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E-Cigarette Crossroads – Opinion by John Manzione

The e-Cigarette Recently I found myself at a crossroads. As the editor-in-chief of this online magazine, it’s been my job to learn as much as I can about the e-Cigarette. To learn all about vaping, and batteries, cartomizers, tanks, cartridges, atomizers, and everything else associated with eCigarettes. It’s been exhilarating and demanding, passionate and tiring. I took [...]

Andrea Ramaglia of The Plume Room Speaks with Spinfuel

SPINFUEL: How long have you been creating eLiquids? Andrea: I have only been mixing eLiquids for just under a year. Actually- I had more trouble figuring out the hardware & equipment than mixing! I know it seems such a short amount of time- but prior to mixing, I was working in the lab in the medical [...]

The Plume Room eJuice Review

A Spinfuel eLiquid Team Review - The Plume Room Lead Writer: Julia Barnes, along with Tom McBride, Jason Little, Lisa Johnston, Chelsey Laney Introduction: The very first thing you notice about The Plume Room is the packaging. Talk about impressive! I’m not talking about the USPS Priority Mail box that most packages arrive in these days, but instead [...]

3rd Winner of the Great Historic Giveaway Speaks to Spinfuel – Sunny Z!

Spinfuel: How long have you been vaping? Sunny z:  About 4 months.  Spinfuel: What did you use to vape?       Sunny Z: I started with 1 disposable blu cig and then based on the recommendation of ECF members got a smokeless image volt kit. Spinfuel: What were your favorite eLiquids? Sunny Z: I started with tobacco but then ventured out to [...]

2nd Winner – Spinfuel Great Historic Giveaway

Julia Barnes talked with our 2nd Winner of the Historic Giveaway the other day, here is an except from that interview! Spinfuel: How long have you been vaping? Brian F: I have been vaping almost 3 years now! Spinfuel: What did you use to vape? Brian F: At first I used a Fuma eCig from a local tobacco shop [...]

777 eCigs Review Part 2 – The Taste Test

Note* Part 1 of this review was published last week. It covered the mechanics and the hardware for 777 eCigs products. We recommend that you read Part 1 before making any final decisions about the product. That said, you don’t need to read Part 1 first. This review (Part 2) can be a standalone review [...]

JoyeTech eGo Starter Kit Review (ZeeCigs)

JoyeTech eGo Starter Kit by ZeeCigs A Must See Review- Complete Review of the ZeeCigs Joyetech Ego Starter Kit . I Compare the Ego to the 510 model and provide demos between the Tank System and Regular Cartridge System. Find out which e Cigarettes are interchangeble –This is also a great How-To Guide of Each e-cigarette. [...]

Smoking And Vaping Are Two Very Different Things

I Vape. I do not Smoke. What's So Hard To Understand? I have several friends that used to think I was crazy. Sure, they had, and have, some very good reasons to think so. I mean I have 5 cats for God’s sake. But, because I quit smoking way back in 1992 and took up vaping [...]

Vapor Girl Vapor Production
The Vapor Girl Vapor Production Reviewed

UPDATE: January 13th, 2013 - Today The Vapor Girl took home 8 Spinfuel Choice Awards for excellence, flavor, and vapor production, and eLiquid artistry. The Spinfuel eLiquid Review Team, working from the original notes, has updated this review to reflect the flavors that were designated the award winners. For more information about the Choice Awards, click here.   The Vapor Girl Get Reviewed   Lead Writer; [...]

20 Questions For Victoria Sylvestre of The Vapor Girl

SPINFUEL: How long have you been creating eLiquids? Victoria: I have been creating eLiquids since the end of 2011. I needed to create my own as I was having a difficult time finding liquids that I enjoyed using. SPINFUEL: What was the first flavor you created? Victoria: The first flavor EVER was sweet potato pie, a North Carolina favorite. Usually once people try [...]

Joye 510 Ultimate Kit Review

 Joye 510 Ultimate Kit Review  SmokenJoey, a member of the Spinfuel Team, as well as a popular YouTube eCig Reviewer (and owner of the popular Smoken Joey Website) has completed his extensive review of the new Joye 510 Ultimate Kit The Joye510 is one of the best electronic cigarettes on the market. These atomizers produce loads of [...]

Spinfuel – Saturday Night Tasting Party

Spinfuel Tasting Party! During the week it’s all work and very little play. Writing and researching, designing and development, writing emails and answering emails, and of course teaming up to produce reviews, our daily workdays are serious business. When it comes to the weekend, on those rare occasions when we are not working, we’re usually gathering [...]

Apollo eCigs – One Million eCigarettes Free!

Apollo eCigs, (Lafayette, CA 94549) has done more in one move than most eCig vendors have all year; they are ponying up 1,000,000 (one million) FREE disposable eCigs to anyone who wants one. (Must be 18 or older of course). The catch? There isn’t one. This is the real deal folks. Over the past months the [...]

Vision Mini ViVi Nova Tank System

Affordable Tank System That Delivers Flavor & Vapor Mini ViVi Nova Tank System For $12.99 atMyVaporStore, the mini ViVi Nova Tank System provides an incredible vaping experience for the price of an average DCT or Clearomizer. I was mightily impressed with the performance of this tank system and I highly recommend it. MyVaporStore (the vendor who so graciously sent [...]

777 eCigs Review – A New Kid On The Block

The 777 eCigs Review - A Different Kind of eCigarette Vendor Disclaimer As eCigarettes become ever more popular new brands pop up almost everyday. That’s too be expected I guess, but so many of them are cookie-cutter types where the only effort that goes into the product is designing the packaging and the logo, and of course [...]

Totally Wicked e Liquid – Tornado eGo-C Twist Compact Kit

Totally Wicked e Liquid Review A review by Jason LittleI’ve been waiting patiently for Totally Wicked e Liquid (Totally Wicked eLiquid or, just TW) to stock an eGo Twist in the US. Sure, I could have picked up one just about anywhere, but I know that since I’ve been a steady customer with TW that I am [...]