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Vaping With Vapinski

Alloy Blends Benchmark

The Breakfast Club – A Vapinski eLiquid Review Spinfuel eMagazineAlloy Blends has graced the pages of Spinfuel before. In fact, it was Vapinski who has written reviews twice before, here and here. Take a few minutes to read these reviews if you want a little context for this third outing, the Benchmark Line.

Could the sun be here to stay this time?!? It’s always a sunny day inside the life of a passionate vape connoisseur discovering new eliquids for the first time. I do not just do this for myself. I started out reviewing flavors that I felt matched the description they portrayed online…because I was really tired of receiving ones that did not taste anything like I was expecting.

Online or Local?

There were no vape shops close to me when I began vaping 2 years ago, so I did a lot of online ordering in the beginning. This is why I am even MORE passionate about the B & M that I operate. I have gone through it all from the beginning with no experience or help. I figured maybe if I could help give my opinion on what flavors were good out there, even though not everyone may agree, it would help a ton of people out there. I had a Culinary background and had fed people delicious food at one point in my life for years. I was missing a spark in my life at the time anyway because I had taken a desk job for stability. I decided to use this talent in my blogging as well, along with my passion for photography.

When Spinfuel recognized my talent, it was a dream come true. Vapinski was born. I always considered my Alloy Blends Benchmark Line – Vapinski for Spinfuel eMagazineblogging a career, the reviews, and especially the promotions for the vendors that I worked with. I made connections that still are helping me today. Vendors appreciate how I review honestly, but let’s face it…the talented vendors are the talented vendors. There is no favoritism. Everyone has a hit or miss from time to time, but sometimes you just nail all of them….

NOW, it’s time for the third round of Alloy Blends!! In case you’ve forgotten, Alloy Blends was founded by Justin Time, well known in the vaping community for his mod refinishing business, Vape’n’Shine. Alloy Blends Benchmark Line is hand-forged in the fiery depths of Virginia’s famous blacksmithing region. These two flavors are sure to please a variety of palates…! From dessert to fruit lovers and those who are all about creaminess, these silky two from Alloy Blends are delicious creations that I thoroughly enjoyed with every vape. They are both very smooth, well-balanced flavors that make my taste buds dance with sheer DELIGHT! Let’s get to the JUICE…!!


“A delicious pineapple fruit blended with tangy yogurt…topped off with Bavarian Cream.”

Alloy Blends Benchmark Line – Vapinski for Spinfuel eMagazine     Smooth is just incredible. I have had a hard time finding a pineapple vape to enjoy on a regular basis-although some have been close. Smooth has a rich cream taste that balances well with the tangy element of the yogurt flavoring. On the inhale, I taste the cream first, and then the pineapple introduces itself slowly as I am inhaling. The pineapple continues to blend in as the tangy yogurt comes into play prior to the exhale. The exhale and total blend of all of the flavors together is outstanding and extremely SMOOTH. I would have no problem vaping this bottle based on smoothness alone, so the fact that the flavor is incredible is a definite bonus…!! I just really enjoy a creamy, smooth vape. Smooth delivers that and a perfect pineapple punch with a mild throat hit and excellent vapor production. I suggest trying this whether you enjoy yogurt vapes or not…period…!! It is almost like dipping that spoon into a nice silky bowl of creamy yogurt with a POP of fresh pineapple here and there. YUM! I used a TNT 80 box mod with a Popeye RDA and a .3-ohm coil build for this review. I enjoyed this best around 55 watts.


“Doh: The Doh is Alloy Blend’s take on the classic Boston Cream Donut, done in what we think is an accurate taste representation of the iconic flavor. Luscious and rich, this is a creamy all day vape that will delight you with it’s decadence”


     If you enjoy a tasty Boston Cream doughnut from time to time, chances are you are going to go nuts over The Doh. This one is just as smooth as Smooth. The cream is creamy, the dough is doughy, and the flavors are pretty Alloy Blends Benchmark Line – Vapinski for Spinfuel eMagazinespot on. On the inhale, the cream is the first thing I notice because it has a nice richness to it. It isn’t overwhelming, but velvety if that makes sense. The doughnut blend mixes into the cream pretty quick and it tastes almost as if I’m actually biting into the real deal. I almost taste a hint of the chocolate frosting prior to the exhale, it’s that good. The exhale is just as smooth and tasty with an excellent vapor production. The Doh also had a mild throat hit. I enjoyed this one around 57 watts and used the TNT box mod with a Production RDA and a .5-ohm coil build.


     Alloy Blends nailed both of these eliquids in the Benchmark line in my opinion. If you enjoy smooth vapes with a lot of flavor, try either one of these out!! Alloy Blends Benchmark is available in 0mg, 1.5mg, 3mg, 6mg, or 12mg nicotine. The PG/VG ratio of the Benchmark line is 70vg/30pg. They come in 30ml glass bottles with childproof droppers and retail at $19.95 online at Giant Vapes. As always, please support your local B&M stores when you can because Alloy Blends may be available at many near you! Make sure you follow them on Facebook at Alloy Blends, LLC and Instagram @alloyblends. My ratings are as follows:

Smooth: 5/5 stars.

The Doh: 5/5 stars.