The X3 Sub-Ohm Tank by iJoy was first introduced to most of us as part of their gigantic Captain X3 Starter Kit, where it was paired with that massive triple battery mod. If you’re looking for either the tank by itself or that big ol’ starter kit, you can find them priced around $25 or $70 respectively on sites like For those of you who don’t recall, we’re here to break down the details of the X3 tank by iJoy.

iJoy X3 Sub-Ohm Tank

As with most sub-ohm tanks, there are two main things to talk about with the iJoy X3 Sub-Ohm Tank. We’ll start with the construction and design of the tank itself, before we get into a discussion on the included coils. The tank looks pretty nice and is available in a whole bunch of different colors, from rainbow to gunmetal. The form factor also addresses some common issues with other tanks, namely by providing plenty of surface area to grab onto when disassembling it.

The X3 also includes an 810 resin drip tip. This mouthpiece is comfortable, but it’s important to be careful when handling, as it is resin and breaks pretty easily. If you’re looking to use your own drip tip, the tank also includes a 510 adapter, which is handy. Bear in mind, however, that the 810 is of the O-ring variety, meaning that it will only work with your 810 tips which already have built-in O-rings. Not a deal breaker, of course, but worth mentioning.

Next up, the X3 holds a massive 8.0mL e-liquid. That’s perfect for those juice-guzzling mesh coils we’re all fans of nowadays, although it is a bubble glass without any kind of protection, so you may want to put this tank on one of your sturdier mods. You access this 8.0mL reservoir via a really nice slide-to-fill top-fill system. This is pretty much the industry standard, so it’s super easy to use and you should be completely comfortable with it. No annoying child lock or security features on this either, thank God.

The airflow adjustment is nice and smooth, with the right amount of tension. There’s no lock or stopper on the airflow control, so it does just spin all the way around. This can be a little annoying, but I didn’t have any issues with it changing diameter on accident while in my pocket or anything. The airflow is smooth all the way through, as well, with no whistling, although it gets a little loud when fully open.


Now we focus on the coils included with the X3. Unfortunately, the coils are really a disappointment. The tank includes both a 0.4ohm and 0.2ohm coil head. iJoy also makes compatible options in a range from 0.15 – 0.4ohms, with single, dual, and sextuple options. Since this is a review of the tank itself, we’re going to stick with reviewing the included coils, however.


I started using this tank with the 0.2ohm coil head. The airflow was fine and the flavor output was pretty standard for a sub-ohm tank pre-made coil. The truly disappointing part, however, was that the coil died after probably only 50 or 60mL, which is an incredibly short lifespan.


The 0.4ohm coil was probably even less impressive. The vape was a little bit cooler, but with a lot less flavor than the 0.2ohm. Worst of all, it died almost as quickly as the 0.2ohm, running through about 80mL before completely giving up the ghost.


Ordinarily, mediocre coils are not the death knell for a good tank. In a lot of cases, you can find compatible coils from other manufacturers that will also fit, but, to my knowledge, this is not an option with the X3. If I’m mistaken, then the X3 is a great tank. It checks all the boxes in terms of construction, features, and functionality, I just wish the coils would last a bit longer and put out some better flavor.


Again, this tank retails on sites like  for about $25 if you’re interested in picking it up. Since iJoy is a good, reputable company, I would honestly expect that some of the other coil options for the X3 are superior, as well, so you may want to check those out while you’re at it.