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The AsMODus Dawg RTA Review – With all the gear we get to test, my workspace looks more like the set of “Breaking Bad” than it probably should. And a good chunk of that space is filled with replacement coils for sub-ohm tanks. So, with so many replacements available, why would anyone bother building their own RTA coils anymore? Because RTAs are awesome, that’s why. And the asMODus Dawg, available now at Element Vape, is a shining example of why today’s more-advanced sub-ohm coils still  have to compete with RTAs for flavor and performance. Let’s see why.

asMODus Dawg 25mm RTA Review BY SPINFUEL VAPE


AsMODus and Alex from VapersMD, delivers a high performance RTA with a unique two-post build deck, juice capacity, and an adjustable grooved bottom airflow slots.


25mm Diameter
3.2mL Max Juice Capacity
Superior Stainless Steel Construction
Pyrex Glass Reinforcement
Spacious Build Deck
Two Post, Dual Terminals Design
and much more...

Designed in collaboration with someone named Alex from VapersMD, the Dawg RTA doesn’t make much of a first impression. But like any dog, it sometimes takes a little while before you realize how awesome it really us.


The Dawg RTA is 25mm diameter in width with grooved top and bottom rings. Top-fill system and airflow control settings are all standard issue for vape atomizers, and won’t be enough of a selling point on their own. But, my matte silver edition is a beacon of smooth, high-quality machining, thoughtful design aesthetics, and an overall sense of solid design. Nothing fancy, nothing fussy. Just well-done and functional.


The baby smooth threading throughout the asMODus Dawg RTA ensures that assembly and cleaning will be a breeze. Opening up the bottom cap exposes a dual-post, dual-terminal build deck, each with room to accommodate any commonly used coil diameter.


The two-sided bottom AFC ring has three openings on each side, but I’d advise against leaving it wide open, since the sheer torrent of airflow will render things way too warm and flavorless at higher wattages. But on the two-hole setting? Perfect balance of flavor and vapor production, no matter how you build or how high your wattages scream.


The drip tip is removable and covers an easily accessed top-fill port. I tried every bottle type in my collection, and nearly all of them fit inside the ports with no effort, filling without an ounce of wasted juice. With the handful of thicker tipped bottles and droppers on hand, I simply angled the Dawg RTA slightly toward me, and rested the tips on the edge, where they also poured smoothly without incident.


The asMODus Dawg has one of the easiest decks you’re likely to see on a modern RTA. Spacious, but not too wide, with terminals that can handle any wire, there is little today’s average builder could devise to trip up this deck.


But, like most rebuildable tanks, the downside to this design is a corresponding lack of capacity. Because of the extended diameter of the deck, the Dawg doesn’t hold much more than 3mL of juice when compared to competing RTAs and sub-ohm tanks. It’s a tradeoff, I suppose… but it’s one I’ve never been fond of, to be honest.

Let me explain…

AsMODus Dawg RTA Specs:

  • 25mm Diameter
  • 3.2mL Max Juice Capacity
  • Superior Stainless-Steel Construction
  • Pyrex Glass Reinforcement
  • Spacious Build Deck
  • Two Post, Dual Terminals Design
  • Side Secured via Gold-Plated Hex Screws
  • Single or Dual Coil Configuration
  • Triple Squared Slotted Airflow Design
  • Fully Adjustable Bottom Airflow Control Ring
  • Threaded Top-Fill Design
  • 810 Widebore Delrin Drip Tip
  • Detachable Structure
  • Gold-Plated 510 Connection
  • Available in Silver, Black, Gold, Blue

AsMODus Dawg RTA Contents:

  • 1 DAWG 25mm RTA
  • 1 Spare Glass Tube
  • 2 0.3ohm Oni Fused Clapton Coils
  • 1 Replacement Parts Pack
  • 1 User Manual

Observations While Vaping

I started small, with a classic 26ga Kanthal, space built for flavor. With eight wraps, it came out to a modest 0.7 ohm.  Given the resistance, I figured I’d try for a flavor test first, and cut off the airflow nearly all the way. I wicked the 3.0mm diameter coil as I normally would, gently filling the juice ports, and reassembling the Dawg for a first vape.


Right away, the flavor was immense. At 45-50 watts on a Voopoo Drag Gold (reviewed here), the Dawg produced a nice restricted lung hit, with rich, warm, flavorful results. It wasn’t a cloud machine at this level, but the vapor thickness surprised me, all the same.


However, this is where things hiccupped a bit. While making a slight airflow adjustment, I noticed my fingers came back covered in e-liquid. Closer investigation revealed that the entire bottom airflow was completely flooded, despite what I thought was a thorough, thought-out wicking job.


I took the Dawg RTA apart and noticed dry spots on the cotton immediately above the juice ports. Clearly, even my fluffed-out wick was too much blockage for the juice. This happens during a LOT of my RTA tests, so I wasn’t concerned. I tried again, choosing to shorten the length, leaving the ports pretty much wide open beneath the tails.


The results were better, but there was still some minuscule droplets on the airflow ring, even after giving it a quick rinse. So I dipped back into my experiences with a million other RTAs and decided it was time to FOLD those wick tails over the juice ports, rather than shoving them in.


Well, I guess in this case, the SIXTH time was the proverbial charm. In this setup, I managed hours of vaping before having to make any adjustments other than refills and was thrilled with the performance of this coil.


Still, the Dawg RTA was meant for bigger things, so I switched to another classic – the included Clapton coils, which read on the Drag at 0.19 ohms (different than the advertised 0.3, so be sure to check before installing them). I rewicked again using my folding approach and topped off the tank. No droplets, no leaks, no burns. Just flavor and vapor, as it was intended.


I took the same mod to 100+ watts and watched as the Dawg absolutely sang while I fogged my office in thick plumes of white. I might not be the “cloud guy” on this review team, but I certainly don’t shy away from a device doing what it’s intended to. And don’t think this came at the expense of flavor, either – the Dawg proved itself to be a versatile, flavor-focused RTA that has a lot to offer different types of vapers.

Bottom Line

Despite the occasional leaking and backflow issues, the asMODus Dawg is a top-flight RTA that delivers flavorful vapor to a wide range of audiences. In restricted lung scenarios, the Dawg was more than capable of providing a solid experience – maybe too airy for the MTL enthusiasts, but certainly enough to satisfy those who like to mix things up.


When used as a cloud machine, the Dawg delivers in spades, without ever sacrificing flavor alongside the cloud production. It’s not perfect, but when built correctly the Dawg is a tremendous effort by asMODus that can serve a lot of vapers well. It may not be as “plug and plume” as sub-ohm tank coils, but there’s something that’s still rewarding about building a coil that lasts beyond any prepackaged offering, and that gives you flavor this outstanding.


Score: A-