower production.

Super Boof can be a particularly smelly grow; cultivators who grow it inside may wish to retain discretion by investing in odor-control methods like carbon air filters or exhaust fans. Frequent understory and fan use can help reduce the danger of mold and pests. Also, growers should drop the temperature in the second part of flowering to induce brilliant purple hues on the buds.

How to ingest Super Boof

The Super Boof strain is a balanced hybrid that performs well as a midday or nighttime strain. Like the Oreoz strain, you can use it to improve your creativity or as a social lubricant with others. It can be smoked or vaporized to bring out the pleasantly creamy, fruity flavor. It’s also a great strain for edibles since it goes well with various dessert-style meals, from sweet candies or gummies to savory products like brownies.

You can mix Super Boof with your favorite sugar cereal, which will exactly match. Other delicious foods to combine with include chocolate milk or your favorite kind of ice cream. Regardless of the mode of ingestion, it is critical to remember to start with a low dose and wait for the benefits to fully take effect before ingesting more.

Supper Boof is a popular recreational and medical option because of its well-balanced combination of physical and mental benefits, quick blooming time, and simple growing technique. The Super Boof strain is a wonderful option for anybody searching for a well-rounded and high-quality cannabis experience, whether a seasoned smoker or a newbie. Purchase your high-yielding exotic cannabis seeds from Premium Cultivars and start growing!

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