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BRUCE PRO INNOVATIONS CABALLUS 25MM GTA – When compared to many other vape product designs, rebuildable tank atomizers (RTAs) seem to be less focused on change, and more focused on improving things that already work. And the Bruce Pro Caballus 25mm GTA (Genesis Tank Atomizer, for the newcomers) is a shining example. Because there’s nothing here that’s changing the game for these types of tanks. Except for the way it works, which is phenomenal.

Bruce Pro Caballus 25mm GTA Review by Spinfuel VAPE

Wait... A Gene-what?


It’s not a commonly used term, but the Genesis Tank Atomizer is one of the earliest rebuildable designs, dating back to the ProVari days, when things were simpler. Basically, this classic tank design has a raised build deck, which brings the coils closer to the mouthpiece for richer flavor. And since the deck is raised, longer cotton wick tails are needed to properly direct liquid to the coils.

Another personal reason I like GTAs is for the more natural airflow, which has more room to flow from underneath the coil, rather than through an unnecessary series of channels and gaps, like we see on a lot of modern tanks. It’s a testament to simple, uncluttered design, and it works.

The Caballus GTA is a much squattier, shorter GTA design than most in this category, but all the defining elements are there, and they come together well for a seamless vaping experience.

My first impression of the Caballus was one of pure joy. Because the thing is just flat out gorgeous. It seems weird to even discuss looks and fashion when function is really all that matters. But the Caballus is a clinic on quality machining and high-end design. From the increased viewing area around the stylized metal sleeve, a nifty threaded top-fill system, and a look that complemented every mod I used it with, the Caballus is just really, really attractive.

It’s just as beautiful on the inside (at least if you’re a build enthusiast). The roomy build deck makes the most of the Caballus’ 25mm diameter, giving you plenty of space to play around with the dual-coil configuration. The two-post, gold-plated design isn’t particularlynoteworthy, but the massive lock screws are – I was able to secure every type of wire I tried without an ounce of wiggle or play. 28ga titanium? Check. Ridiculously massive fused claptons? Check. The Caballus can handle it.

Because of the raised deck platform, there is plenty of room beneath to place the wicks, meaning juice flow was never a problem. As long as you have the most rudimentary understanding of how to wick atomizers, you’ll likely never face dry hits or “off” flavors.

The adjustable airflow ring is butter-smooth, and does a pretty good job controlling things. But, if there were any complaints about the Caballus design, it’s that the overall feeling is a little TOO airy, even when mostly closed off. I understand the need to appeal to cloud fiends, but I’ve always thought of GTAs as “flavor-first” atomizers, so it was a little surprising to see this much wind blowing through the chamber.

(Once it’s more closed off, things become as flavorful as any RTA on the market.)

The Genesis Tank Atomizer aka GTA

The Caballus 25mm GTA is created by Bruce Pro Innovations. It features massive screws to lock down coil leads, a raised and elevated build deck, and a dedicated channeled airflow that vents directly underneath the coil for a seamless design. Oh, and it's quite gorgeous sitting atop a powerful mod.


The raised platform of the Genesis style tank is seamless, moving the coils closer to the drip tip for a purer flavor, while extending cotton leads to wick your favorite vape juice. The Caballus GTA has a dedicated dual adjustable airflow slots that can be completely closed and is channeled directly beneath the coils to generate massive clouds and tremendous flavor.

Observations While Vaping


My first build on the Caballus was what I like to call “the experiment build.” I do it with every rebuildable tank and dripper we get, to see how well it can handle outlandish coil designs. I started with a strange twisted nickel wire that my friend makes in his garage (he’s one of the few temperature control enthusiasts left in my vape circle). Now, if you’ve read many of my tank reviews over the years, most of my rebuildable atomizers struggle with nickel. Jumpy ohms, inconsistent heating… it’s always a mess.

Not on the Caballus. This bomb-proof build deck held those wires in place, defying them to shift resistance at any point. While I don’t enjoy TC vaping, this was a pleasant surprise, to say the least.

Second, I tried a very basic Kanthal build, using stupidly thin gauge wire. Once again, the screws didn’t even flinch at trying to control these rangy, thin coil leads, and I was able to put the Caballus to good use as an MTL-style device, using a higher resistance build.

Finally, I went into the regular coils most people would use with a tank like the Caballus and was thoroughly thrilled with the results. Rich flavor, seamless juice flow and strong cloud production put the Caballus in league with some of the best rebuildable tanks I’ve tested. And that’s some elite company, for those keeping score.


  • 25mm Diameter
  • Two Post Shelf Style Build Deck
    • Single Terminal Per Post
      • 3mm Per Terminal
      • Top Mounted Flathead Screws
    • PEEK Insulator
  • Threaded Top Cap Fill System
    • 2ml Maximum Juice Capacity
  • Adjustable Bottom Airflow System
    • Dual 11.5mm by 3mm Airslots
    • Direct Air Slots Towards Coil
    • ULTEM Airflow Control Ring
  • 10mm Proprietary Bore Drip Tip
    • 810 ULTEM Drip Tip
  • Gold Plated 510 Connection


The Caballus GTA is packaged with minimal means. No fancy “gift box” (a Chinese Manufacturer term for the box the product comes in) or lots of spare parts. At release it is priced at just $34.95 at Element Vape, quite possibly because of the lack of material presentation. That said, this Genesis Style Rebuildable Atomizer is one of the best machined, best made rebuildable I’ve tried all year.

  • One Bruce Pro Innovations Caballus GTA


In Conclusion...

Spinfuel VAPE rates this vape gear as a Score of XXX in our in-depth reviewThe Bruce Pro Caballus GTA is a fantastic example of why classic designs are classic for a reason. As individual parts and features, there’s nothing (outside of the sharp presentation) that we haven’t already seen on a rebuildable tank. But when the parts come together into a cohesive whole, the experience is about as flawless as I’ve seen. Flavor, vapor production, ease of use – all top-tier. If you’re in the market for a new rebuildable, take a LONG, CLOSE look at the Caballus… you can thank us later.

Pick up the Caballus GTA at Element Vape