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2018 saw a flood of new vape gear hit the market on an almost constant level. Hundreds of new vape products saw the light of the day, but only a few were true standouts. Hopefully, the in-depth Reviews in Spinfuel VAPE helped guide hundreds of Vapers through the maze of mods, tanks, squonks, and more.

Best Vape Gear Awards

With today’s announcement of the Best Vape Gear Awards, we’ve reached back to the beginning of the year, all the way to mid-December and pulled out the very best in each category. Rather than awarding one product for each category we’ve chosen 4 Runner-up’s per category, devices that earned the respect of the entire Spinfuel VAPE Staff. All Review Devices were supplied by Element Vape

From the very best Sub-Ohm Tanks to the very best Pod Mod, today’s Awards not only acknowledge the good work the manufacturers have done in 2018 but can also be used by you as a confident Buyers Guide.

Each Award-Winning product were evaluated with the following criteria:






(keep in mind that all the award-winning devices were introduced up until December 6th 2018)

Best Sub-Ohm Tank Awards

With the advent of the superior Mesh Coils, Sub-Ohm Tanks took a huge leap in flavor and cloud production. These 5 Sub-Ohm Tanks are the absolute best tanks that were released in 2018.

Best Vape Gear

Best Low Wattage Mod Awards

These days, mods with a whole lot less power can deliver superior performance for a longer period of time. Mods up to 100W

Best Mid Wattage Mod Awards

With maximum output exceeding 100W, but maxing out at 200W, the Mid-Wattage Mod (or Starter Kit) made great strides this year.

Best Hi-Wattage Mod Awards

If your interest lies in Rebuildables or extremely low resistance coils, then the need for high wattage mods can be found in this award winning list.

Best Ultra-Portable Pod Mod

The fastest growing segment of the vape industry, these small, all-in-one ultra-portable pod mods could be right for you. Check out the best of the best.

Best Vape Gear

Best Squonk Mod Awards

A squonk mod is a vape mod with a built-in squeeze bottle used for feeding eJuice into an atomizer, a rebuildable dripping atomizer (BF-RDA)

Best Vape Gear

Best Rebuildable Atomizer Awards

The acronym ``RBA`` stands for ``ReBuildable Atomizers``, an important category of vaping atomizer systems which includes the RTA and the RDTA.

Best Internal Battery Mod Awards

At one time we believed that box mods with integrated, internal batteries were just too short-lived to be worth using. 2018 changed that with some excellent, high capacity power mods.