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Bars Ban Food Rather Than Smoking

Smokers win out over outside diners as some NSW pubs and bars ban food

When laws were passed that banned smoking in outdoor areas that served food some bars and pubs kept the smoking and put the ban on food instead. It would make since it the business was making more on smokers drinking than diners eating in an area they would choose smoking over eating for their ban. Public health officials in New South Wales are not happy about the businesses taking this approach to the ban.  Sometimes legislation doesn’t get the desired result that the legislators initially intended!

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New anti-smoking laws covering outdoor dining areas could have made this Sydney’s healthiest summer ever. But health groups have warned that in some venues across New South Wales, food-free outdoor smoking areas are being prioritised over keeping food on the table.

In July 2015, new laws came into effect banning smoking in commercial outdoor dining areas across NSW. This includes at restaurants, cafes and licensed venues such as bars and pubs.

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But there’s a catch. Smoking is still permitted provided venues do not serve food and cannot be considered “commercial dining areas” under the new laws.

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