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BROWN BOXER ELIXERS – A Spinfuel eLiquid Team Review

Brown Boxer Elixers is a new vendor out of Orlando, Florida who uses only USP/food grade ingredients and mixes their eliquids in small batches to ensure superior quality. These blends are complex and composed of more than two flavorings and are designed to leave you wanting more! Dave, the owner, started with do-it-yourself eliquids he was vaping himself. He developed them further to put into production when a good friend of his urged him to put his recipes out there for others to enjoy. With two fruit blends and two dessert blends to give a whirl, let’s see how Brown Boxer fares with Team Spinfuel’s palates….


Key West

Spinfuel Protocols

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Brown Boxer Elixir Particulars

4flavorsBrown Boxer Elixir comes in 30ml amber glass bottles with glass child proof droppers. They retail for $21.99 on the first site that came up in Google Brown Boxer Elixers. This is a little expensive in my opinion at $.73/ml. Most premium blends run around $22/30ml. I’m not sure these are eliquids are quite there, but they aren’t far off. Again, this is my opinion. The blends are a 70vg/30pg blend, which is very good for dripping, but can be used in tanks as well. The nicotine levels available are 0mg, 3mg, 6mg, or 12mg.


We received the 30ml amber glass bottles with tamper proof droppers and child resistant caps. The labels are eye catching and a nice gold color and their Brown Boxer Logo in a red frame which is a photo of the said dog and their name done up well. Boxers are one of my favorites by the way! The flavor name is neat and at the bottom of the label. All of the other necessities are tucked around to the sides including an expiration date, batch code, nicotine mg, the ingredients, and a caution.


This is what it is all about the flavor. We have four to cover including one that has just been released. I’m Dori, the head writer, and will kick every flavor off with my thoughts as the team follows. Remember as always, taste is subjective and is in the mouth of the beholder. I do believe I’ve assembled a truly unique team. We all have different palates and I value each opinion of those on my team. Let’s see what we come up with for these for fruity and dessert blends!!


“A lively blend of honeydew and fresh pears. Underlying notes of strawberry leave a tart sweetness on the exhale. Notes of apricot balance this flavor into a delicious all day vape.”

BLOSSUMDori 3.75 stars. Blossom is a fruity blend, but not the fruity blend I read about in the description. I may taste a note of pear in there like they say, but I mostly taste apple! There is NO apple flavor listed. This is why I am confused. I tried Blossom at various wattages and I never could taste the honeydew at all, so I guess I have different taste buds than Alicia, Dana, and Louis. The inhale to me is always a mixed fruit cup blend with a note of pear. The exhale was best around 50 watts when it had a strawberry note in it. The flavor isn’t bad, it’s just doesn’t taste like what it says to me personally. I will be using the Hexohm V2 and Production RDA with a .3 ohm coil build for all of these reviews. The vapor production is pretty nice and there is a mild throat hit at 3mg.

Alicia 4.5 stars. Blossom is a light and refreshing vape. I taste fresh honeydew on the inhale with hints of pears tucked in. The exhale delivers more of the fresh honeydew that is followed up with a sweet yet tart strawberry. The flavors mix and mingle in all the right ways that have me really liking this flavor. If you’re looking for a pear flavor, this wouldn’t be it as the pear is very light and subtle. When I first started vaping this, I actually couldn’t taste the pear but as I continued throughout the day, the pear started to come out just a little more. The profile also called for notes of apricot but I didn’t experience that flavor at all. Even with very little pear and no apricot, I still like it.

Scott 3.5 stars. Well, Blossom did have some good flavors. Supposedly it should have been a honeydew and pear vape with strawberry and apricot flavors mixed in as well. On the inhale, I get the strawberry flavor with a hint of what is supposed to be pear. I agree with Dori that this has more of an apple flavor and I never really got the honeydew out of this one. On the exhale, I still taste the strawberry and not sure what else, but it might be the apricot. The flavor is so faint that it’s hard to tell what it is. Don’t get me wrong, Blossom was a good vape, but I just think the flavor profile could use a little more work. I’ll be using an IPV 3 and a troll built to .35 ohm for these reviews.

Dana 5 stars. Blossom has a nice, lightly sweet honeydew flavor on the inhale and a sweet luscious pear on the exhale. The flavor profile states there is a strawberry and apricot on the exhale, but I just don’t taste either one at all. I vaped this on my Atty RDA built at .4 ohms and enjoyed it best at 40 watts.

Louis 4.25 stars. This was a really smooth and lightly sweet juice. The honeydew and pear is really pronounced. I could taste the sweet honeydew and pear on the inhale and it even stuck around for the exhale, but had added notes of apricot, which I didn’t really love. That’s really just a personal dislike for apricots though, and I noticed that it was masked with the honeydew and pear enough for me to still enjoy this juice. The aftertaste is where I first noticed the hints of strawberry, but I was also pleased to find that after I was vaping it for awhile the strawberry came out more and more. This was a really nice, smooth, not too sweet fruit flavored juice.


 “Fresh southern peaches collide with mango. Hints of nectarine add a delicate citrus flavor that leaves you wanting more.”

HARVESTDori 4 stars. Harvest is a decent fruity blend. It isn’t as balanced as I would like it to be and seems a little harsh for a 3mg. On the inhale, I can really taste the tangerine flavor before the mango rolls in and makes a really strong citrus blend. The peach is in there from time to time but is very subtle to me and it’s the first flavor listed in the description. The exhale is more of a sweet and then bitter citrus taste. Overall, it’s good, but I couldn’t vape it all day. I just think a little more balance on the ratios and maybe the addition of cream would help smooth this one out a little bit. If you like fruity, tangerine, or mango-this may be right up your alley though! I preferred this around 50 watts.

Alicia 2.5 stars. Harvest is definitely a citrus vape; however, I don’t taste any peach. The profile calls for peach and I was actually pretty excited about that so, not being able to taste it is a pretty big letdown for me. The inhale is all nectarine with a hint of mango at the very top of the inhale. The exhale is more nectarine but I also get hints of a flavor that isn’t all that good. It kind of reminds me of an earthy something or other, dirt? The bad flavor quickly goes away and is replaced again with more nectarines. The mango at the very top of the inhale is a good flavor, too bad there isn’t more of it throughout the vape. Sad to say, this isn’t one I would choose to vape. No peach and dirt type notes are just a huge turnoff for me.

Scott 3.25 stars Harvest is one that gives you a mix of peaches, mango, and nectarines. On this one I didn’t taste a lot of mango flavor, but I did notice the peach and nectarine. The peach was a good sweet taste on the inhale, but on the exhale it faded fast not giving you that sweet taste. I ended up getting more of the nectarine then anything on the exhale. 
Dana 4.5 stars. Harvest has a strong mango inhale and a light peach exhale. I think that the mango is too strong and overpowers the whole flavor profile of the juice, but it is still very flavorful. Even though Dori and Alicia seemed to get citrus flavors throughout their vaping experiences, I did not taste any citrus in Harvest at all. However, I enjoyed the flavor so much that I could add this to my rotation on occasion. I vaped this on my Atty RDA set at .4 ohms and enjoyed it at 40 watts.

Louis 4.5 stars. I found this to be the most flavorful of the juices from this line. It has a sweetness that kind of lingers on with you for awhile. First, I got hit with the peach and mango on the inhale. On the exhale, it stayed peachy, but had citrus undertones. The sweet taste of all of those flavors combined stays with you on the aftertaste as well. To me this juice was very fruity with a good, sweet but slightly tart combination that I really liked.


 “ Freshly ripened apples layered between a classic homemade crust. Notes of nutmeg, cinnamon, and vanilla bean blend with tart apples to create a deliciously new take on an old classic.”

DELIGHTDori 5 stars. I actually really enjoy Delight because I get the whole pie experience. Granted the apple flavor is very subtle, and yet again that is the first flavor noted in the description…I still love the overall flavor of Delight! In most apple pie vapes I have tried, either the apple flavor is off or the cinnamon is too strong. With Delight, I get a very good and well seasoned crust flavor with a lovely vanilla note on the inhale. There is also a light touch of an apple note in the distant back ground. On the exhale, it’s like the pie a la mode with just some of the liquid from the apples left on the slice of pie. Delight is smooth, has a mild throat hit, and good vapor production. I gave it 5 stars because even though the apple is subtle, I will definitely finish this bottle and that is rare when it comes to apple pie eliquids!!

Alicia 4 stars. Delight. It is a very mild, light vape. I’m a little disappointed with the lack of flavor. I like to really taste my flavors and with this, it seems like I really have to search for them. The inhale is a very mild apple flavor with extremely subtle hints of vanilla. The exhale is more of the mild apple but with notes of cinnamon and just a touch of nutmeg. This has the potential to be a really good flavor, but there needs to be more of it.

Scott 4 stars Like the names says, it was a delight! This juice was a very enjoyable vape. On the inhale, I tasted a nice, rich vanilla mixed with a hint of nutmeg. On the exhale, I got a slight undertone of cinnamon and vanilla, but the apple never really pops out on this. It could have used a bit more apple flavor. I only got a hint of the apple here and there, but don’t get me wrong I liked the flavors of this one. But once again, the first flavor they tell you on the description is fresh apple, so in my opinion that should have been the flavor that I should have noticed the most.

Dana 4 stars. Delight was my least favorite of this line. While it’s still a decent vape, Delight just didn’t have all the right notes that I was expecting. It did have a nice, light apple inhale but the spices were just too week for me to really taste. I vaped this on my Atty RDA set at .4 ohms and played with the wattage to try to bring out the flavors better. I got the best flavor set at 50 watts.

Louis 5 stars. I found this juice delightful. I’m not gonna lie, I tasted more of the pie crust then anything. I could definitely tell it was apple, but I liked that it was a light, not too strong apple taste. The crisp, slightly tart apple is what I got on the inhale. It only got better on the exhale which tasted like grandma just pulled the pie from the oven and the pie has the most delicious crust with the cinnamon sugar baked right on top. I also found Delight had a good, sugary, sweet, and almost a caramel cinnamon glaze like aftertaste. This juice is one of the better dessert juices that I’ve had, it was a nice treat!


“A taste of the Florida Keys. This key lime pie will have you on island time. Creamy lime custard with a graham cracker crust.”

KEYWESTDori 4.25 stars. For their newest release, Brown Boxer Elixers has done a great job. I really enjoy the whole key lime pie experience with Key West and as you may recall I’m not a big lime or citrus vape fan. This is pretty good! I get a nice lime flavor on the inhale mixed with a graham crust and a slight creamy custard note. The exhale is the total blend, a mild throat hit, and nice vapor production. I think this needed a little more cream to call it a lime custard, but I did enjoy the smoothness of this vape. I liked this best around 40 watts. It seemed the higher I went up in wattage, the more mellow the lime became.

Alicia 5 stars. Key West is a nice, clean, crisp Key Lime Pie. This is one of the better lime flavors that I’ve vaped. It’s pretty close to a true lime with even the feeling of it being fresh and crisp. The inhale is the good lime flavor with subtle touches of sweetness tucked in. The exhale brings out some graham cracker crust that is pretty tasty with hints of cinnamon tucked in. It’s a little lighter on the flavor but still pretty tasty. The lime still comes through in the exhale and it mixes with graham cracker crust nicely. The only thing I think this needs is maybe just a touch of creaminess but even without it, it’s good!

Scott 3.25 stars. You can figure by the name that this is a key lime pie vape. 
It’s supposed to be a lime custard and graham cracker crust, but I feel the lime is too overpowering. I could only taste that flavor most of the time. I got a very slight hint of the graham crackers every so often. If I was able to get more of the flavor from the graham crackers, I would have given it a higher rating because the lime flavoring was good.

Dana 5 stars. What can I say besides YUM! Key West tastes just like a key lime pie to me! This vape tastes like nice, sweet, and tart lime on the inhale and crispy crust on the exhale. I could vape this flavor for days. I vaped this on my Atty RDA set at .4 ohms and loved it at 45 watts.
Louis 4 stars. This juice had a nice tang and really duplicates a true key lime pie. I’d have to say what really hit it out of the park for me was the graham cracker-like crust. I got the smooth, but tangy key lime taste on both the inhale and exhale, but it seemed to get a lot smoother on the exhale where I also tasted the perfect crust accompaniment. Key lime might not be the first choice of pie I would order, but I did enjoy how it came together well in this ejuice.


Brown Boxer Elixers received a bit of a mixed review, but I think most of the problem was in the flavor 4flavorsdescriptions. The flavorings were all pretty tasty and there were a few 5 stars thrown out there!! I was thrilled over Delight, and seriously-I NEVER get thrilled over an apple pie anything because they never WOW me. So there is definitely a chance everyone out there will like one of these eliquids and should give Brown Boxer a whirl! Why not? I would definitely check out any other future flavors that they come out with and may be in touch to purchase some Delight!
As always, the team and I all have a unique way of tasting flavors but you’ll know who you relate to most after you read all of the reviews. We all have our own style. These are our opinions and it is nice to have different views sometimes on the same product.

Dori and her Spinfuel eLiquid Review Team