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American Smoke Rebuffs Julia’s Scam Alert

Spinfuel received this comment from Bill F at 7:23PM on December 5th, 2013. We present it here, in it’s entirety. We would love to read YOUR comments below. – Tom McBride – Managing Editor

Without ever purchasing or trying our product, I think it is a HUGE assumption that we have bad tasting product or we are supposedly some type of ‘scam’ as you put it in your statements. I see where you try and protect yourself legally and say that’s your ‘opinion’ but how can an opinion be something that is a direct conflict of an easily proven fact? The fact is that we have only AMERICAN MADE juice in an FDA certified lab. I will be glad to send you the lad reports. If you would promote yourself as an affiliate for the brands that you so obviously are getting paid to promote, I would call into question your motives. But it is clear that your motives are the exact same motives that you tell your customers that you hate. Greed.

Element Vape

As far as returns: If someone is genuinely unhappy with our product we give returns even after the 14 days. I have given many and I am willing to prove it to you even though I have no obligation to do so.

Let me state for the record (which I am positive this post will never make it to your board because your advertisers will surely complain) American Smoke has no affiliation with the companies that you speak of in your post. ( Lift Vapor, XO or any other)

You say we are less expensive? Correct. We are significantly less expensive that a majority of the competition. We are less expensive because we are actually trying to get people away from traditional cigarettes. That’s the underlying reason for electronic cigarettes in the first place. Yes. We do need to make a little money to keep the fight going. Big tobacco companies have way more money that you and I together and they are so happy to see people like you who bash genuine companies like ours, so the consumers turn away from vapor and electronic cigarettes altogether.

You state: “You can either fill out the “Tell Us Where To Send Your Exclusive Starter Kit” to find out what you’ll really pay, or you click that tiny grey colored link at the bottom of the page that says “*terms apply”…Or, you can click the “Terms of Use” link as well.” That’s not exactly hiding the terms if that’s what you’re suggesting we do. There are multiple spots to see the terms. If we put up a page that was just a giant TERMS page, nobody would ever try the product. At what point do you need to say “I have to attempt to sell this, a little.”

We don’t run our operation from a garage, either. We have 4 warehouse locations thought the country but we are based in Florida.

You also say the offer is “NOT RISK FREE.” I have to object to that statement as well. If you read the terms, all we want is enough time to be able to cancel the charge to the customers card. Our system automatically charges the customer, 14 days after the shipment is received (According to the tracking number) and the cost to ship the package back to us via first class postage, with delivery confirmation is $2.62, not $18 as you suggest. So yes, the customer is responsible for the $4.95 and $2.60 which is more like $7.55 total. I could also let you speak to thousands of people who have gotten the kit 100% free. All they had to pay for was the $14.95 for cartridges and we would give them the kit for free. As a matter of fact, if any of your readers want the starter kit, 100% free with no obligation at all except buying the replacement filters, they can use the coupon code: Julia1205 on our ecommerce website I’ll even give you 10% commission for life on all future cartridge purchases from that customer. (email me for details. I’m sure you wont)

I could go on about the dis-information you are giving your readers but I think I’ve had enough of this. It’s a shame that you waste your writing talent on this negative website. I understand the need to call-out the scams and I agree with you. But selling yourself as an authority who has vetted all the websites who you speak of on here, is a lie. Just as much of a lie as you claim to “hate.” The screen clips that you show above belong to promoters and affiliates. I am investigating the one with the girl and the other claims of FREE STARTER KIT as well. We do not promote a FREE STARTER KIT only a FREE TRIAL.

Over 800 brands at great prices, Breazy!

In closing; I wish you the best but if you want your readers to believe you, stop making stuff up about others. Yes there are a lot of scams out there. We aren’t one of them. You will most-likely not let this post fly on your site. But in-case you do, just let it be known that a lot of your info about us is wrong. about 90% of it. Have a great holiday. By chance, do you have your attorneys address for me? I have a nice little letter for him.


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15 thoughts on “American Smoke Rebuffs Julia’s Scam Alert”

  1. In all honesty… that wasn’t a good way to advertise a product. Looks like a scam, sounds like a scam, and it could be either a scam or a grievously misplanned marketing plan.
    Let’s assume it’s a totally legit, well-intended offer. The way it’s presented and planned would make me, personally, think of it as SPAM/scam, and furthermore recommend all my friends to avoid the product like the plague in the future.

    Bill, if you’re reading this, please, for the love of God, rethink your strategy.

    1. We are not a scam and as a matter of fact, very far from a scam. The reply was to try and mitigate the damages to our company from an obvious attack by this website. “Julia” never purchased anything from our company and never even engaged with us or even so much as asked us a question in regards to the more than 20 flat-out lies she felt compelled to post about our company. She makes statements that are completely false about affiliations with other websites. Says our liquids are made in China (Which they aren’t) and makes a multitude of libelous, false statements about us. The simple fact is she went FAR BEYOND HER “OPINION.” She obviously runs a competing website and fees the best way to promote her product is to try and trash other companies.

      1. I think you ought to turn your attention to “Regal Ecigs”. They carry the same claim you do and it certainly looks like they’re using the services of your model too! Funny how I found both in my spam folder. IN MY OPINION I believe you’re a little late to the game with your strategy… but then again; there are still people answering emails for overseas banking transfers. Looks like you might find your target audience there.

      2. Bill… You would come across as more believable/legitimate if you did not do the very thing you claim Julia has done.

        You say she “makes a multitude of libelous, false statements about us”, but then proceed to do the very same thing with your false comments (lies) about her running a competing website or Spinfuel being beholden to/swayed by their advertisers.

        1. Daniel,
          I never said she is running a competing website. I said it looks obvious from the way she trashed our company while she never once tested, handled, purchased anything from us ever. How can she claim our juice is from China and tastes bad if shes never tasted it or even did business with our company? The fact that she trashed-talked a product that she has never once tested or handled, either herself or anyone who she knows, it’s amazing that none of her own supporters haven’t called her out on it.

          With all due respect, she has every right to her opinion. But honestly, that wasn’t an opinion. It was an unprovoked attack for no obvious reason. What does that tell you? What are her motives? To protect who from what? Our free-trial helps thousands of people get away from traditional cigarettes.

          [She says we scam people] We don’t scam people. What ‘scam?’ Who was scammed? PLUS we give 100% refunds if your not happy! How is that a scam?
          [She says our juice is from China] Our juice is made in America.
          [She says we aren’t reliable] We are extremely reliable.

          She makes a lot of claims about a company that she has never actually engaged in one transaction with! That’s my point.

          1. Bill, let’s review one thing here, you and I:

            Quote: “She obviously runs a competing website and fees the best way to promote her product is to try and trash other companies.“

            Quote: “I never said she is running a competing website. „

            You seeing a disconnect there? Because I am. And so are other readers. I can’t help thinking that it doesn’t do you much good to complain about someone damaging your reputation if you then proceed to do it some pretty heavy damage yourself.

      3. Bill,

        Let’s leave aside what julia said. I didn’t even read that article before reading this one.
        I have only commented YOUR offer and YOUR marketing strategy. It’s bad. It’s the DEFINITION of bad.
        My advice: rethink your strategy or you’ll end up being flagged as a scam by lots and lots of people, with or without articles or reviews, and you can’t sue the whole world.

        On a personal note, if I want a free trial, I just go to any of the numerous brick-and-mortar stores that exist nearby and I could try out pretty much anything that’s being sold on the market, free of charge. Hell, I could sit there and vape all day long, for free, and by that I really mean for free in its naked sense. as a bonus, I would receive advice from professionals for free as well. The nearest store? 40 yards from my home, literally.
        I dare you beat that…

  2. Maybe the word “scam” is what he is objecting to… so, let’s just say they’re a major “ripoff”! Go to any “reputable” site and you’ll pay a fraction of what these guys charge for cartos. Btw, he never did say if it was a 2 piece or GIANT ripoff 3 piece setup, as their site is conflicted on that fact. NO ONE thinking of switching to ecigs should get involved in one of these “auto ship” programs, it almost ruined my husband and my chance at becoming smoke free. Thank god we gave it a second chance w/ V4L. (Although we’ve since moved on to WAY better juice from some of your “affiliated” sites, like PinkSpot) Affiliated…gimme a break, ask any one of a million of their customers, your reviews are spot on and not biased because they advertise with you. Why can’t these auto ship sites offer their products on an as needed basis (when you want some then order some) I’ll tell you why… they wouldn’t make any money!

    1. As we’ve said a hundred times before, we are not affiliates for ANY company. We wouldn’t do that. I won’t speak for Julia, I’m sure she will have a follow up soon, but there are so many admissions of guilt in his “post” it’s almost embarrassing. Especially the admission that if the a Terms and Conditions were plainly in view no one would order them. What does that tell you? There’s no need for us to speak further on this, I just wanted to make it clear that Spinfuel has no affiliate ties with any company. Thanks for your comment terry, I’m glad you found V4L, love their Vapor Zeus! 🙂 – Tom

    2. Teri,
      We do offer our product on an “as needed” basis. We have customers who only want to be shipped when they need it and some that call and ask for more product to be shipped. When you become a customer of American Smoke, you are assigned a rep who helps you with anything you need. You get discounts for being on Home Delivery, a lifetime warranty on all products and free promotions each month. We have “Quit Coaches” on staff to keep customers motivated to stay away from traditional cigarettes. We also sell starter kits as low as $10.99 and cartridges as low as $11.99 per pack of 5. All you need is a sale coupon or a special promotion. That doesn’t sound like a rip-off, Terri.

      To clarify the part about the terms: I didn’t say “If we showed the terms someone wouldn’t buy.” I said if the whole page was nothing but Terms, it wouldn’t be a user friendly page and people wouldn’t buy. At some point you need to pitch your product.

  3. Our nation and economy are based on “caveat emptor”, which means “buyer beware”. Is a Chanel handbag worth more than $2000? Depends on who you are asking, I suppose… Do “used” items listed on eBay sell for more than the exact same “brand-new” item offered at Macy’s? You bet, it happens all the time…

    A company offering an “auto-ship” program isn’t necessarily a “rip-off”…if that were so, Tassimo (a coffee pod retailer), NuVet (offers canine vitamins) and several “mineral” make-up sellers, beauty creams and diet pill retailers would be forced out of business! Your local brick and mortar ecig store charges a SIGNIFICANTLY higher price for cartridges, batteries and juices…and often the college kid behind the counter doesn’t know WHERE the juice he sells was manufactured…and at MY local B&M, the kid isn’t even a VAPER!!! Yet, no one stands out in front of the building shouting that the shop is a rip-off!!

    As consumers, we need to educate ourselves before committing our funds to new purchases…and as vapers, we have an obligation to educate our friends, family and co-workers when a switch from analog cigarettes to ecigs are contemplated. Unfortunately, human nature is such that it is easier to criticize and tear down than it is to find the good and build up…

    We ALL started our vaping Journey without the information we needed to make “the best choice possible”…and almost ALL of us picked something that was over-priced or didn’t perform as we thought it should…but we didn’t give up! Life is a series of learning experiences, but I think it is wiser to devote time, effort and money promoting ecig products that perform.

    IF, in fact, ASmoke is a rip-off…you have done nothing to “hinder” his business…just the opposite…you gave him FREE ADVERTISING to a select group of vapers…and…YOU look like the “bully” is on the “playground”!

  4. While the adverts may well prey upon an ignorance, that does not excuse a new vaper from an internet walkabout. Even a cursory search of electronic cigarettes will yield product help ad infinitum. But indeed, a smug rebuke. Perhaps the numerous hyperlinks make these offers appear meaningful. Yet the government has nurtured the problem too. For in a policy of obfuscation, the new tobacco legislation is to include e-cigarettes. And as reported, regardless of any nicotine level.

  5. > We also sell starter kits as low as $10.99 and cartridges as low as $11.99 per pack of 5. All you need is a sale coupon or a special promotion. That doesn’t sound like a rip-off, Terri.

    No, those are not necessarily rip-offs, but those are not the subject under discussion. What IS being discussed is your rip-off offer that is also on your site – and is easily clear what it will cost the buyer if they agree to it.

    > PLUS we give 100% refunds if your not happy!

    That is not true. For it to be a 100% refund, you would have to refund the $7.55 that you claim the buyer loses if they decide to return the material within 14 days of receipt.

    To me, it is not a free trial if I am required to purchase some other item to get that free trial. In a real free trial, the kit would include some cartridges that the person could use to try the system. There would not be any charge for using those cartridges. If other cartridges were included, then they would be returnable for a full refund – including shipping.

  6. A free trial is just that, a FREE trial. I should not have to pay 1 red cent to be part of a FREE trial! Also, if the terms are plain to see without searching and if I read the terms and would not want to try it because of them…. Scam! Great reporting Julia! I’ll keep reading your articles with no question of your loyalty to the truth and quality Vaping!

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