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Since this is my first e-juice review for Spinfuel eMagazine, I’d first like to go over the way that I’ll be evaluating e-juices in this and, hopefully, upcoming reviews that you’re going to see from me in these pages.

We all know taste is a subjective beast. The flavors I love so much, you just might hate. So what you’re going to see from me is a lot of “How well does the described flavor of this e-juice come through” and just a little of “I like/don’t like/can’t stand this flavor.” I like to go into things with an open mind and be honest, even if it’s a flavor that my palette doesn’t generally care for.

However, if someone don’t care for a flavor, most folks can still give an honest opinion of how well flavor comes through in juice. For instance, a lot of folks don’t like Anise flavoring but they damn sure know what it tastes like and can identify how authentic it is if they try an e-juice with that flavoring in it. So when you read my reviews, expect to see an honest assessment of how accurate the flavor descriptions of the e-juices you’re reading about are.

When I try an e-juice for the first time I tend to stick to the old ‘vapor, flavor and throat hit’ mantra. How much vapor does it produce? How does the vapor production compare to other e-juices of the same pg/vg blend? Do you get small whisps of vapor or is it a storm cloud making fog machine (that gets you yelled at for making the living room look like the set of the move “The Mist.”) Is the flavor true to the description? If it’s multiple flavors, how well do the flavors blend and meld together? And finally throat hit, is it packing a punch or just a light tap?

I received the e-juices for this review from a new company called Easy Vape Club, based out of California. Easy Vape Club is a subscription service for e-juice. But it is different from some of the others as you get to pick, somewhat, the flavors you receive each month. Currently they are only supporting two vendors, but as you read in the interview, they hope to be adding more soon.

The e-juices I received were all from the Alpha Vape line of e-juices, with a very confusing background. The website, appears to have been created by a Chinese distributor.

UPDATE: By Dave Foster – March 4th 2014
Others claim that Alpha Vape is the brainchild of a founding member of Fading Vapes. In our own research we cannot verify any of the information given to us over the past 24 hours, so we will continue to look into this and report back on what we find. The nature of the Internet being what it is, we can only go by what we can investigate on our own.

Why is this important? – During the past 26 months, since the launch of Spinfuel, we have been down the rabbit hole and back many times with respect to information for e cigarette manufacturers, owners of brands, shell companies,venture capital firms, and real estate holding companies… and much more. We cannot, and will not, take the word of an email when it comes to information we want to get out to our readers. It is genuinely puzzling to see, to see the same bottles, labels, flavor names and descriptions, and not believe what was right there. Why doesn’t Alpha Vape list a US contact name, address, email, or anything else on their Facebook page, or on Why do some refer to the company as alpha vapes, and alpha vape? Lastly, why would it be this difficult to learn the background information of this brand? I can assure you, if and when we can nail it down beyond what we’ve already discovered we will include it here, and broadcast our new findings on all our social media outlets. We are not trying to hurt the brand, or Easy Vape Club, we’re merely trying to give you, our readers, the best information we can. What we put into our lungs is of vital importance. To know the background of the liquids we are vaporizing is not too much to ask. – Dave Foster.

They come in glass bottles, with a bulb style glass dropper in each bottle. The labels are easy on the eyes with the name of each juice and nic level marked on the side. Missing from these bottles is a born on date, which is something I would really like to the vendor add to the labeling. One of the things you’re going to notice about the Alpha Vape line is that the names of each e-juice has nothing to do with the flavor.  I know some folks don’t necessarily care for this new way of naming e-juices, but in a market that’s flooded with choices you need something that can set your product apart. They definitely achieved that with the names of each of these e-juices.

I tested all these e juices in several different set-ups to get an idea of how the flavor reacts to different devices. Set-ups used were- ProVari Mini with a Russian 91% RBA, Private V2 mech mod with a Trident RDA set up with a 0.2 ohm dual coil and cotton wick, Halo Triton Tank system and an  Innokin MVP2 with an iClear 30.

Heist-  “A delicious candy apple concoction! The flavors are bright, sweet, and candy tasting. The fruity blend is intoxicating and many find this juice as an all day vape! It is a unique due to the mixture of the strawberry and mango with the slight hint of sweet pineapple. If you are looking for a fully loaded, and flavorful juice, this juice is definitely for you!

When I first read the description of this juice I thought to myself, “Self, this isn’t gonna be good.” But after spending a day vaping it, it is good, very good in fact. Candy apple is an apt description because that’s exactly what you get on the inhale. Remember going to carnivals when you were a kid and getting one of those big red candy apples, that’s what this tastes like. The other flavors don’t even come into play until you start to exhale the vapor. That’s when the strawberry and mango start to intermingle with the apple flavor and just a tad bit on pineapple on the very end. to tie it all together. Throat hit is moderate to light and it’s vapor production is very good. It’s a bit too sweet to be an all day vape for me, but I can definitely see this being an after dinner vape.

4.5 stars

Hoops- “A creamy cantaloupe mix that is so good it forever leaves you wanting more! A The cream and cantaloupe has a great ratio. There isn’t too much sweetness from either the cantaloupe or the cream, which is very nice! If you’re looking for a sweet all day vape, then this juice is for you!”

Yet another flavor that I thought just wasn’t going to work. Cantaloupe and cream? Those two thing don’t go together do they? At least they don’t where I come from. I ate a lot of cantaloupe and watermelon as a kid and to this day they remain some of my favorite summer time snacks. Sadly, I’ve yet to find a watermelon vape that just does it for me, so needless to say I was very skeptical going into this one from the get go. Then the thought of adding cream in just turned me off. Well guess what folks, it works. The cantaloupe flavor is spot on and you get the taste of biting into a fresh, ripe cantaloupe on the inhale and the flavor rides through the majority of the exhale. It’s towards the end of the exhale that the cream starts to come in and it just balances out beautifully. The heavy sweetness of the cream seems to elevate the light sweetness of the cantaloupe. The juice, to me is amazing. Throat hit is very light but vapor production is outstanding with this one.  I don’t throw around the words “all day vape” lightly, but this one could easily become and all day vape of mine. Only time will tell.

5 stars

Manchu-“ If you’re looking for a retreat to a tropical paradise, then this juice is definitely for you! The mixture of the juicy, sweet guava sweetly infuses with an amazing mango flavor that invigorates the senses. These flavors are true to the fruit, so it truly tastes like you are at a Caribbean beach enjoying a mango/guava smoothy.”

Tropical is the word of the day with this juice and it really delivers. We’ve been having a nasty spat of winter weather in my neck of the woods the last few weeks, but vaping this juice and closing my eyes- I can almost smell the salt of the ocean and feel the sunshine on my face. The mango and guava bounce off one another during inhale and exhale and the flavors play off each other well. Like the rest of the juices in this line, the flavors are true to form. The fruit taste is so authentic, it’s almost surprising. Also, I don’t see it in the description, but I taste a hint of crème on the back end of this juice, giving it that smoothie feel when it comes to taste. Throat hit is pretty light, but it is there- giving you a light tap at the back of your throat on inhale. Vapor production is good as well, it’s not a fog machine juice  but it produces a good enough plume.

4.0 Stars

The Dude- “It is slightly tangy with the delectable sweetness of a big, fat, succulent peach infused with the pure flavor of a bright, pineapple. We have heard from many people that this juice is definitely an all day vape that very rarely grows stale. The complex, yet light flavors keep you guessing and fully satisfied. Try The Dude today!”

Confession time before I even talk about this juice. I don’t like peach, at all. Don’t eat peaches, don’t like peach pie, can’t stand those peach rings gummy candies and I don’t like peach schnapps. Hell as a kid I used to get yelled at when my grandmother would make peach cobbler because I would eat around the peaches and only eat the breading. But in the name of delivering truth to you dedicated Spinfuel readers, I loaded up several devices with this juice and spent an entire day with it. Guess what folks it tastes like peaches! Big, ripe juicy peaches that, if I ate them would be a completely satisfying vape. All the big flavor I hate about peach is in this juice, but I’ll say this- If you like peaches you’re going to love this one. The pineapple is on the back end of the inhale and exhale both and it’s quite nice. It does quite a bit to balance the juice out, but the main flavor vehicle here is all peach. Throat his is almost non-existent with this one though, even on sub ohm builds. Vapor is production is good, but not outstanding.

4 Stars

Sweet Tooth- Creamy cookie and graham cracker for those with a sweet tooth! Vanillas with Cookies and Graham Cracker Alpha Vape Is One Of The Finest Vegetable Glycerin Based e-Juice Made In USA. It produces massive clouds of vapor. If you are a dripper or RBA lover, Alpha Vape is definitely the e Juice you are looking for.”

I’ll be right up front about this juice- I love it and it’s my favorite of the bunch. One of my all time favorite vapes is Boba’s Bounty from Alien Visions. It’s a tobacco flavor, with vanilla, graham cracker and some other secret ingredients. This is everything that’s amazing about Boba’s Bounty, without the tobacco. Not one individual flavor is prominent on the inhale or exhale. The vanilla, graham cracker and crème all commingle to form an outstanding desert vape. It’s unique and delicious and a perfect vape for after an excellent meal. It goes well with morning coffee as well if you’re the type of person that enjoys a pastry or scone with your coffee. Throat his is fairly stout considering it’s a desert vape and it’s a fog machine in the vapor productions department. I’m not normally a huge fan of sweet only vapes, but I could vape this one all day. It’s definitely made it into my permanent rotation of juices. As a matter of fact, I’ve already ordered more.

5 stars

My Miyagi- “Mr. Miyagi is a tropical fruit blend that will make your taste buds scream! Juicy, papaya, and sweet, yet tangy plum? Are you kidding me? Amazing! There are no other words that can explain this juice. You really need to try this stuff!”

I was excited when I read the description of this e-juice. I’m a fiend for fruit of all types and papaya is one of my favorites. So a e-juice that carries an authentic papaya flavor appealed to me, especially with the description adding in the tangy, tartness of plum so the flavors can play off one another. After spending the day with this juice I can tell you, the papaya flavor is spot on. It’s refreshing and cool on the inhale and it carries throughout the exhale of the vapor. Sadly, I don’t taste the plum in this e-juice at all. That doesn’t make this e-juice a loser, because the papaya flavor is spot on, but I expected the plum after reading the description and didn’t get it. I revisited this one a few days later to just make sure my taste buds weren’t off and got the same results. Throat hit was pretty strong with this one, giving you a good thump in the back of your throat.. Like Hoops, it also produces copious amounts of vapor. I just really would have liked to taste the plum, it would have taken this one over the top.

3.75 stars


I’ve truly been impressed with all of these e-juices from the Alpha Vape line, despite its rather confusing background. It’s hard to have that many fruit flavors and keep them all authentic and they have done an excellent job with that. If fruit flavors are your preferred vapes, then you honestly can’t go wrong with any juice in this in line. Easy Vape Club would also like to extend a discount to all of our Spinfuel Readers. Just head on over to and enter the code SPINFUELROCKS when you sign you up and receive 30% off your purchase. With the per ml price of the juice already being on the low side and you add the 30% off coupon to the mix, you really can’t lose!

~Cameron Skaggs