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Banning Products

Governments Are Banning Products That Could Save Millions Of Lives

The decision by governments around the globe of banning products that could help smokers quit might cost many lives.

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Governments around the world are hotly debating whether e-cigarettes and vaping products are valuable tools to help people to quit smoking or a harmful menace that may lead to more tobacco use and cause other health problems.

Even the United Nations’ global health arm, the World Health Organization (WHO), is considering whether e-cigarettes, which are handheld electronic devices that vaporize a flavored liquid that typically contains nicotine, should be banned.

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During the WHO’s recently concluded legislative session on tobacco control, the Conference of the Parties to the World Health Organization Framework Convention on Tobacco Control in India, delegates adopted a declaration to pursue banning or heavily regulating e-cigarette in more than 180 countries.

This decision, however, wasn’t based in science or in health concerns. It was a one-sided decision that risks depriving smokers of safer alternatives to quit smoking.

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