The UWELL Whirl Sub-Ohm Tank offers low resistance coils and the innovative pro-FOCS atomizer build which allows it to boast the tagline: “boundless flavor.” The flavor optimization technology enhances the vapor with richer taste regardless of cloud size. This is the sub-ohm tank you should seek if you’re scheming lavish clouds. It’s compatible with the Whirl Starter Kit and the Hypercar Kit. Let’s see how it fares under the microscope:

UWELL Whirl Sub-Ohm Tank


  • Dimensions: 2 x 46.3mm
  • Material:Stainless Steel & Quartz Glass
  • Weight:41g
  • Tank Capacity:5mL
  • Coil Rating – Dual:6ohm NiChrome Dual Coil (Rated 18 – 22W),
  • Coil Rating – Single Coil: 8ohm NiChrome Single Coil (Rated 10 – 15W)


  • UWELL Pro-FOCS Flavor Testing Technology
  • Adjustable Airflow (Open / Restricted)
  • Plug-Pull System for Replacing Coils
  • NiChrome Coil System
  • Easy Top-Fill Tank
  • Separate Condensation Holder
  • Available in Iridescent, Sapphire Blue, Stainless Steel, Black Purple, and Metallic Green


The UWELL Whirl Sub-Ohm Tank is loved across the board. With minimal complaints regarding its overall quality, the consensus on this tank is a decisive thumbs up. Let’s dig into the nitty gritty – shall we?


Despite the positive comments about performance and craftsmanship, there are still a few cons. No product is perfect. Regardless of its nuanced construction, it’s reported as easy to scratch. Not the biggest problem but a definite concern. Another widespread complaint is the top-filling area. The holes are small which makes it difficult to inject your vape juice. Luckily, the cons aren’t panic-worthy.


When embarking upon the task of finding your next tank, the endgame is an epicurean experience. You want to lavish your lungs only with the best and richest vapor. The positive marks on this tank allude to just that. Let’s start with the craftsmanship. The tank is available in luminous colors and features a metal frame which reinforces the glass. You can install the coils easily – simply press and play. Each adjustable piece fits effortlessly snug and tight. Another good mark was the adjustable airflow. Reviewers loved how easy it is to simply turn the dial to adjust cloud size.


In summary, this tank provides consistent quality across all its features. It all boils down to one question: what are you looking for? If it’s a sub-ohm tank with rich vapor and long-lasting quality, then this is what you need in your repertoire.