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The Coil-less Tank, the Altus T1 is a leap in vape technology that can no longer be ignored! Here’s what Mike Manzione,  had to say about this pushing-the-envelope Atomizer:

Comparing the new, redesigned Guo Altus T1 to the previous Altus V1 is like comparing the old iPhone 5 with the newer iPhone 6. The internals get an upgrade, systems get more efficient and the chassis gets slightly modified for a more enjoyable user experience. The CVU, or Central Vaping Unit technology was established in the first version of the Altus but criticisms and constructive feedback put the Owner and Head Engineer David Guo in motion to come up with a new, easier to use Coil-Less Atomizer; and the Guo Altus T1 ($79.77 Origin Vape) was born.

With most RDA, RTA and Sub-Ohm Tanks, finding a competing Atomizer to compare pros and cons with is a dime a dozen. With the Guo Altus T1, the only competition is the previous version of the Altus, which makes defining a great vape with this new type of technology difficult. Simply referring to usability and overall improvements, the Guo Altus T1 is ten times better this time around!

Now You Can Win an Altus T1!

Changing the Giveaway Procedure

To Enter The Giveaway: Leave a comment under the Altus T1 Review and tell us what you think of the new technology, and the new T1 model. That’s all there is to it. Single line comments that tell us nothing about your take on the technology will not be counted as an entry. We’re looking for feedback, honest feedback, on the Altus T1, the technology behind it, or where you think this technology can go, or should go.

Only ONE comment per person, so make it count. You must live in the USA, be of legal age and prepared to prove it if you win. All comments are moderated, any comment that does not contribute to the conversation will not be approved.

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