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 Hell Hound Mech Mod and Hell Hound RDA

by J. C. Martin, III

Rating: 4.7 of 5 Stars

Available At: MintyVapesOn Sale $143.99 ($179.99) Includes mod + RDA


It is being said more and more that the mechanical mod is dead. Its day has come and gone and it has been replaced with the regulated, high-tech mods we see today. Variable Wattage, Temperature Control, Ni200 and Titanium wire in RDA’s and prebuilt coilheads, these are just some of the high tech vape gear that have overtaken the industry in 2015. Still, despite the continuing death knells I think there will always be some of us that still find value with well-made mechanical mods like the Hell Hound from Wulf Mods.

If you too enjoy a good mech mod then you might want to continue reading this review. If mechanical mods aren’t for you then perhaps you would rather read about the latest in regulated, temperature control devices pop over to our review on the new eLeaf iStick TC60W.

Moving On…

Wulf Mods Hell Hound Mech Mod and Hell Hound RDAUpon receiving the Authentic, American-Made Wulf Mods Hellhound Dual-18650 battery mechanical mod and a matching cubical RDA I took some photos and assembled the rakish setup. A few photos are posted below. The cubical RDA matches the mod, and the mod uses two 18650 hi-amp lithium IMR batteries. Some advanced vapers have recommended batteries as high as 40A, others have said 30A is fine, but it seems to work just fine using my Samsung 25R’s. I will be getting a handful of 40A batteries soon and will try them out with the Hell Hound. If I see a big improvement I’ll update this review. In any case, taking no time to assemble, I held down the shining copper fire button and vaped away in minutes, enjoying massive clouds of vapor and thick wonderful flavor from one of my favorite eliquids. Knowing the Wulf Mods reputation I was not surprised by the powerful performance of the Hell Hound, though the 25A batteries was a brief concern.

I am surprised that this model is not sold on the official Wulf mods website. 


Simple, good-looking, and competent in function, I really have no complaints with the Wulf Mod HellWulf Mods Hell Hound Mech Mod and Hell Hound RDA Hound setup. Compared to other mech mods I own the Hell Hound has a softer finish, more luxurious with a rubberized paint that gives it a high-end look and luxurious look. The firing button as well as the 510 connector are gold-colored, giving a nice contrast to the finish.  The RDA surprised me, somewhat, as its air holes provided for an ample amount of air-to-evaporation mixture combination.  The cubical RDA’s base has three posts, its central positive post having two holes and its two negative posts having one a piece, yet the RDA is still considered to be a four-post RDA.

How big are the post holes, and how can it matter?  The post holes are rather small.  I imagine it is important for some RDA’s to have post holes smaller than 2mm in diameter for safety reasons related to the size of Kanthal wire.  Was there any difficulty, whatsoever with installing two 7-wrap 26 gauge Kanthal coils with the cubical RDA? No, and while I was surprised to see its post holes were of common size, I was impressed with its functionality, mainly due to its airflow.

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I was reluctant, at first, to see the mouthpiece’s inner cylinder-like metal air hole covering, as RDAs designed in such a manner can make contact with coils.  Of course, if the coils are built properly, one can turn the mouthpiece all the way around, opening and closing the air holes, without the coils brushing up against the bottom of the metal part of the mouthpiece.  The top of the mouthpiece is plastic and separate from the inner metal.  A nice attribute of the RDA is the 12mm in inner diameter drip tip –works great.

As far as the mod goes, it is simple and efficient.  Simply install some suitable batteries, the cover, and vape away.  One attribute of the mod is its durability.  It is strong and tough.  Another plus is its feel, as it has a matte finish, round edges, and a copper firing pin.  Was that weird to me?  That the firing pin be made of highly conductive material? Sure it was.  Won’t it shock you?  I thought that at first, however I realized that the shiny copper button looks great and is safe to use.  It will not shock you.

One thing I really like about the mod is the efficiency of the battery door.  It slides right off and easily slides right back on and stays secure via small magnets.  The door does not hang up and is not loose, either.  The Hell Hound mod is a very well crafted device. I would prefer the dual 18650 battery Wulf Mech Mod over VV/VW regulated mods on several occasions. It is simply easier to use and can take less time.  One does not have to play around with settings, and there are plenty of times in my life where I just want to pick up my device and vape, so as not to have to worry about particular settings.  You can get new batteries in it, make sure the RDA is alright, and vape in seconds.  Be sure to check the amperage draw of the RDA before using it though.

In the cubical RDA, I installed two 7-wrap 26 gauge Kanthal coils, which read 0.52 ohms on my IPV4s. Wulf Mods Hell Hound Mech Mod and Hell Hound RDA At 29.5watts and 3.87volts, the draw of this build is 7.44 Amps.  So, the draw for the build is safe for 20 Amp batteries.  The batteries I use are 25 Amp, so I consider the coil build to be safe.

A few other good things about the mod are that it uses a shiny upper copper disk with a 510 connection.  The center pin is brass and does utilize a spring for good conductivity.  I like the “Wulf” logo, too.  The mod stands alone, nicely, and I like the way the RDA looks on top of it, centered on the mod instead of off to the side.

Hell Hounds

A “hell hound” is a fantastical creature mentioned in old English folklore, much like a dragon.  Hell hounds were said to have glowing red eyes, could fly and sometimes breath fire, and were often guardians of burial grounds or spiritual realms.  In one way or another, hellhounds were also associated with death, especially if you look them in the eye more than two times.  There did exist a few hellhounds, famous in legend, which had names, according to Wikipedia.

Specifications and Features

Wulf Mod’s Hell Hound RDA:

  • Spinnable Mouthpiece for Adjustable Air Holes
  • 40mm Tall, Cube Section of Atomizer 21mm x 21mm x 21mm
  • Mouthpiece 20mm Tall, Wide-Bore Drip Tip
  • Atomizer Mid-section and Inner Rotatable Piece Black Metal
  • Engraved Hell Hound Logo on Two Sides of RDA
  • Gift Box Includes Small Screwdriver, 2 O-Rings, 2 Coils, and 4 Screws
  • 510 Adjustable Copper Connection
  • Air Holes Spell “WULF”
  • Base/Deck and 3 Posts Made Entirely of Copper
  • Central Post has Two Horizontal Holes
  • 4 Post Holes 2mm in Diameter
  • Posts Use Phillips Screws for Tightening
  • Heavy, Durable Hold
  • Atomizer Resembles a Cube
  • Bottom of Deck Copper and Engraved with Ser. No. and “WULF Made In USA”
  • Mouthpiece Black Plastic, Removable from Inner Metal Air Hole Adjuster

Wulf Mods Hell Hound Mechanical Mod:

  • Dimensions: 112mm x 28mm x 54mm
  • Large Shiny Firing Button
  • Black Matte Finish
  • White “Hell Hound” Logo
  • “WULF” Logo
  • Battery Ribbon
  • Battery Air Dissipation Holes on Bottom
  • Sliding Battery Door Cover with Fastening Magnets
  • Strong Inner Connections for Batteries
  • Requires Two 18650 Lithium IMR Batteries
  • Copper Disk on Top for 510 Connection
  • Rakish Over-All Appearance
  • Simple and Efficient Design
  • Durable, Bold Hold
  • Atomizer Connection Centered on Top of Rectangular Mod
  • Small Amperage Adjustment Wheel on Side

Photos and Thoughts

I took a few photos as wound some coils for this exciting setup.  The photos and a few descriptions of them are below.  These first two photos are of the two gift boxes from Wulf Mods.  The photo on the right shows the boxes’ contents.


Wulf Mods Hell Hound Mech Mod and Hell Hound RDA
Wulf Mods Hell Hound Mech Mod and Hell Hound RDA

The next two photos show the Wulf Mods Hell Hound mod and RDA disassembled to be assembled into a vaporizer.  The photo on the right is of the copper-plated deck with two 7-wrap 26 gauge Kanthal coils installed and ready for wicking.

Wulf Mods Hell Hound Mech Mod and Hell Hound RDA Wulf Mods Hell Hound Mech Mod and Hell Hound RDA



The Wulf Mods Hell Hound mech mod and RDA combination is a satisfying setup.  The RDA looks like a cube, fitting and matching nicely in the center of the top of the mod.  The firing pin on the mod is copper.  The wide-bore drip tip and large air holes of the RDA provide for astounding vapor cloud production.  As the mod uses two lithium IMR batteries, the setup sure does the trick.  The removable and replaceable sliding battery door works nicely and uses small magnets.

I give the Hell Hound setup 4.7 out of 5 StarsWhy not five of five stars?  – Well, despite its many positive attributes, I simply thought the post holes in the RDA would be larger. The Hell Hound mech mod and RDA combination is definitely an option to consider when compared to other products. The price, $179.99 is steep for a mechanical mod, but for that kind of investment the Hellhound is extremely durable, American designed and manufactured. Additionally, the attention to detail, its suburb construction, and the confidence it instills in you when you use it makes it money well-spent. You can buy cheaper mech mods, but once you see the Hell Hound in person, once you vape it, you’ll understand the cost and appreciate the passion that went into building it.

A very special thanks to Minty Vapes for providing the Wulf Mods Hell Hound Mech Mod for review purposes.

Thank you for reading and vape on till next time!

Rating: 4.7 of 5 Stars

J.C. Martin III