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Baked Juice from Smoque Vapours

A Spinfuel eLiquid Team Review

Each new flavor line from Smoque Vapours seems to get better and better. These 70/30 VG/PG blends, called Baked Juice, all have the characteristics of fresh, warm… well… Baked Juice. Slam Cracker, Wake & Bake, Spun Cookie, and High Pie, ooze forth a sweet home-spun bakery goodness, but with one characteristic you just don’t expect… they are… all-day-vapes.

Who would suspect that a graham cracker, snickerdoodle, strawberry cheesecake, or warm apple pie could be flavorful, yet clean enough to vape all day without getting  flavor fatigue? Yet, Smoque Vapours somehow created these four new flavors to do just that.

Each of the Baked Juice eliquids is served up in a glass 60mL bottle with glass droppers. The bottles are shrink-wrapped and the labels are informative, with all the ingredients and warning labels you look for. Most notable is the price; just $24.99 for a 60mL bottle. Add $15 to double the size to 120mL. (memberberry: – “’member when 30ml eliquids were $25? ‘member?

Nicotine strength for the Baked Juice line is 3, 6, 11, 18, and 24mg. We were all surprised to see 11, 18, and 24mg nicotine available for these 70% VG eliquids. But, the strength is there, if you dare. The Spinfuel eLiquid Review Team always vapes 3mg nicotine, and we did just fine.

Vape Gear Used

For these four dessert vapes that make up Baked Juice, here’s a breakdown of the hardware we used, both mods and tanks.

Julia: SMOK Minos Sub-Ohm (.32Ω) and GeekVape Eagle (0.15Ω) with my Lost Vape Therion.

Tom: Freemax Starre PURE (0.5Ω) and Horizon Pro Sub-Ohm (1.8Ω MTL) with my WISMEC Reuleaux 2/3.

Jason: SMOK TFV8 and TFV8 Baby Beast (.25Ω) with my SnowWolf 218.

Kiera: Kanger Protank 4 and Aspire EVO with my Aspire EVO75W Kit mod. Also, the Joyetech eVic Dual w/Kanger/Arymi Armor Tank (0.5Ω)

Smoque Vapours Baked Juice 

Slam Cracker – A Spinfuel Choice Award Winner

 Rich and unforgettable graham cracker flavor is packed into our newest flavor, Slam Cracker! The best part of any dessert is the graham cracker crust, now available to be your next all day vape!”

Julia: 5 Stars – I should have known better, but when I began this review of Slam Cracker I had just before been vaping a fruity flavored, high VG ejuice for hours on end. With no break in between, my initial impression of Slam Cracker was not very good. For the life of me, I could not taste its primary flavor, graham crackers.

Spinfuel Choice Award 2016For more time than I’d like to admit I thought Smoque might have missed on this one. Since it was fairly late in the evening I stayed with it until bedtime, trying as I might to ‘taste’ a graham cracker. I mentioned to Kiera that I wasn’t getting any graham cracker flavor just before lights out, and she seemed as disappointed as I was. (She had not tried it yet, but now she anticipated an upcoming problem)

The next morning, I got out of bed and prepared for the day; shower, teeth brushing, breakfast, all the usual, and grabbed my mod and tank with Slam Cracker and headed out the door to my photo studio. After turning the ignition of my car, I sat there to allow a couple of minutes to warm the engine and took a long, deep lung hit. As soon as my lungs were full I was on the receiving end of a massive GRAHAM Cracker flavor. Wow, what a terrific flavor it was too.

My studio is a 10-minute drive from Kiera and I’s apartment in Boston and the whole while I was driving I felt all warm and fuzzy about this delightful graham cracker piecrust ejuice.

Baked Goods from Smoque Vapours Review Spinfuel VAPE Magazine

I stayed with Slam Cracker for the remainder of the day, not changing the flavor out until that evening. Once I realized Slam Cracker was indeed an all-day-vape eliquid I knew why the juice and I got off on the wrong start.

To be a good all-day-vape the flavoring in the juice has to deliver itself in a steady, never overwhelming manner, so when I first started vaping it I had fatigued my tastebuds with the strong fruity flavor, not giving my tastebuds enough time to reset. Had Slam Cracker been stronger it could have punched its way through the fruit leftovers. Had it been stronger it also would not have been an all-day-vape.

With an abundance of thick vapor clouds and a glorious graham cracker flavor, Slam Cracker is a superb graham cracker piecrust… all-day-vape. Highly recommend it.

Tom: 5 Stars – I’ve had many graham cracker eliquids over the course of 5 years and I’ve enjoyed about half of them. A graham cracker flavoring is usually either too weak, or too strong. If the mixologist blends the flavor with something else the results can be awesome, or a total fail.

A sweet, ripe lime flavor with a touch of graham cracker makes for a terrific Key Lime Pie for instance, but it takes talent to use graham cracker wisely. Slam Cracker (I keep wanting to say Slam DUNK for some reason), is a rich dessert flavor that exudes all the right flavor components of a sweet graham cracker with a hint of sweet cinnamon. I’m reminded of Honey Graham crackers from Nabisco.

An impressive amount of vapor with Slam Cracker using both the Freemax and Horizon tanks, with the added benefit of just the right amount of VG to make this a true all-day-vape.

Slam Cracker is not mysterious, nor is it a multi-layered complex ejuice, it’s not revolutionary or a once-in-a-lifetime blend. Instead, Slam Cracker is that deliciously “graham cracker” eliquid that will keep you happy and satisfied all through the day and night, if you want it to. As Fall and Winter approach, Slam Cracker will be in my rotation until at least March.

Jason: 5 Stars – I enjoy the flavor of graham crackers in an eliquid more so than I do an actual graham cracker. I bet others are the same way. In an eliquid like Slam Cracker, all the crumbs and “blandness” of a real graham cracker is removed and instead, through the vapor, the essence of graham cracker envelopes your tastebuds and is released through the thick, tasty vapor. A much better way to experience the flavor.

Since Slam Cracker is called a dessert flavor I expected a couple of other flavor components with it, maybe vanilla or even a custard, but no other flavors are even alluded to. Yet, while I thought I might get bored with it after a while I found myself staying with it all day long.

Baked Goods from Smoque Vapours Review Spinfuel VAPE Magazine

I wouldn’t judge Slam Cracker on whether or not you like graham crackers. My recommendation is to think about the taste of graham crackers as it might taste as a pie crust (you must have had a graham cracker piecrust with chocolate pudding as the pie filling, right?) The graham cracker piecrust is more in line with Slam Cracker, and that’s a flavor we can get behind.

Kiera: 5 Stars – Slam Cracker was the last eliquid of the Baked Juice line that I reviewed. As such, I had no illusion as to what to expect. The Baked Juice line by Smoque Vapours will appeal to vapers looking for “comfort” dessert foods. Certainly not some fancy flavors, but rather wholesome, ‘goodness’ flavors. Slam Cracker was familiar, and it fit the lineup well.

I wonder if most people think about graham crackers when they think about graham cracker flavors or do they think about graham cracker piecrust? My own experience with this standalone flavor comes from graham cracker piecrusts, as in various pies, from Key Lime pie to Apple pie, to chocolate or vanilla pudding pie made with pre-made graham cracker piecrusts anyone can pick up at Shaw’s. I think maybe, maybe, I’ve had an actual graham cracker twice in my life, both times when I was no older than 4 years old. Piecrusts on the other hand, I’ve had hundreds of time, and I love that flavor.

Slam Cracker delivers a piecrust graham cracker vape. The clouds of vapor that can come from a good tank and coil head, or RDA/RTA, are infused with this piecrust flavor and it needs nothing more to provide a warm and ‘homebody’ vape experience. Definitely recommend warm vapor with this one.

Wake & Bake

Start the day with Wake & Bake, a sweet, strawberry cheesecake with the perfect graham cracker crust finish. Not a flavor from Woodstock, this delicious juice will have you tasting dessert for breakfast every morning.”

Julia: 4 Stars – I struggled with the score of Wake & Bake. I kept going from 5 stars to 4 stars throughout the day that I spent vaping it, and only it.  I am not a big fan of cheesecake flavors. Heck, I’m not a fan of cheesecake! So when I recognize that flavor in an eliquid I am usually put off by it.

Taking a decent enough cheesecake flavoring and adding it to a strawberry flavoring alters the blend considerably. Of all the flavors you can mix with strawberry, cheesecake is the least attractive to me. Maybe the mixologist at Smoque Vapours feels the same way I do, so adding a pinch of graham cracker to it is supposed to bring a balance. However, I could not detect any graham cracker flavor, that was disappointing. In any case, this one gets a score of 4 Stars from me because of its quality and price, but it won’t get on my list of eliquids I vape in my personal life.

Tom: 4.75 Stars – I chose to vape Wake & Bake after Slam Cracker because that graham cracker flavor in Slam Cracker is used here as well, albeit in a very small role.

In actuality, I could taste that graham cracker flavor, but only about half way through the exhale, and then only for a second, or two, depending on how fast or slow I exhaled the thick vapor.

The other flavor elements, the strawberry and cheesecake, were delivered differently. The strawberry was there in abundance, the cheesecake substantially less. I think that’s true of any blend containing a sweet ripe strawberry flavor component. I liked the blend a lot, and when vaped warm, with plenty of wattage, especially with a ceramic and Kanthal coil, the “overall” flavor is thick, sweet, and delicious… it’s not, however, a strawberry and cheesecake Danish or anything that would point me in the direction of a “Start your day…” type of vape.

Jason: 4 Stars – My least liked Baked Juice , Wake & Bake, is accurately blended, but that blend is just not something I could add to my rotation, or collection. I loved the vapor performance with this one, the clouds were thick, voluminous, and long lasting… and I think that any vaper that enjoys strawberry with a unique cheesecake aftertaste will enjoy as well. The one thing I could not taste was the graham cracker.

Kiera: 4 Stars –  This is one of the flavors I vape with the new Arymi Armor tank and the eVic Dual. The 0.5Ω coil head required a wattage setting of more than 45 watts. I believe Arymi is a subsidiary of KangerTech, and you can be quite certain the Armor tank is a lot different from anything Kanger has produced to date. If I am chosen to review this tank it will be an interesting review.

In any case, the Arymi Armor was a good choice for this flavor, as was the 0.5Ω, though this flavor would stand up in the sub-ohm world very well with any decent tank. The Amor tank was designed as a Flavor Tank, so if this strawberry cheesecake was truly formulated as that “breakfast” strawberry cheesecake pastry, then the Armor would be able to tell.  (a big Thank You to Todd at Vapor Authority for allowing me access to this tank some weeks ago!) $16.99!

So, is Wake & Bake suitable as a dessert breakfast vape? Yes, and no. I could certainly taste the sweet strawberry flavor in the blend, but the cheesecake was nearly absent right up until the very last half-second. Of the four Baked Juice eliquids, this is the one I enjoyed the least, though I still enjoyed it for nearly 8 hours. Switching to the Kanger Protank 4 with a ceramic coil didn’t add anymore cheesecake flavoring, so I’m fairly confident the cheesecake is prevalent in any tank setup.

Spun Cookie A Spinfuel Choice Award Winner

“Snickerdoodle cookies have never tasted so good. From Smoque Vapours, Spun Cookie, your grandmother’s snickerdoodle turned sweet vape treat!”

 Julia: 5 Stars – Hearing the words, Spun Cookie, I got the distinct impression this was going to be a plain sugar cookie flavor. It is not “plain”. It is instead, a delightful Snickerdoodle. Anyone that has ever had a snickerdoodle cookie will instantly recognize the flavor of sugar, cinnamon, and that unmistakable deep cookie flavor made from flour and eggs. Add to that sweet snickerdoodle an incredible amount of thick, sweet vapor, and you have yourself quite the enjoyable dessert vape that can last you the whole day. As I write up my notes I am vaping the last of it, and I will miss it, until I can get more.

Spinfuel Choice Award 2016Tom: 5 Stars – I used to snicker at snickerdoodle flavors, really. I remember our boss man vaping snickerdoodle from Vape Dudes all the time, back in 2013, and back then I was all about tobacco and coffee flavors and wanted nothing to do with sweet flavors. Now, times have changed, and Spun Cookie is an excellent example of how my tastebuds have changed over the years. I really liked it.

I see Spun Cookie as a 5-Star eliquid, and the honest truth is that it is one of the top 5 snickerdoodle eliquids I’ve had. So yes, the Choice Award is earned, in my opinion, but there are some others that are just as good. Spun Cookie is a fun, satisfying, dessert vape that, at $24.99 per 60mL, it definitely deserves to be in my collection.

Jason: 5 Stars – If you know the flavor of a good snickerdoodle cookie you’ll recognize it in this eliquid instantly. Snickerdoodle is not a snickers candy bar, it is a sugar cookie with cinnamon overtones, thick with the flavor of “cookie” and “sugar crystals”, dusted with cinnamon sugar… it is a joy to eat, and now it is a joy to vape. There isn’t much more I can add to this one, other than to say that there is plenty of vapor to go along with the flavor, and the vapor is fused with snickerdoodle flavor from start to finish. A must-try!

Note* I think it’s worth noting that although Spun Cookie is an all-day-vape, it is by far the “darkest” flavor of the four. Normally, a flavor profile this dark would not be an all-day-vape, but Smoque Vapours has blended this snickerdoodle profile in such a way as to deliver a heavy flavor without it vaping like a heavy flavor.

Kiera: 5 Stars – Spun Cookie is FANTASTIC! It is a remarkable Snickerdoodle cookie in vapor form. If it were up to me I would give this one a Choice Award without blinking. There is so much flavor, though that flavor is not the overwhelming kind. I have never been able to enjoy a Snickerdoodle eliquid as an all-day-vape… until now. The higher VG, the smooth sweet flavor of a sugar cookie with hints of cinnamon sugar, just melts me into the ground.

If you love Snickerdoodles you have to try this one. Like me, I’m betting your brain will think this is a real snickerdoodle cookie that was forced into vapor form. Can’t wait to add this one to my daily rotation (I vaped all 60mL in less than 48 hours!)

High Pie

High Pie, warm, delectable apple pie with a hint of cinnamon to top it off. Pie fans, don’t pass this vape up!

Julia: 4.75 StarsAlmost a 5-Star flavor, and it would have been had there been just a little more cinnamon present. This warm, gooey apple pie eliquid is perfect on a cool evening if the vapor is served up warm. The presence of a sweet apple inside a piecrust is dominating in High Pie, and reminds me of sitting down at the Corner’s Edge Diner in Concord NH enjoying a slice of homemade apple pie in a snowstorm just outside. However, like the apple pie served there, High Pie needs a little tweaking in the cinnamon department.

When I go to this diner I always order their apple pie, with a side of cinnamon sugar to add to it because they never put enough on it for my taste. That is the same problem here, and I recognize that it could be my problem, not everyone’s.

Maybe for most people there is just enough cinnamon sugar, but for my tastes, a warm apple pie is better when it is “adjusted” with enough cinnamon sugar that it balances the sweet with just a touch of spice. High Pie is going into my rotation, and I can’t wait for the weather to get cold so Kiera and I can walk along the Charles with a tank full of this stuff.

Tom: 5 Stars – I have had a few apple pie eliquids that I have given 5 stars to, so this should not come as a surprise to those that know my love of apple pie with cinnamon sugar on top. It is a wonderful dessert, and Smoque Vapours pulled off a vapor version to a T. And although I’ve found others that are equally as tasty, I’m pretty sure that 60mL of it is more than $25. So, when it comes to deciding on which apple pie eliquid I’m going to resupply, the price is going to have the make the call, and for that reason Smoque Vapours is going to get that order.

I think it’s important to mention that High Pie is not a singular apple flavored eliquid, it is Apple Pie. That piecrust is there, and the cinnamon sugar that is needed to make it a home-grown warm apple pie is there as well. For apple flavored eliquid I’d choose the Juice Box, but for Warm Apple Pie, it has to the High Pie.

Jason: 5 Stars – As an Apple pie eliquid High Pie does an excellent job. However, had Smoque Vapours not added the precise amount of cinnamon sugar I think my score would have been in the “4’s”, not a 5 star. Apple pie ejuice is fairly easy to make for a good mixologist, so you can’t go around throwing 5 stars scores to any brand that can make a good apple pie eliquid, it takes something special to put it over the top. And here it is that cinnamon sugar that comes in at the end, that little bump at the end that says “Don’t forget about me! I’m here too!”… that to me is what makes High Pie worthy of the 5-star score.

Kiera: 5 Stars – Am I too easy when it comes to scoring eliquids in these reviews? Maybe, but to me, if I get a chance to enjoy a delightful eliquid that produces thick, aromatic, vapor, and a glorious flavor, am I supposed to give it a lower score just to appear critical? Isn’t the whole idea of doing these reviews is finding the eliquids that can be enjoyed, savored maybe, and letting the world know about it?

Based on the criteria we set years ago, the official description, the balance of flavor and vapor, the quality of the ingredient, and the satisfaction I get while vaping it, High Pie, like Slam Cracker and Spun Cookie, deserve the scores I give them. Here’s what High Pie is like for me;

Apple pie with a touch of cinnamon sugar on top, served warm in a low resistance coil head and plenty of wattage to throw large clouds of vapor permeated with the flavor of delicious apple pie, and capable of lasting for many, many hours. An all-day-vape, apple pie style.

Baked Juice  – The Wrap Up

Baked Goods from Smoque Vapours Review Spinfuel VAPE Magazine

The whole “I’m stoned, I have the munchies” thing going on with Baked Juice  labels can’t be missed, though we left mention of it for the end. I guess the idea is to empress upon Vapers that these four eliquids can be vaped because you might crave their food counterparts when you’re stoned. Yea, we get that. Snickerdoodles, apple pie, graham cracker pie crust are all foods we could crave after vaping some great pot (if we smoked dope), but you certainly don’t need to pull out a bottle of Baked Juice only when you’re stoned. These dessert vapes are delicious anytime.

With cooler weather soon upon us, these sweet eliquids will definitely satisfy when the leaves turn and the snow begins to fall. For now, while its still warm and humid outside, these eliquids make for great vaping inside, with the AC running at a cool 66 degrees. (you should see our electric bill!)

The Team enjoyed Smoque Vapours for quite some time now, they’ve been in business for years, and the four of us are impressed by where Smoque seems to be going now. Higher VG, concentrating on all day vapes with good, relatable flavors, at a price point that is easier on the wallet/purse.

If you want the super complex, multi-layered esoteric flavors that are some marketing-rich brands excel at, you’ll have a hard time enjoying Baked Juice . But, if you want good, solid flavors in your  eliquids that deliver all the sweet flavors as we described above, then you are the perfect candidate to try all four.

Remembering back just a little over a year ago that most eliquids were sold in 30ml bottles, and for $16-$28, it is indeed welcoming to see the better brands offering a much friendlier price point in our High VG, High Wattage, Low Resistant World we happen to live in.  Baked Juice and the rest of Smoque Vapours are an excellent value at $24.99 for 60mL and $15.00 more will double that 60mL to 120mL. It is a big reason why Smoque Vapours is growing amongst the many brands that are beginning to fold up and go home. Vapers that may not have tried Smoque Vapours yet can do so without taking much of a financial risk.

For a warm apple pie, or snickerdoodle cookie, or a strawberry cheesecake, or a graham cracker piecrust vape experience, Baked Juice by Smoque Vapours is truly satisfying, affordable, and scrumptious.

Visit Smoque Vapours to Order some Baked Juice 

Julia Hartley-Barnes, Kiera Hartley-Barnes, Tom McBride and Jason Little… the Spinfuel eLiquid Review Team.