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An Unexpected Evening with Four Killer E-Liquids  – Here’s an obvious statement – getting vape mail is fun, even for vape reviewers like me. But today’s shipment was a little extra special, because my fearless editor-in-chief Dave never told me what was in this box. And that made the treat a little sweeter once I was done trying everything out.

After getting through Dave’s usual handwritten letters about why I need to listen to nothing but Emerson, Lake and Palmer, I worked my way through the package with my jaw on the floor. Not only was the vape gear amazing as usual, but this time I got the chance to do a little e-liquid sampling along the way. It’s not often that new juices come my way, so I felt the time was right to share the experience with you all.

Let’s take a closer look, starting with one I’m actually pretty familiar with…

An Unexpected Evening with Four Killer E-Liquids

Bad Drip Labs - Cereal Trip

An Unexpected Evening with Four Killer E-LiquidsRemember when every vape liquid company had its own rendition of a Fruit Loops or Fruity Pebbles flavor? And all of them were “the best“most authentic” version, guaranteed to “bring you back to Saturday mornings in front of the TV.”


Well, those companies never tried this unexpected monster of an e-liquid. Described by the company (and now by me) as being “Conceived from the tear drops of crying clowns, is your Daddy’s favorite fruity cereal, slathered on top of a gooey frosted donut, drowning in a sugar-rich milk bath” this is no casual walk down memory lane.


Instead, Bad Drip Labs decided to take everything you love about cereal vapes (right down to the potent aroma you get from opening the box) and blend them with some of the richest bakery-type flavors imaginable. As a vaper, I was interested in giving this a try. As a diabetic, I was downright THRILLED to reacquaint myself with flavors I had to give up a long time ago.


I decided a straight-up, no-nonsense sub-ohm tank was the preferred way to enjoy this juice, opting for the new SnowWolf Wolf Tank Mini this time around. And if this quick test was any indication, Sigelei and SnowWolf might have made one of the bigger comeback stories in recent memory.


While we didn’t dislike the original run of Wolf Mini tanks, we felt like there wasn’t much that was memorable about them, either. I doubt the company was heeding MY words, but all the same, the new run makes a much bigger impact from the very first draw. Even after a minimal break-in period, I was able to immediately discern the rich cereal and milk flavors from the gooey donut, creating an absolute sugar-shock rush of enjoyment.


According to the packaging, these are the same coils as my first go-round with the Snow Wolf Mini Tank, so maybe this is just a matter of using the right e-liquid with the right tank, because the experience was so ridiculously flavorful, it’s making me reconsider cereal vapes, and what equipment I use for them.

Cookie Twist E-Liquid – Banana Oatmeal Cookie

Banana Oatmeal Cookie by Cookie TwistI have a confession to make – I usually despise banana flavoring. Not just in e-liquid, but EVERYTHING. Candy. Gum. Pudding. Cake. You name it, I loathe it. Because none of it ever really tastes like actual banana. (And if you’re going to argue for those hard yellow Runts candies, please see your way out of this article.)


Well, my editor Dave must have sensed something, because he sent Cookie Twist’s Banana Oatmeal Cookie e-liquid, even though he knows about my flavor quirks. Unlike most every other banana-flavored juice I’ve tried, Cookie Twist managed to nail the profile, pushing the warm cookie elements to the forefront, with a subtle, authentic banana flavor pulling up the rear… just like an actual banana cookie would taste.


Since Dave “sensed” I’d like this liquid, I decided to vape it in a Sense Super Mesh tank, complete with 5.5mL capacity, Screen coils, and what looks to be the most eco-friendly tank packaging in vape history. But don’t be fooled by the low-rent, checkout counter packaging, because the Super Mesh Tank is a bona fide contender right out of the gate, delivering punchy, no-nonsense flavor and more vapor than I’m used to from the company.


But it’s still a Sense tank, which means flavor is first and foremost on the Mesh Tank’s priorities.  And that’s why it was a perfect companion for the nuanced layers of the Banana Oatmeal Cookie. Turning things up a bit, even the oatmeal aroma – a very hard profile to capture in e-liquid – comes through as a nutty, warm flavor base that absolutely shines at higher wattages. I cranked the 0.3-ohm Screen S2 to its stated limit, and reveled in just how much this reminded me of true baked goods.


I may never try other banana flavors again, but that doesn’t change how impressed I am by the layers of Cookie Twist’s newest liquid.

Kilo Premium E-Liquids – Candy Series Pineapple Crush

An Unexpected Evening with Four Killer E-LiquidsPineapple flavors are tough to capture in e-liquid, but when they’re blended correctly, the tart, tangy citrus notes can really bring something unique to the table. But that’s the difficult part – pineapple done wrong can end up bitter and sour. But I was confident that Kilo – who are the masters of all things creamy and dairy-like – could shift gears and capture those essences without sacrificing a flavorful vape.


After all, authenticity means nothing if it doesn’t vape well. Thankfully, my confidence was rewarded. In Pineapple Crush, Kilo blends the bright pineapple notes with a thick layer of sugary, candy-like sweetness, automatically smoothing the citrus edge on the inhale. But to make sure it doesn’t come out sticky on the back end, there are some subtle citrus notes that come in later (most notably, lime).


Knowing all these things about pineapple e-liquids, I only felt it was right to vape it in a squonk mod, to really drive home all the different layers of the flavor profile. But this wasn’t just any old squonk/RDA combo. Instead, I decided to really push the all-new Desire Design Squonky Tank – a bottom-feed sub-ohm tank, complete with prebuilt, squonk-ready mesh coil in place.


I won’t lie, I wasn’t sure what to think about this concept, or if it was even a good idea. Then I learned to love the top-flight machining, and then ran three tanks’ worth of Pineapple Crush through it in record time. Yeah, this might be the first squonk tank we’ve seen, but I doubt it will be the last.

Kilo Premium E-Liquids – Moo Series Coffee Milk

Kilo Premium E-Liquids – Moo Series Coffee MilkOkay, I’ll admit it – Kilo’s Moo Series packaging is pretty funny. The distinguished font and premium feel are countered by a cowhide pattern, and – oh yeah – the name “Moo Series.” But silly or not, there’s nothing funny about how good their stuff really is.


Now, full disclosure, I live in Rhode Island, the unofficial home of coffee milk. So, I consider myself somewhat of a connoisseur, able to distinguish good from bad, cheap from top-tier, decaf from regular. Apparently, the people at Kilo are cut from the same cloth, because Moo Series Coffee Milk perfectly captures the unmistakable aroma and flavor as the real thing.


Using the all-new Geek Vape Zeus RTA, I created a flavor focused dual-clapton coil build, coming in around 0.3 ohms.  I chose this atomizer because the shorter, squattier dimensions of the Zeus X were likely to help concentrate flavor within the short chimney. Less chimney means you’re closer to the coil, and more likely to reap the rewards of instant flavor.


Turns out, I was 100% right. Not only is the Zeus X a significant improvement over the already awesome original, but it’s also a tank that can deliver the clouds you enjoy with the flavor of a much smaller, more MTL-focused RTA. It’s stupidly easy to build on, and within seconds you’ll be reminded why prebuilt sub-ohm coils aren’t always the best way to do things.


Why? Because after just a few short minutes getting my Zeus X wicked, I was tasting the ridiculously deep and layered flavors of the coffee milk, right down to the rich dairy notes, subtle hint of vanilla, and even the slight bitterness of the coffee. It would have been really easy for Kilo to simply add some base coffee to some cream notes and call it a day. But they didn’t take the easy way out, and instead produced some seriously deep flavor that tastes just as good on the exhale as it does going in.


Is it as good as actual coffee milk? Well, as a Rhody resident, I’ll plead the fifth. But let’s just say the Californians at Kilo Premium E-Liquids have a pretty impressive grasp of this New England staple. And we’re sure you’ll agree…

Not a bad day at the office – a new box of products, and a rare inclusion of some killer e-liquids from MyVaporStore to help christen the new additions to my review queue. Hopefully, this won’t be the last time, though, because even seven years into my vape writing journey, I’m still amazed how familiar products and designs can feel “all new” when paired with the right liquids.

It goes without saying, but all the products mentioned above come highly recommended. Let us know on social media if you had the same experiences with these exciting flavors.

Julia Barnes