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Aspire Atlantis – John Manzione and The Cold Open

The newest Cold Open John talks about the Aspire Atlantis and the NJOY Artist Collection.

The NJOY Artist Collection consists of five specially developed eliquids from five well-respected flavorists in the eliquid community. They are:

Dragon Scape by P.O.E.T

Hedon’s Bite by Mr. Good Vape

Paramour by Flavorz

Sacre Coeur by Vaponaute

Samba Sun by Good Life Vapor

We received the collection is a white presentation box. Inside the box was a “flavor palette” that describes each of the eliquids in exquisite detail, as well as the individual eliquids in the same deluxe boxes they are offered in to the consumer.

At $23 per bottle (glass bottle, 30ML) they are on the high-end of “normal” and in no way are they over priced for the quality of the eliquids. Whether you like them all, or only a couple, we’re betting that you’ll pay the $23 gladly.

They are, without a doubt, extremely high quality eliquids.

Foreword by John Manzione

I am, what you might call, an anti-snob. Pretentiousness is one of the highest ‘pet peeves’ on my lengthy list of pet peeves. No matter how educated you are, or how rich you are, or how ‘cool’ you think you are, when stripped of the material things in our lives everyone, at the core, are naked and afraid. Being pretentious is the least attractive characteristic of being human.

Pretentious eLiquid?

When I first learned about the NJOY Artist Collection my immediate thought was how pretentious it was. To think that wrapping eliquid in fancy packaging, and I mean really fancy packaging, would make these eliquids somehow “important”, or above all others, was gut wrenching. I’ve seen so many horrible ploys in this industry, and if this Artist Collection was just another ploy to separate vapers from their money, I was going to be faced with finding a way to inform the potential victims .

Of course, these knee-jerk reactions are so typical of me nowadays that I reacted like I did without learning anything about the collection, what was in it, how much it would cost… I just saw this ultra deluxe packaging and went straight to “pretentious” and “expensive”. Silly me.

When I’m wrong…

I’ll gladly admit it… So, here goes… I was wrong. Not only are these eLiquids priced right, they certainly deserve the deluxe treatment they got.


A 30ML bottle is priced at just $23.00. Considering the cost of the packaging, the R&D that went into choosing the right eliquids, and the marketing budget, that $23 is more than reasonable. When I learned about the pricing I began to relax a little. Clearly NJOY was not gouging the consumer.

The Aspire Atlantis – Briefly

The Aspire Atlantis is a clearomizer style tank system that claims to give the performance of a dripping atomizer. Today we unbox it, break it down, fill it up, and vape it, to find out if it really does live up to the hype! This is not a beginner tank. You’ll need more advanced gear to use it, and we’ll explore that a bit. There’s also a quick preview of the Kanger Sub Ohm tank, which looks like it just might be even better than the Atlantis. We’ll have to wait and see on that one.