Alloy Blends Review by Vapinski

Founded by Justin Time, (Just-In-Time, how cool is that name!) well known in the vaping community for his mod refinishing business, Vape’n’Shine, Alloy Blends are hand-forged in the fiery depths of Virginia’s famous blacksmithing region.  Originally smithed because of Justin’s inability to find e-liquid that fit his pallette, as he was tired of the same old fake fruit mixes, the Alloy Blends Electrum line was made available to the public due to the positive response he received from those who tried his delicious wares. Available online exclusively at Giant Vapes, the Electrum line by Alloy Blends’ flavors are complex, multi-layered vapes of which your taste buds will never grow tired.


We have seen a couple really warm days in PA this week. Super weather for vaping a brand I’m sure many of you are familiar with-Alloy Blends, Electrum! I am glad that I finally got a chance to taste these wonderful blends from an owner out of Virginia who found it hard to find eliquids that suited his palate.ALLOY-GROUP

He got into mixing for the enjoyment, to create unique blends that didn’t exist prior and because it’s a great creative and artistic process! The bottle labels are detailed and appealing to the eye. They have all of the necessary components a label should have and more-including the flavor description.

The name and artwork are based on, and play off of, metallic ‘alloys’, which are a blend of several metals to create a new metal, reflected in our blending of several base flavors to create a new flavor.” This is great because the labels, name, and logo are also an expression of those concepts.”

Alloy Blends use the highest quality products on the market and mix in a clean room environment to ensure a safe, and top quality, eliquid.

Their main goal is to provide their customers with flavors and experiences that they enjoy thoroughly. Not only do they sell the juice commercially, it’s what their family’s vape daily. I have also seen these blends in a catchy flask at various times and in certain B&M shops. It’s a super cool look that also ties into their company name of ‘Alloy Blends’.

Now, let’s dive into four of the eight flavors. (The other four will be reviewed at another time.)


Fracture: Very creamy, true to life peanut butter flavor, expertly blended for extra smoothness and complexity.

Alloy Blends FractureFracture is a nice, smooth vape. On the inhale, I taste a mild peanut butter flavor that heightens a little at the tip of the exhale. The exhale is filled with a creamy peanut butter flavor that fades as the dense clouds flow out of my mouth. I like the flavor, but still think it is missing something-perhaps a little more POP of peanut butter or some cream to add a touch of sweetness. It does go really nice with a chocolate, peanut butter hot chocolate or a nice cup of coffee in the morning. There is a mild throat hit with Fracture, and it’s a pleasing enough flavor that I’ll keep on vaping it for sure!! So, if you are in the market for a peanut butter vape, check this one out!



Rich, bold and sophisticated, this is a very smooth and full bodied creamy vanilla cappuccino blend.”

Alloy Blends CrucibleCrucible is another smooth vape only this one includes that touch of cream and sweetness that I was looking for in Fracture!

On the inhale, a warm vanilla flavor hits me first and then the cream quickly swirls in to make the cappuccino blend come into play as I am exhaling. The vanilla is really silky and flavorful. This is a great flavor for those of you searching for a good vanilla blend in my opinion. I dripped this and ran it in a Kanger NanoTank. I enjoyed the flavor out of both of them…but as always I prefer to drip this one!


Etched: Mouthwatering, refreshing, yet creamy infused blend of lemon and orange. Walking a fine line between fruit and dessert.”

Alloy Blends EtechedI have to admit I am not a big fan of lemon or orange, but I have to commend Alloy Blends on creating a tasty blend with Etched! The addition of cream to these two flavors kicks them up a notch. It unites them and does make it more like a dessert than a fruit vape. On the inhale, I can taste both the orange and lemon-and they are both very tasty! They taste very natural and I like that!! The cream is blended in with them well so it reminds me almost of biting into an orange frosted lemon cupcake. The exhale is just as flavorful, smooth, and the vapor production is great! Etched also has a very mild throat hit at 3mg.


Light, fruity, and slightly sweet, Bluing is a blueberry marshmallow that will treat your taste buds to a whimsical, yet elegant e-liquid flavor experience.”

Alloy Blends BluingWith Bluing, I get a mellow blueberry flavor on the inhale. There is a touch of marshmallow as well and the blend is sweet, but not too sweet. The blend is a great marriage and works well together. The flavors continue to swirl part way through the exhale and the dense clouds. If you are a blueberry fan, a dessert fans, or favor sweet vapes, try this one out!! There is a very mild throat hit with Bluing as well.

Alloy Blends Electrum is available in 0mg, 3mg, 3mg(High VG), 6mg, 12mg, or 18mg nicotine. The pg/vg ratio of the standard line is 60vg/40pg and is available in a Density version of 75vg/25pg as well. They come in 30ml glass bottles with childproof droppers and retail at $22.00 or there is also a120ml size for $75.00.

You can get them both online at As always, please support your local B&M stores when you can because Alloy Blends may be available at many near you! Make sure you follow them on Facebook at Alloy Blends, LLC and Instagram @alloyblends.

My ratings are as follows:

  •  Fracture: 4.5/5 stars
  • Crucible: 4.75/5 stars
  • Etched: 5/5 stars
  • Bluing: 4.25/5 stars

Vapinski – April 2015