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Ex-Smoker, and Vape Shop Owner tells his story about quitting cigarettes. Vaping saved him from an early death. How proposed regulations would hurt others trying to quit.

These kinds of stories are heard everything now. Especially in Police States like Massachusetts where the Governor Charlie Baker couldn’t care less about the “real” danger with THC cartridges laced with Vitamin E acetate. In Massachusetts Marijuana is not just legal for medicinal reasons, its legal for recreational use as well. And it ain’t cheap. Lots of Taxes are involved in the Pot Trade in this ugly, twisted government run by Charlie Baker.

Ex-Smoker and Quitting Cigarettes

Baker doesn’t care about ex-smokers quitting cigarettes through vaping e-liquid. He wants his citizens to smoke tobacco because there is a whole lot of taxes on cigarettes as well. The only place there isn’t a ton of taxes is in vape shops. So what does he, this ugly man, do? He bans flavored e-liquids and hopes people return to smoking.

As a human interest story, let’s take a peek at this gentlemen’s story.

Opinion - Banning Flavors Hurts Adults like Me, Ex-Smoker Says

In USAToday

I discovered vaping in 2008 after smoking cigarettes for 30 years. It was life changing. I had wanted to quit but nothing I tried helped me — not the patch, pills, nicotine gum or the cold turkey route.  The first couple of times I tried vaping, I was skeptical it could replace or even wean me off cigarettes. But I found that it helped me accomplish something I never thought was doable — quit smoking entirely.

The Story Continues…

Flavor bans threaten this entire community ) especially ex-smokers, people working to improve their health after a lifetime of addiction to deadly cigarettes.  We can address the issues of youth vaping and lung illnesses without threatening the health of millions of adult former smokers or the livelihoods of the many of us in the vapor industry. Let’s work to come up with real solutions to the problems of youth access to vapor products instead of creating misguided and dangerous policies.

What needs to happen is for the Federal Government to make Vaping E-Liquid legal, and making Bootleg THC cartridges a jail-term Felony. This will allow interested parties, ex-smokers and the likes, living in states where flavor bans are in affect to have Federal Precedence to bring a suit against these money-hungry governors like Charlie Baker.

So far only one state has outlawed THC cartridges. Only one. And every day another state brings about a E-liquid Flavor Ban. Makes sense to you?

If I might take a minute and speak to President Trump (@realDonaldTrump) for learning about the issue and how flavored vapes, aka flavored e-liquid has absolutely nothing to do with the current lung illness. After learning more about the subject, the President backs off his earlier desire to ban flavors and instead recognizes the REAL danger.

So many politicians love to hate Trump, but look who refuses to recognize the truth. Politicians! We now know for a fact that this great 2019 Illness is caused by THC cut with Vitamin E acetate. But corrupt politicians see this as an opportunity to try to force people to take up smoking tobacco again. This is sheer evil folks. Smoking kills, everyone knows it, yet the people that work for US, instead of helping us live healthier lives, want us to smoke, to get cancer or heart disease, just so they get the taxes.

It’s like living in the Twilight Zone.