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While the CDC is investigating Vitamin E acetate as a suspected cause of the recent vape related lung illnesses a company in California is analyzing the vapor produced from these bootleg THC cartridges.  The results of the tests are very concerning.  Buyer beware and know what you are vaping!

It’s tempting to celebrate the fact that the scientists and some government officials are finally discovering that flavored vapes were never a problem. It’s always been the Bootleg shit, the THC cartridges made by, well, criminals. Criminals that flood certain pot smoker territory with tainted cartridges mixed with Vitamin E Acetate and THC.

However, before the celebrations begin, let’s wait until the Feds, and the States, realize that people have a right to vape strawberry shortcake, berries and cream, or, yes, even tobacco flavors. For now, nonsense flavor bans are still in the works, regardless of the scientific proof of the real problem.

Bootleg Cannabis Vapes Spew Forth Formaldehyde

A Report from NBC News:

A pioneering test found a toxic stew of dangerous chemicals — including formaldehyde and hydrogen cyanide — in the vapor produced by some illicit THC vaping cartridges, according to data shared with NBC News.

*Good Sign for Us #1

Lung Illness

In all six bootleg THC cartridges it tested, CannaSafe found the vapors they produced were filled with high levels of pesticides and other harmful substances. One of the illicit products, Maui Waui, contained 1,500 times the legal limit of pesticides.  Tests done on the vapor generated by seven THC cartridges purchased at licensed dispensaries turned up no indication of dangerous chemicals — when heated at the industry-recommended standard temperature of 3 volts.

From our Intrepid Reporter:

Remember this; after hundreds and hundreds of tests on nicotine-based e-liquid, nothing harmful has ever been found. In a decade there has never been a single death from commercial e-liquid. So, the immediate reaction this past summer that some people were suffering from lung illness, a huge amount of media reports, loud-mouth government officials who honestly believe they know better, did everything they could to ban vaping period. They needed nothing more than a report of illness from someone that used vapes.

Now we know the truth, but how long will it take for this matter to be settled? What can the people that suffered from this terrible disruption do to be made “whole”? Like every vendor and vape shop, Spinfuel VAPE, an online magazine that has always tried to report the truth, has suffered greatly. Honestly though, for those of us that have suffered financial hardship, there isn’t anything we can do, except to try and rebuild.