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Art Deco Styling, High Power Performance

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Called the ‘Metropolis’, this glass and steel atomizer is not only a beautiful tank reminiscent of the 1920’s Art Deco scene, it’s an atomizer that is designed to produce excellent flavor and vapor.

The Atom Vapes Metropolis succeeds on both counts, and with a price point of just $19.99, it is a tank most Vapers should consider as their next atomizer purchase.

Available with a gClapton coil head or the optional gCeramic, the Atom Vapes Metropolis tank is so impressive that once you understand the kind of vape experience you’re about to have, there is no doubt you’ll want a few of them, at least. I can’t find a single negative thing to say about the flavor and vapor production, and I tried.

Yes, I love this tank.

A Video Demo for the Atom Vapes Metropolis

Let us take a look at the Atom Vapes Metropolis features and specs and then I’ll discuss them below.

Atom Vapes Metropolis

Capacity – The Metropolis Tank holds 4mL of e juice

Airflow System – Large Airflow slots allow for higher wattage and cooler vapor.

Connecting Pin is the universal 510-Thread, so it can be used with practically every mod on the market.

Glass – It is constructed with a thick, high quality, optically pure glass.

Color – The metal components of the tanks are either Silver or Gold.

Atom Vapes “g” series Coil Heads

 Coil Heads The “g” series include a 0.3Ω and 0.5Ω options, and while the tank comes with the gClapton at 0.5 Ω it will work fine with all Atom Vapes replacement coil heads. The Atom Vapes Metropolis tank includes a single 0.5Ω coil head for DL vaping. Using the airflow, it’s easy work to create a Mouth-to-Lung (MTL) vape experience if needed or wanted.

Note* Atom Vapes also makes and sells a 0.15Ω Nickel “g” series coil head. I can’t see any reason these nickel coils wouldn’t work in the Atom Vape Metropolis, but I don’t have any on hand to try it.

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Filling System is a Bottom Fill in order to accommodate the nearly all-glass tank. There is no top cap with the Metropolis, it’s instead one piece of glass extending from the drip tip to the base of the tank. The Drip Tip is extremely resistant to heat.

The Drip Tip, part of the glass enclosure, is a wide-bore stubby type. Because it dissipates heat so well, I do not fear the drip tip touching my lips. Other stubby type drip tips can get so extremely warm that it is uncomfortable to use at high wattages, the Atom Vapes Metropolis remains very comfortable at any wattage setting.


Assembled Dimensions – 52mm x 22mmØ / Weight: 36g

Shipping Dimensions – 90mm x 90mm x 78mm / Total Weight: 44g

In The Box:

  1. 1 x Metropolis Tank,

  2. 1 x gClapton Kanger Coil (0.5Ω)

  3. 1x User Manual

Performance Highlights

I can talk all I want about how gorgeous this ‘art deco’ look is, but without performance it wouldn’t matter. So, while I do love the look of the Atom Vapes Metropolis, it’s the performance that sold me on it.

I have always enjoyed the gClapton Atom Vapes coil heads, and when Atom Vapes Spinfuel eMagazine and Atom Vapes METROPOLIS Tank Giveaway 10 Lucky Winners!designed the Metropolis as a proper enclosure for the gClapton, as well as the gCeramic, it tells me that the company, Atom Vapes, truly understands the needs of Vapers. The shape and the airflow slots of the Metropolis tank are designed to pull out every bit of the flavor and vapor that these “g” coils are capable of.


Flavor has become my #1 concern when it comes to sub-ohm atomizers, and without great flavor there isn’t anything that can inspire me to use the atomizer. The Atom Vapes Metropolis outputs pure flavor, and whatever the favorite flavor of any Vaper using a Metropolis, that Vaper will find this atomizer reproducing the best flavor the e juice is capable of.

However, in addition to the utmost flavor, a good tank must produce more than enough vapor clouds. Again, the Atom Vapes Metropolis does just that. Thick, rich, flavorful clouds of vapor from the Metropolis tank outperforms any other tank using the gClapton coil head.

One Coil Head – Many Tanks

Atom Vapes designed these “g” series coil heads for several of the top tanks on the market, and these ‘g’ series heads improve on the flavor and vapor of the native coil heads. That said, building a tank around the “g” series coil heads enhances the performance in ways that these different tanks cannot.


Spinfuel eMagazine and Atom Vapes METROPOLIS Tank Giveaway 10 Lucky Winners!To test this, I put a gClapton in a Subtank Mini from Kanger and filled both the Metropolis and the Subtank with the identical eliquids. I used two iStick 60W TC mods for both tanks, and set the wattage at the same 50W. Both tanks were properly filled and primed, and I then performed a side by side comparison for flavor and vapor production.

The Kanger Subtank performs so much better with the gClapton in it over the native coil heads that came with the Subtank, which proves to me that the gClapton is a fantastic coil head in all the tanks that support it. But when compared to the Atom Vapes Metropolis tank equipped with the gClapton, the Metropolis beat the Subtank in both flavor and vapor.

But why?

The Subtank Mini is an excellent tank, and the gClapton is an excellent coil head. So why did the performance lack behind the Atom Vapes Metropolis? Personally, I believe the reason the Metropolis beat out the Subtank, equipped with the same coil head, is because of the airflow slots and how the air is directed under the coils and up through the chimney and into the insulated drip tip.

Even though the Subtank was equipped with a gClapton I still experienced some gurgling sounds and the occasional spitback (though it was very minor), and with the Atom Vapes Metropolis there was never any gurgling from the juice, nor even a hint at spitback. It was surprising because I’m not used to using any atomizer that did not produce some gurgling and spitback, especially when the juice level is low.

Who Knows the gClapton Better Than Atom Vapes?

What makes the Atom Vapes Metropolis tank unique and innovative is the decision to Spinfuel eMagazine and Atom Vapes METROPOLIS Tank Giveaway 10 Lucky Winners!use an almost total glass enclosure. That much is obvious.

While I’m not sure that the decision to create a glass tank that incorporates the top of tank and the drip tip into a single piece of glass adds to the high performance of the tank…I’m more inclined to think that decision was purely aesthetics.

The look certainly draws the eyes to the tank, but without performance equal or superior to unique look I tend to think that the Atom Vapes Metropolis would have a short lifespan. Luckily, I believe the Metropolis tank is going to be a long term success for Atom Vapes.

The reason I believe that the Atom Vapes Metropolis will get a long lifespan is because no one other than Atom Vapes truly understands these “g” series coil heads. So, when it was decided to build a tank around these unique coil heads Atom Vapes knew the coil heads strengths and took advantage of every single one. This engineering skill allowed Atom Vapes to create a tank that emphasized the best of the “g” series. And it worked.

Silver or Gold?

Atom Vapes has created two models of the Metropolis tank; a silver model and a gold model. The Silver is $19.99 and the Gold model is $21.99. Both perform the same, though the gold model is just a tiny bit more attractive when viewed in person, though honestly the color doesn’t matter.

Atom Vape Metropolis Packaging

Atom Vapes Metropolis TankThe unique packaging of the Atom Vapes Metropolis adds to the whole user experience, from the unboxing to the excellent vaping. Sadly, because of the packaging, there was just no room for an extra coil head, though Atom Vapes included several O-rings for the tank rings and the inner part of the drip tip, which is attached to the chimney.

Cost – The 5-pack coil heads are somewhat affordable, when considering the extended lifespan of each coil head, though the $17.99 5-pack price is a little scary.

I believe this is a fairly new price hike, but I will continue to buy them because of the performance, especially in the Metropolis, so it makes the cost worth it, to me at least. Wholesale costs has risen as well. Element Vapes sells the gClapton for $22.95 for a 5-pack. Something tells me that price hikes on all vape gear is coming soon, which is unfortunate to say the least. To get the best life out of any coil, take care not to scorch them, and to break them in properly.

If you can, pick up an extra pack or two, and if you haven’t yet tried the gCeramic, consider picking up a pack.

Grade: A+

 Innovative design, a tank built around the very popular “g” series coil heads from Atom Vapes, and extremely heat resistant, the Metropolis tank is one of the best sub-ohm tanks I’ve used. Excellent flavor, and massive vapor production, it’s hard to categorize the Atom Vapes Metropolis as a flavor tank or vapor tank. $19.99 for a top quality tank, this is something every Vaper should have in their arsenal.”

Dave Foster