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Bord02 eLiquid Review

BordO2 are based in Bordeaux France, and are famous for their exquisite handcrafted eliquid potions and complex flavour profiles. The brain child of Oliver Medina, BordO2 is made up of a team of best friends, ex chefs and wine connoisseurs! Each bottle of BordO2 is meticulously hand crafted, steeped and bottled to provide a vintage eliquid that will satisfy the most hardest to please vape connoisseurs out there. BordO2 produce possibly the finest claret of eliquid in the world, a prestigious and flavourful vaping experience that is second to none!

Chateau BordO2 2012 20mls 6mg £12.99

Experience a mouth-watering peanut butter, thick cream and banana vape with the iconic Château BordO2 from BordO2! A grand cru!

Gentlemen Potion 20ml 6mg £12.99

Hot coco, warm biscuits and a caramel splash. Gentlemen Potion is for the bearded vape connoisseurs out there.

Prohibition Blend 20ml 6mg £12.99

Prohibition Blend. The smugglers eliquid of choice. Dark and rich chocolate profile with a bourbon and Havana tobacco twist.

Puff Daddy Vape 20ml 6mg £12.99

An intro of Kentucky bourbon, a verse of grilled almonds, a refrain of honey and a solo of brown sugar. Puff Daddy from BordO2, an eliquid for music lovers!