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Boge Revolution V2 – The Review That Almost Wasn’t

The All-in-One Vaping Device POS

By John Manzione


It isn’t often that Spinfuel receives a product for review that is so bad, so disappointing, and to be completely devoid of any redeeming value to any Vaper on the planet that when it comes down to being able to actually write a review with any sense of objectivity is damn near impossible. The unit split apart on me the very first time I squeezed the bottle.

Believe me, I understand that there are many people, probably close to 12 or 15 of you, that own and love your Revolution 2, and that’s fine… I’m happy you were able to get a good one. For the rest of you that might have placed your trust in the “brand” name of Boge, well, we live and learn, don’t we?

The Boge Revolution 2.1

What it’s supposed to be: A Bottom-Feeder – A vaping device that is held in the palm of your hand, discreetly, so that you may enjoy vaping without drawing attention to yourself. In addition, the relatively large capacity (3ML) provides you with uninterrupted vaping (providing the device lasts long enough to go through 3ML of eJuice)

The Particulars: The Boge Revolution 2.1 Electronic Cigarette is an all-in-one vaping device, or PV. It is powered by a built in 1400mAh battery (well, this version of the Revolution 2 anyway), and features a feeder bottle with an attached needle. A 510-threaded opening on the top of the device is for attaching a blank 510-threaded cartomizer.

The idea is to fill the bottle with your choice of eJuice (avoid thick eJuice), insert it very carefully into the opening at the bottom, being very careful not to damage the needle that must go through the housing and into the cartomizer. Apply several drops of eJuice into the cartomizer in order to “prime” it. Once you set it up you give the squeeze bottle 4 or 5 short “pumps”

The Real World Experience

Below are 2 videos by the great PBusardo for your viewing pleasure. Why am I embedding these videos? Well, to be honest, my real world experience with this device was so poor and so disheartening that I did not feel as though I could be as fair and objective that I needed to be. My team did not have a chance to use the Revolution 2 because, like I said, it broke apart the very first time I squeezed the bottle. Having said that that, you do deserve another person’s viewpoint.

Despite having a rubberized paint job, a personal favorite of mine, this is a poorly made piece of crap. One wrong move and you break it. I’ve heard many stories of people breaking the needle when inserting the bottle into the housing, or damaging the bottle itself so that it doesn’t seal properly and you wind up with leakage. These things do not make for a good PV.

Final Words

There is a need for bottom-feeders, we’re looking forward to reviewing the new Vapage 2 VMOD from Vapage, so it’s not the category of PV, it’s this one in particular. It’s just a cheap device, one you don’t need to waste your money on.

Review of the Revolution 2

Comparison video