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A Spinfuel Choice Award Winner – Baked Apples

A Spinfuel eLiquid Team Review

Deliciously warm baked apples with a touch of cinnamon and nutmeg just in time for the crisp cool weather of the fall. A new seasonal (limited time) e-liquid from Johnson Creek Vapor Company.


Johnson Creek Vapor Company, the world’s leading e-liquid company, has released a brand new High VG gift to apple loving vapers. Baked Apples is more than an apple flavored e-liquid, for this old sod it is a reminder of what my life in New Hampshire was all about. It is, in vapor form, the taste of genuine, home made, spiced apple pie that my family and I would buy every week in the fall from our local apple orchard. Thick, buttery piecrust with a hint of graham crackers, sweet and tart apples plucked from trees that date back to the Great Depression, made all the better with a generous helping of spices that gave these special pies a true New England flair. If you’ve ever loved an apple-infused e-liquid, or if you’ve ever enjoyed a warm slice of spiced apple pie, then this new offering from Johnson Creek Vapor Company will take you down memory lane with the rich flavor and thick aromatic vapor that only a High VG Johnson Creek e-liquid can create.

Wow, is that an endorsement or what? Even more impressive, I wrote the above in a single stream of 2015 Spinfuel Choice Award For Excelleneconsciousness after only an hour of vaping Baked Apples with my Vaporshark Vapor Flask and an OBS T-VCT sub-ohm tank equipped with a 0.5-ohm coil head. Before heading off to write this introduction to Julia’s “Spinfuel eLiquid Review Team” review I looked at my wife and said “It really is time to go home” (back to New Hampshire) … Johnson Creek Vapor Company’s Baked Apples drove home the point that what made our lives in New England so special were these unique flavors and aromas shared with friends and family during the many months of cold, non-humid days of New Hampshire fall and winter months. For me, Baked Apples from Johnson Creek means nostalgia, and through the taste and aroma of this remarkable new e-liquid I can now, at least until I do go home, enjoy the flashback joys of a time long since past.  – John Manzione – Publisher

The Spinfuel eLiquid Team Review

Hello my dear Spinfuel readers, Julia Hartley-Barnes here with a very special eliquid review with my cherished team. Coming so soon after our last tremendously enjoyable team review, our team pulled together once more to review a single new eliquid from Johnson Creek Vapor Company. This 80% VG, 20% PG blend of baked apples and spices was vaped in complete secrecy for the past 72 hours, and today we can officially present our views and impressions of this splendid new flavor. But before we do, I’d like to take just a paragraph or two to say something about eliquids of 2015.

The Year of the eLiquid?

2015 will, I believe, go down in the ‘vaping history’ as the year of change for the e-liquids we use in our advanced vape gear of regulated high-wattage vaporizers and break-through atomizers that can finally deconstruct every nuance of an eliquid artist’s complicated, layered, and pure blends they work so hard to get so right. This is the year of moving to High VG recipes, truly authentic flavorings of the ultra high-quality ingredients. This is the year eliquid grew up and became accurate representations of our favorite flavors and original, new, flavors we could only dream of in years past. The true ‘artists of flavor’ are A Spinfuel Choice Award Winner - Baked Apples A Spinfuel eLiquid Team Reviewshining in the spotlight of a new time, and the charlatans peddling less-than-stellar (to put it nicely), ‘product’ are finding it difficult to find and keep an audience. Even more welcoming, and remarkable, is that some larger mass-producing eliquid manufacturers are learning that, as vapers, we expect nothing less than the best when it comes to these liquids we pour into our $30-$50 tanks.

And with that, let’s talk Baked Apples.

Johnson Creek Vapor Company describes their ‘Baked Apples” on the label of each bottle as: “sweet & spiced apple pie filling”. That description is accurate, but it leaves out the magic of this marvelous new vaping experience.

Kiera Hartley-Barnes

Kiera: 5 out of 5 Stars – First, if you don’t like spiced apples you do not need to read further. Baked Apples from Johnson Creek tastes exactly like a warm spiced apple pie, and it is the ‘spiced’ component of this delicious new eliquid that makes it the award-winning eliquid it truly is.

As a baker at home Julia is always nudging me to whip up a spiced apple pie from late October through March every year. Sometimes I’ve get creative and make real “baked apples”, either way Julia just loves the flavor of spiced apples. She says no other dessert warms her up like my home made baked apple pie or baked apples. It’s the spices I use, ground cinnamon, nutmeg, cardamom, cloves, and something some of you certainly recognize, a spice called “allspice”. A magical spice made with dried unripe Pimenta diocia berries.

Baked Apples by Johnson Creek Vapor Company rely on the authentic flavors of green apples, often called ‘cooking apples’, a healthy doses of ground cloves, and a touch of cinnamon and nutmeg. Each of these ingredients can be detected by anyone who has ever made a spiced apple pie, so when I say that Johnson Creek nailed the flavor of spiced apple pie, they remarkably, and truly, did just that.

The 80% Vegetable Glycerin helps produce huge amounts of thick and aromatic vapor, and the 20% PG picks up the flavor notes and drives them home. Surprisingly, the throat hit, something we don’t talk about much anymore, was hard-hitting for a 3mg nicotine level eliquid. I had almost forgotten how satisfying a good ‘thump’ at the back of the throat can feel.

I promise you this; if you so much as ‘like’ spiced apple pie then you will adore Baked Apples from Johnson Creek Vapor Company.

Tom McBride

Tom: 5 out of 5 Stars:  This High VG eliquid from Johnson Creek has so much going for it that it is difficult to know where to start. So, instead of starting off with the flavor I’m going to start off with vapor production, just to shake things up a bit.

An 80% VG blend is going to produce a lot of vapor when vaped with good vape gear. I made the decision that whenever I ‘review’ an eliquid from Johnson Creek Vapor Company I would respect them enough to vape their eliquid in their flagship vaporizer and tank; the Vea™ Elite and the Canteen™ Elite  with the 0.5-ohm coils. 80% VG can run rampart with low-ohm coils down to 0.1-ohm, 0.2, or 0.3-ohms with ease, and generate incredible amounts of vapor with wattage of up to 60-80-watts and even higher. But here, for this review, it made sense to use the Vea™ Elite and Canteen™ Elite and the half-ohm coil.

The 0.5-ohm OCC in the Canteen™ Elite needs somewhere between 35-40 watts from the Vea™ Elite when pushing 80% VG. I found my sweet spot at 37.5-watts in a room temperature setting. The vapor production was enormous, as should be expected, but it was also tremendously flavorful and aromatic. Below is a description of a typical ‘vape’ during the time I spent typing my notes for this review.

A typical inhale from my Vea™ Elite and Canteen™ Elite lasts about 4 to 5 seconds. If I exhale while I am typing the keyboard and display is completely hidden from view for a several seconds. I literally have to stop typing until the vapor dissipates. The only way around that is to exhale with my head turned to the left or right.

This ‘vapor blinding’ is not limited to Bake Apples eliquid, it is the same way for all “high-quality” 70%, 80%, 90% and ALL-VG eliquids. Having said that, I’ve had “lesser quality” High VG eliquids that produce decent vapor but does not make my keyboard and display disappear. Baked Apples is a super vapor producer!

Now let’s talk flavorBaked Apples by Johnson Creek Vapor Company is a “spiced” baked apple recipe. You immediately taste both apples and cloves on the inhale. Both are abundant and richly rewarding. On the exhale I taste cinnamon and nutmeg, as well as apples, and together these flavors take over and ‘complete’ the experience of just having inhaled a delicious spiced apple pie, and it couldn’t be more real.

I’ll end this with a statement about how I feel about Johnson Creek Vapor Company eliquids… when it comes to Johnson Creek e-liquids I love everything about them, and I revere their tobacco blends like “Domestic” and “Tennessee Cured”, even the fruity eliquids like “Merango” and “Black Cherry”, and flavors like “Vanda”, a JC Vanilla blend a rare true-vanilla flavor I always have on hand.

However, as much as I like just about any eliquid from Johnson Creek, I’ve talked to people that do not like any Johnson Creek e-liquid. Some of the reviews we’ve written for Johnson Creek “smoke juice” way back in 2012 and 2013 received comments that said the eliquids had unpleasant, or an artificial flavor profile. To those vapers, or to anyone that had vaped from the Johnson Creek well in the past, these recent eliquids, including the ‘Vapor Liquid” line, or the ‘Kiln House‘ line, are very different. If you haven’t had Johnson Creek e-liquids in 2015 you need to try them again.

As Johnson Creek Vapor Company began to explore PG-Free and High(er) VG blends my timing was headed in the same direction. The most recent e-liquids from Johnson Creek are eliquids I vape with sub-ohm tanks, RBA’s and RDA’s, and Baked Apples will blow your mind when vaped in an RDA, something I had to try on the last day of my review period.

While most of the great eliquids from the past are still very much a part of Johnson Creek, beginning with the release of the “Vapor Liquid” line consisting of High VG flavors named Broadberry, Coastalime, Plantana, Applelanche, Cinnerin, and Peachified, the Johnson Creek flavor profile is ideal for the sub-ohm vapers.  Baked Apples, is also formulated for sub-ohm vaping and all that goes with it. Richer flavors, smooth and luscious profiles that perform best with higher wattage and low-ohm atomizers, are some of the very best eliquids available, not just for us old-timers that still love to vape ‘Domestic’ and ‘T-Cured’, or those of us that are passionate about complex tobacco blends from the ‘Kiln House’ line of Johnson Creek.

Jason Little

Jason: 5 out of 5 StarsBaked Apples from Johnson Creek Vapor Company is unmistakably a vape experience reminiscent of sitting down and enjoying a huge slice of spiced apple pie on a cool morning or evening. The amazing blend of authentic apples, cloves and cinnamon, and even nutmeg are without a doubt the best spiced apple eliquid I’ve ever vaped before. But it is not just the spiced apple goodness of this great new eliquid, it is the wonderful blending of flavor and vapor that make vaping Baked Apples a remarkable experience.

I think this is the first time Johnson Creek Vapor Company has divulged the actual percentage of Vegetable Glycerin and Propylene Glycol in one of their recipes, though I could be wrong. Baked Apples consists of 80% VG and 20% PG, and it is that 80% VG that brings forth more than enough dense, flavorful vapor to raise Baked Apples up to heights never before seen by me in an apple flavored eliquid. Such a combination, spiced apples and ginormous clouds of vapor, had me in such a state of wonderment for the entire review period.

A Spinfuel Choice Award Winner - Baked Apples A Spinfuel eLiquid Team ReviewI am reminded of the review John did back in June of this year for the six new High VG eliquids that were released at the same time the Vea™ Elite and Canteen™ Elite was released. At the time John received the six eliquids in 10mL bottles (30mL bottles weren’t available at that time). For that reason, neither Julia’s team (mine) or Dori’s team reviewed this new High VG line, but we later purchased 30mL bottles for ourselves just to see if we agreed with John’s assessment of them. (The verdict was mixed) I thought the apple flavored blend, called ‘Applelanche’ was a solid apple flavored eliquid, but not the best I’ve ever had. I vaped it for a few days and then moved on. I did not purchase another bottle. Not because I didn’t like it, because I did like it, but because when you review eliquids for Spinfuel there is hardly the need to buy eliquids you’re not “crazy” about, and I was not ‘crazy’ about Applelanche. Baked Apples, however, is one I am crazy about and will continue to have in my rotation as long as it is available. I patiently wait for the day I can place my own order so I can stock up for holidays. At just $16.95 for 30mL bottles I have no problem keeping Baked Apples on hand. If this eliquid is not awarded the Spinfuel Choice Award it won’t be because of my score, just keep that in mind as you read the review by the others on this team.

John: 5 out of 5 Stars – Just when I thought I had had my new eliquid rotation set in stone Johnson Creek Vapor Company goes and releases an eliquid that must be a part of my vaping experience. Baked Apples is a pure joy to vape, as I described above in the Introduction to this review. Julia asked me to provide a concise paragraph or two for the actual review part, and since it’s been two days since I wrote the intro she was interested to see if any of my impressions had changed. In a word: No.

If I wasn’t clear enough about what I thought about Johnson Creek Vapor Company’s new Baked Apples High VG eliquid I’ll break it down to the basics. Baked Apples is an authentic, unbelievably pleasurable spiced apple pie eliquid that provides the real, honest-to-goodness flavor of a genuine home-made spiced apple pie, and is such a vapor producer that you’ll be hard-pressed to find an apple eliquid that produces more thick, flavorful apple vapor than this one.

I truly hope that you will order up a bottle of Baked Apples (if you enjoy spiced apple pie) because you will find it to be an amazing vape that will wind up becoming one of your favorite eliquids. I promise you that.

Julia: 5 out of 5 Stars – I wrote about how much I enjoyed Baked Apples by Johnson Creek Vapor Company above, but here, in this section of the review, I’ll make it official. Baked Apples is an award-winning eliquid that offers you the opportunity to enjoy, in vapor form of course, a marvelous slice of warm spiced apple pie. It’s 80% VG will generate vast amounts of vapor that will satisfy the cloud chasers, while at the same time giving those around them an aroma of home-made spiced apple pie as they sense the flavor in the vapor coming from your vape gear.

To get the most out of Baked Apples by Johnson Creek I strongly recommend a sub-ohm tank and enough wattage to create warm plumes of vapor. While the flavors in this beautiful recipe shine at any temperature, it cries out for warm temperatures to fully appreciate the art that went into its creation.

If you’ve ever enjoyed spiced apple pie or baked apples this heavenly slice of magic will not disappoint. Take this delicious spiced apple dish with you as you move through the fall and winter and you will always have  one of the best creations on earth at the ready; mom’s apple pie with cinnamon, nutmeg, and delicate cloves, or simply put; Baked Apples.


Johnson Creek Vapor Company has released Baked Apples today, at the normal everyday price of just $16.95 for a 30mL glass bottle and glass dropper. Baked Apples is sealed in the new full-body shrink-wrap, it’s label supplies everything you want to know about it, including a “Born on” date and Batch number.

The day we assembled this review was October 11th, 2015, and the Born On date on our bottles is September 28th, 2015. I tell you this because when you receive your bottle(s) of Baked Apples you will not have to home steep it before you enjoy its full flavor and rich vapor.

The choices in nicotine strength are: 3mg, 6mg, and 12mg. For those of you looking for zero nicotine you’re in luck, Johnson Creek also offers Baked Apples in zero-nicotine.

Tallying up the scores by my team it goes without saying that Johnson Creek Vapor Company has been awarded the coveted Spinfuel Choice Award for Excellence for their new Baked Apples, a seasonal sensation you won’t want to miss.

Julia Hartley-Barnes, Kiera Hartley-Barnes, Tom McBride, Jason Little, and John Manzione

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