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Big Overhaul

Dubious vaping law to get big overhaul

Indiana’s vaping industry could be upended again as lawmakers attempt a big overhaul to a law that has been roundly criticized as unfair.

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State Sen. Randy Head, R-Logansport, said he will file a bill next week to “stop the monopoly” that was created by legislation passed in 2015 and amended in 2016, which essentially put one private security firm in charge of deciding which firms could manufacture the “juice” used in e-cigarettes sold in Indiana.

Head is pursuing changes that would include lessening overall restrictions on the industry and removing a requirement that e-liquid manufacturers contract with a private security firm to be licensed by the state.

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Head said doling out permits for e-liquid manufacturers isn’t a decision that should be in the hands of a private company—which is essentially what occurred when the state created such stringent rules for security firms that only one company could meet them.

“It’s a government function and the government ought to do it,” Head said.

His bill would also seek to quash a requirement that barred new manufacturers from entering the industry after July 2016.

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