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The Aspire Platinum Kit will run you about $92, and for the money it is one of the best gifts you can give to any vaper in your life, be it friends or family. This kit is something anyone would be excited to receive. And not because it contains a battery and tank, oh no, Aspire put together a package that, for me, screams, “This is the perfect gift”, as you will soon see.

The Aspire Platinum Kit contains all the following vape gear:

  • 1x Aspire CF (carbon fiber) Subohm Battery
  • 1x Atlantis Subohm Tank (v1)
  • 1X USB Cable (USB 2)
  • 1x Decorative Tank
  • 1x Leather Case
  • 5x Replacement Coils – 0.5-ohm
  • Manual and High Quality Gift Box

 I’ll get to the bare bones of the platinum kit in a minute, but there are three items in this kit that makes it the perfect gift, which I would like to talk about first.

Webbed Tank Replacement

Aspire Webbed TankThe Photo here is the ‘decorative tank’ that is included in the kit. When you normally buy a new tank you don’t buy one of these, this is an extra, and you won’t buy it unless you really like the tank. In this case the tank is the Atlantis tank, but these ‘web’ type tanks are sold for various tanks and glassomizers by Aspire.

The webbed metal tank is made for “dress up” times. It gives the appearance of being special, grabbing attention, accentuating the coolness of the tank, and your desire to treat the tanks as something ‘special’.

Finding the webbed tank in the kit gave me a big smile. And it was the first indication that Aspire built this kit for real gift giving.

Next, also to my surprise, is the leather case for the battery and tank. Not faux-leather mind you, but real Leather Case Aspire CF Batteryleather. What makes this case something you would actually use and not toss in the drawer to be forgotten is that it is tall enough for both the CF Subohm Battery and the Atlantis Tank. It fits perfectly, and it is something vapers will greet with a big smile, and, like I said, actually use it.

Finally, in the ‘gift strategy’ by Aspire, this box shows the sense of quality and care Aspire put into the whole kit. Removing the cardboard exterior sleeve you’ll notice a luxurious rubberized texture on the entire exterior of the box. For the first time the gift box actually looks and feels like a gift box. Its function is not be used for shipping the items inside, vapers will want to use it for storing the items inside, and not hidden away. It would not be scandalous to place the gift box on the top of your dresser along side photos of the wife, kids, and/or parents. No matter what your income bracket, the gift box looks good on the dresser.

These three items above go above and beyond the usual “kit” vaporizers come in. Most are just made for a one-time presentation, maybe a frilly extra, and that’s it. Not so with the Aspire Platinum Kit. To seal the deal, the other items are hugely popular in their own right and should be.

The Aspire CF Subohm Battery

Aspire_Platinum Kit 1You’re probably already familiar with Aspire’s Subohm battery, but in case you’re not, here’s the deal on this fine battery:

Weighing in at 2000mAh, capable of firing down to 0.3-ohm coils, with a maximum amperage output of 40A, and a consistent 4.2v output, this battery is the best battery Aspire offers, and its capability of providing a fantastic vape in the subohm range is practically legendary. The damned thing works!

The Atlantis Tank

At first, I thought Aspire could have done better by providing the Atlantis v2 in the kit instead of the first Atlantis. But then I thought about it. The Atlantis v2 is a decent-enough subohm tank, but the receiver of this wonderful gift would surely appreciate the compatibility of the Atlantis v1. Let’s face it; the wide-bore drip tip on the Atlantis v2 is not something “every” vaper will like…I don’t. The two-piece drip tip, part of which is attached to the tank (airflow controller), is bothersome to me. By shipping it with the Atlantis v1 the receiver of this gift, whether it’s yourself or someone else, can easily replace the drip tip with anything you want, something that is impossible with v2, and because its not exactly a competitor tank, the first Atlantis tank makes more sense as part of a “kit”.

In any case, as an introduction into subohm vaping the Atlantis tank is a great choice, and as a part of the Platinum kit it’s the ideal choice.

The rest of the kit is the usual suspects, the USB cable, manual, and 5 extra coil replacements, all 0.5-ohm.

Bottom Line

If you know a vaper who has been discussing the possibility of jumping into the subohm game this is the perfect introduction. If you are that vaper, one looking for an affordable and attractive kit, with excellent performance, the $90-$95 Platinum Kit is probably the best choice for you as well.Aspire_Platinum-BOX

In the video posted below, I mention that this kit could be a good gift for a NEW vaper, but I’ve sense changed my mind because of the high-end performance, the huge clouds of vapor, might actually scare them off. Better to start a new vaper off on something like Joyetech’s eGo One.

Aspire may have under-achieved with their new box mod, the ESP 30, but they have excelled more times than not. The CF Subohm battery is one of my favorites, and will remain one of my favorites, because it is truly a high performance one-trick-pony battery that is easy to fall in love with (you know what I mean). The Atlantis tank was that game-changing product that bought on the avalanche of subohm tanks, and its no slouch even after 15-20 subohm competitors coming at it.

It’s too bad that Aspire couldn’t release this Platinum Kit around a gift-giving holiday because it would have killed. But, because vapers are some of the most generous people on the planet, there are still millions of opportunities to give one as a sincere and thoughtful gift. For yourself, if this is your first time into the world of the “subohmers” it makes perfect sense to treat yourself to this magnificent and affordable kit.

If you want to pick one up today, go to Vapor Authority by clicking this sentence, it will whisk you away to the Platinum Kit page.

John Manzione

Here’s The Cold Open Video for the Atlantis v2 Tank and the Aspire Platinum Kit: