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Rob Freeman of Apollo eCigs – The Interview

Question And Answer Session – March 2012

Spinfuel: Why did you choose to market an e-Cigarette?

Apollo: We truly believe e-Cigarette is a revolutionary product that can change millions of people’s life positively. It is a better way for smokers to still enjoy what they have been doing but without the ill effects that comes from smoking a real cig.

Spinfuel: Who is your target demographic?

Apollo: We only offer our products to smoker customers above legal smoking age. Most of our customers are in their 30’s~60’s. We have different product lines for different smokers: The Apollo Standard Starter kit is for those new customers who smoke less than a pack a day; the Apollo Extreme Kit is for those customers who smoke more than a pack a day; the Apollo TGo, ELips, and VTube kits are for those heavy smokers and those experienced vapor-ers who want to move up to the next level in vaping gear and experience.

Spinfuel: Why would our readers choose your brand?

Apollo: Ordering from Apollo you well receive the best customer service in the industry. We offer a 30-day money back guarantee and a One-year warranty. We stand behind what we offer. We do not inflate the prices like some vendors do just to make profits. We select the best quality material we can source to produce our e-Cigarettes and sell to our customers at fair price. Before we launched our Apollo products we spent 4 years in our factory in R & D to offer our customer the highest quality e-cigarettes on the market.

Spinfuel: What sets your brand apart from the pack?

Apollo: We care about our customers from the bottom of our hearts, take the time to listen to our customers and always do our best to help them to find the right e-cigarette and meet their needs. Apollo owners also own state-of-the-art manufacturing and quality control facilities that implement strict quality inspection procedures. This allows Apollo to maintain total control on our product design, production and quality control processes.

We sell 100% USA-made eliquids, along with some high quality eliquids sourced from famous Chinese eLiquid Manufacturers.

Spinfuel: Where do you think the e-Cigarette market is headed?

Apollo: More and more smokers see the benefits of using e-Cigarettes and are switching. That is why we are getting more and more customers day by day, and most of the customers are referred by their friends who experienced the ‘magic’ of e-Cigarettes. We see the market for E-cigarettes taking off in the right direction. We feel that the world is starting to see E -cigarettes as a way to walk away from ill effects of smoking and 2nd hand smoke and enjoy a new lifestyle.

Spinfuel: Who should consider an e-Cigarette?

Apollo: It is for smoker customers who want the nicotine fix and the behavior ritual but want to avoid the thousands of harmful chemicals from smoking real cigarettes. Those who have tried to quit with the patch or the gum or cold turkey but are still smoking should try Apollo e-Cigarettes.

Spinfuel: Do you think e-Cigarettes are an effective “smoking cessation” product? Would you like to market your product as such?

Apollo: We would say yes and no. Based on all the feedback from our customers, Apollo e-Cigarettes have been very effective in helping them to quit real cigs. Many are able to stop smoking real cigs within a few weeks. However, we do not have all the scientific research data to prove that our e-Cigarette is a ‘smoking cessation’ device.

We do not want to market our product as a smoking cessation device right now. However, we are willing to contribute and cooperate with authorities or scientific institutes to conduct more research.

Spinfuel: Any forthcoming products you can talk about now?

Apollo: We already have 4 product lines that almost any kind of smokers can find a suitable e-Cigarette from Apollo. Our R & D department is always working hard to improve our Apollo Products, and innovate to introduce new products so we can continue to offer our customers the latest e-cigarettes they can have.

Spinfuel: With a depressed economy since 2007, do you find people are switching to e-Cigarettes to save money?

Apollo: Certainly that is one of the trends we saw. We even have a savings calculator on our web site to help customers estimate how much money they may save by switching to Apollo e-Cigarettes. Customers not only save money because e-Cigarettes are cheaper than the real cigs in the long run, but also save healthcare money when they get better in their health as many of our customers have reported they get their tastes buds back and they do not cough any more in the morning, etc.

Spinfuel: New scientific evidence about nicotine is beginning to show positive sides of the addictive drug. Mainly, how it might benefit the brains of elderly people or those afflicted by Alzheimer’s. Are you aware of such studies and if so, could such evidence lead to more and more people looking for a nicotine delivery system such as e-Cigarettes as a health benefit?

Apollo: Yes, we are aware of this nicotine benefit to elderly people or those afflicted by Alzheimer’s. We would not think this is a bad thing if there is more scientific research and evidence about this positive benefits, and better government control on nicotine dosages.

Spinfuel: Some studies show that nicotine actually boosts the growth of NEW blood vessels, potentially leading to treatments for diabetes.

Apollo: We also heard about this. We hope more research will be done on this and Apollo will be happy to support such research.

Spinfuel: Finally, there have been studies that show that the clinically depressed can be treated with nicotine patches and find relief from depression. Since the e-Cigarette delivers nicotine to the blood system even faster than nicotine patches, could the e-Cigarette some day be used to treat depression, or at least be used in conjunction with other medications?

Apollo: We also heard about this. We hope more research will be done on this because more and more people are depressed because of the pressure of living in this fast-paced modern world. Apollo will be happy to support such research.