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The past few years brought in a lot of attention for marijuana from across the world. What was once considered a drug is slowly going through an image makeover as people begin to realize the true value of this plant. Research on applications in medical sciences has strongly backed up the decision to legalize this plant is few states whereas a few more are looking forward to taking decisions on similar lines. But of course, all this attention feels quite sudden and there are many who feel quite overwhelmed by all the information. This Guide to Cannabis Types should help clear to air (so to speak)


While everything one needs to know about Cannabis is available on the internet, one of the most confusing aspects of understanding cannabis is the different types and strains. As a beginner, it is quite possible that one does not understand the right choice of strain for different uses.


This is especially tricky with online portals where the choices are much more. So for all the beginners out there thrilled but intimidated by the vast choices of about Cannabis, this is a beginner’s guide to the various types of Cannabis which are available. This can educate you enough to confidently buy weed online.

Every Strain is different - Different how?


No two varieties of marijuana give the same feeling. The reason behind this is that each of these strains has a unique ratio of compounds present in them such as THC, CBD, etc., that gives different feelings. This is among the most important reason why having a proper understanding of the various strains is important. This way you can pick the right strains that will offer the expected effect on your mind and body.


People often confuse between THC and CBD assuming they are different types of cannabis. But, in reality, they are actually two different components present in the same plant. While THC has psychoactive effects and gives the characteristic ‘high’ that we all know marijuana for, CBD, on the other hand, is an endocannabinoid and is responsible for the various health benefits associated with marijuana.


The choice of strain will depend upon the types of effect we require it for. For example, most strains used for recreational purposes have a higher ratio of THC. Higher CBD concentration is the preferred choice in cases where cannabis use is for medical conditions.

The Basic Classification – Cannabis Indica and Cannabis Sativa



The buds are dense and the leaves are short and stocky in this type. These plants are native to the chilly mountains of India, Afghanistan, and Pakistan. This is used to treat anxiety, insomnia, and chronic pain. It has the ability to give a deep body high that enhances the quality of sleep and relaxes the mind. It also has the ability to stimulate your appetite and are responsible for the midnight munchie cravings. Consuming Indica helps relieve stress and anxiety and has a calming effect on the body and mind,  Black Diamond Strain is one of the examples of indica.



This is native to Mexico, Thailand, Colombia and looks tall and lanky. The buds are also spindly. It is a mood uplifter and is especially known to be a stimulus for creativity. It helps to improve concentration and overall energy in the body. Sativas are useful for the treatment of depression and also for improving focus.



Most of the marijuana available today are hybrids of the 2 dominant species mentioned above. Dispensaries seldom have pure varieties. Hybrids of these two major classifications are available for getting optimized benefits from both strains. These hybrids majorly fall under Indica dominant, Sativa dominant or Even. Indica dominant is for pain relief, Sativa dominant is for boosting focus and Even brings a calming effect to both mind and body.

A Few Strains to Know

To make browsing through the catalogue of cannabis types or strains easier to understand, the following  are the most common strains consumed across the world.

Each of these types is useful for particular applications as shared here.


  1. Purple Kush:Purple Kush gives a blissful high that brings balance to body and helps in clearing your mind with complete relaxation. This variety is an efficient way to treat insomnia as it can induce sleep through relaxation. It is also useful for treating muscle spasms and has an overall pain relieving effect on the body.


  1. Bubba Kush:Bubba Kush is similar to purple kush and has sedating effects. This strain can treat sleep disorders and for relaxation.


  1. Afghan Kush: Like the other varieties discussed above, Afghan Kush which originates from the Hindu Kush mountains also has sleep-inducing and relaxation effects. Apart from this it can also stimulate appetite and relieve pain in the body.


  1. White widow:A puff can uplift your mood and induce euphoria. This type is particularly useful for treating depression and mood uplifting. It can also relieve pain and reduce stress in the body and help relax. It is effective in bringing energy to the body.


  1. Acapulco Gold: Originating from Mexico, this type of Cannabis also creates a euphoric feeling. It has energizing effects on the body and mind and can help fight fatigue and nausea. It is also effective for pain relief and fighting stress.


  1. Sour Diesel: This also has mood-lighting and energizing qualities similar to that of Acapulco Gold.


  1. 7. LA Confidential: This type is useful for inducing quality sleep and pain relief. The anti-inflammatory properties of the strain make it effective against treating chronic pain such as in case of arthritis.


  1. Northern Lights: Like the glorious phenomenon, this strain is an experience to enjoy and cherish. It has a soothing and calming effect on the brain and body and can help treat mental problems such as depression, anxiety, stress etc,


  1. Pineapple express:The flavorful scent of Pineapple express is yet another aspect of the strain that makes it special apart from the relaxing and mood lifting properties. This strain can enhance productivity and has a fruity pineapple smell.


  1. Fruity pebbles: This type is an efficient way for stress relief and relaxation. It creates a feeling of euphoria and also increases appetite.


How to consume cannabis types

There are various methods by which one can enjoy cannabis. Self-dosage can be through smoking whereas pipes and bongs are other methods. An efficient way of consuming marijuana is through vaping which is a healthier alternative to smoking. Edibles and tinctures are also other ways of consuming Cannabis Seeds. Note that not all cannabis seeds have the same quality, order your Cannabis seeds today from reputable online stores like

For First Timers

The best way to understand all cannabis types is to explore it step by step. This way you can enjoy and experience it. For beginners, low THC varieties are the best place to start this adventure. Cannabis labels reveal a lot about the strain you will be using.


In general dispensaries have 20-30 percentage THC strains available whereas 10-15 % is the ideal range to start with. Look for balanced varieties such as 7-7 meaning 7 % of THC and 7 % CBD. Start with small puffs or bites and be patient for the effects to kick in. It is natural for some varieties to take as long as 20- 30 minutes to kick in and hence avoid consuming too much to avoid any bad experience.


By carefully analyzing and understanding the strains you can make the right choice of strain for your particular need.

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