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Aeris Vapors E-juice – A Spinfuel Eliquid Team ReviewAfter spending many, many weeks vaping deeply sweet juices like Kilo’s Black and White Series, Ethos Crispy Treats, and Vape Classic Breakfast juices, we all knew that these two exotic blends from Aeris Vapors was going to be a complete turnaround for us. Instead of pancakes and maple syrup, cinnamon rolls, white chocolate, and other such blends, vaping Kiwi and Mangosteen blends would take some getting used to. Of course, that’s one of the reasons we insist on spending 3-days vaping a new brand. What we didn’t expect was to thoroughly enjoy these two delicious blends from the first pull on our sub-ohm tanks.


Yes, after five years of team oriented eliquid reviews, we still spend 3-days vaping up to four flavors from a brand before setting one word down on paper…er, Microsoft Word, to be more accurate.

If you vape, then you know how different an ejuice can taste when you take your first pull of the day, after a meal, at the office, at happy hour, the drive home, or the last bit of vaping before climbing into bed for the night. Before a verdict is reached, each team member spends time during all these periods, and more, to truly know an eliquid. Perhaps that’s why eliquid brands, and vapers, respect the Spinfuel VAPE Choice Award so much.

Vape Gear Used

This time out the team put together two very new, but very good Starter Kits to use during this review period. Each of us decided to go with the new eLeaf QC starter kit and the Kanger K Kiss starter kit.

The eLeaf QC starter kit includes a 200W VW/TC mod with an internal 5000mAh battery. The tank is the Melo 300 equipped with eLeaf’s sextuplet coil heads. Performance wise, including cloud production and flavor, I would stack the Melo 300 up against any SMOK TFV8 sub-ohm tank. That’s saying something. A review on the QC starter kit is upcoming.

The Kanger K Kiss is a powerful, yet simple to use, starter kit. The K Kiss is a direct voltage output box mod, no OLED screen, no adjustment buttons, just a single Fire Button. The K Kiss calculates the best output based on the coil used. Kanger designed a new tank for the K Kiss, aptly named the K Kiss Tank. Although the K Kiss tank is a mouth-to-lung (MTL) tank, the draw is tighter but the cloud production is enormous for an MTL. Flavor is exceptional, and frankly, all four members were quite surprised by this delightful starter kit. The K Kiss offers a 6300mAh internal battery, and a single SSOCC 0.2 ohm, with a wattage ranger of 25W to 60W. Fortunately we had a few packs of replacement coils to take us through the 3-days of vaping with the Aeris ejuices.

Spinfuel VAPE Choice Award

The Spinfuel VAPE Choice Award for 2017 is earned by an eliquid blend scoring 5 stars from all 4 members of the SPINFUEL CHOICE AWARD 2017team. These 5 stars are based on quality of the ejuice, consistency with the brand’s official flavor profile, cloud production vs VG percentage, and the overall satisfaction of ‘the vape’.

Very few eliquids earn the Spinfuel VAPE Choice Award. Over the past several months however, our team has concentrated on publishing reviews of eliquid brands we believe deserve to be known to our readers.

Aeris Vapors Eliquid Pricing

UPDATE: FEBRUARY 28, 2017We are so pleased to announce this morning that Aeris Vapors just announced that they will soon be shipping their award-winning eliquids in 60mL bottles at a much more affordable price. We’ll continue to update this review as we obtain more information.

Both Aeris eliquids are complex blends with plenty of flavor nuances in each layer. Bottles, and the eliquid, are crystal clear, and the labeling is elegant, yet provides plenty of information vapers need to know. Unfortunately, the largest size, the only size, is a 30mL bottle (except for 0-nic 5mL sampler bottles). The juice sells for $20 per 30mL bottle, much more expensive than the eliquids we’ve been spending our time with. Premium juice from the likes of KILO sell for $23.95 per 60mL bottle, so we won’t even attempt to justify the pricing of the Aeris brand.

Aeris Vapors E-juice – A Spinfuel Eliquid Team ReviewThe only disappointment of the Aeris Blends, Lush and Magna, is the price. Everything else is wonderful, which you’ll see below, but that $20 per 30mL is way too high for 2017 ejuice prices.

Despite both Lush and Magna being delightful blends, are they so good that “we” would spend $20 (some vendors sell Aeris juice for $21.99) for a 30mL bottle that will last each of us no more than 2 days? No. No we wouldn’t.


Having said that, Kiera and I decided that both blends deserve to be in our rotation, but since the cost of vaping is twice that of our everyday all day eliquid blends, we would keep a bottle of each for a once-a-week 2-hour vape. Anything more than that and our vaping expenses would become a problem. (we do not get free eliquid folks)

This review team is not in the business of selling eliquid, but we’ve been reviewing them for more than half a decade and we would like to believe we know the business. We haven’t discussed the selling price with Aeris Vapors, but if we did we would urge them to double the size of their bottles and reduce the price to a manageable $23.50 per 60mL bottle.

Every single day we hear about another brand of eliquid shuttering their doors, giving up due to lack of sales, or blaming the FDA (which won’t really work as an excuse for another year, at least).

Making it through 2017 unscathed, or maybe even prosperous, a brand must not only produce high quality, delicious ejuice, they must compete in a fierce market. We could be wrong, but if Aeris Vapors wants a long-term company they will need to address their selling price.

Aeris Vapors Eliquid Review

Lush – $20 – 30mL

Aeris Vapors E-juice – A Spinfuel Eliquid Team Review

 Official Flavor Description from Aeris Vapors:Take a trip to the rain forest with Lush’s refreshing flavor profile. Juicy, green, natural–Lush is a harmony of bright fruit flavors. Known to be sweeter than its common supermarket cousin, the rare grape-sized Actinidia Arguta Kiwi  was chosen for this recipe on its ability to soften and sweeten honeydew’s top notes. Paired with a smooth bodied vanilla, and a light crisp cucumber base tone, we’ve got one of the most refreshing flavors to ever hit the market.

We find the sweet spot of this juice to be around 60 watts in a sub-ohm tank with max airflow. Though it doesn’t hurt to vape this flavor in the mist of a refreshing waterfall.”

Julia: 5 Stars –I’ve complained about adding a Kiwi flavoring to an eliquid every time I’ve been faced with vaping ejuice with a Kiwi component. This time, the Kiwi works. The special flavoring is made from the Actinidia argute variety. This Kiwi variety is grape-sized fruit, and sweeter than everyday Kiwi. It makes a huge difference, and when blended with a sweet honeydew flavoring and a touch of delicious vanilla the flavor profile is magnificent. Aeris says the cucumber flavoring is a base tone, and perhaps it is, but I don’t eat cucumbers so I can’t identify the flavor.

This High VG blends produces enormous clouds of vapor with the Melo 300 tanks on the QC box mod set to 130W, and despite the 4.5mL juice capacity of Melo 300, I find myself vaping through a tankful in under an hour.

Lush is best as a first wake up vape, but can certainly satisfy as an all-day-vape. The flavor doesn’t wane during the day, but the longer its vaped the flavor smooths out. I adore both Lush and Magna, and if I had a case of each they would not go to waste.

Tom: 5 Stars – After spending 3 days with Lush and Magna I didn’t want to go back to my usual flavor blends. Lush lays out a superb crisp-yet-sweet blend that wakes up my tastebuds with several delicious notes. Clearly, the flavor of honeydew and vanilla are dominant, but the cucumber and sweet kiwi finds their place above and below the dominant flavors, blending into one satisfying vape experience I will not forget.

The overall flavor profile is bright, yet with enough body to make one hell of an all-day-vape. The cloud production is unbelievable for a profile like this one, and because it’s not bogged down with tons of sweeteners, it’s a blend I don’t tire of. If I could, I would make both Lush and Magna part of my daily rotation.

Kiera: 5 Stars – What a perfect blend of exotic flavors! Lush is both sweet and brusque, which is somewhat of a contradiction. The sweet notes of ripe honeydew imbued with just enough vanilla to give it body, is balanced with an authentic cucumber carrier flavor and a sweeter than usual kiwi. An all-day-vape for sure, but as a wake up vape, Lush is an eye opener that satisfies in ways the heavier, sweeter blends I usually vape just can’t touch.

On the second day of this 3 day review I kept switching between Lush and Magna, both in the Melo 300 tank sitting atop the 200W QC box mod, and while Magna is the sweeter or two, and the more recognizable blend, Lush was hard to put down.

Jason: 5 Stars – I didn’t expect to like either Lush or Magna so imagine my surprise when I decided both were flavors I wanted in my rotation. Lush is described my Aeris Vapor accurately. These four main flavor components work so well together, yet each can be felt in their own way. The kiwi and cucumber have a similar crispy jolt while the honeydew and vanilla give it depth, and a calm, sweet nature.

Lush works best as an all-day-vape because the flavor is light enough, yet flavorful enough, to last all day without causing vapers tongue.

Magna – $20 – 30mL

Aeris Vapors E-juice – A Spinfuel Eliquid Team Review

 Official Flavor Description from Aeris Vapors: Climb down a few notches in latitude with Magna’s exotic flavor profile. Sweet, rich, and warm—Magna is a symphony of complex fruit flavors. Suncrest peach is no ordinary peach. Superior in taste, but no longer on supermarket shelves, this heirloom strain is the undisputed embodiment of an old-world juicy peach. The rarest of fruits, southeast Asian Mangosteen is used for its creamy undertone, mending peach and strawberry, blending Magna to perfection. On inhale you should taste Suncrest peach’s succulent flesh, followed by a deep sweet strawberry exhale, all seemingly held together by mangosteen’s creamy light vanilla texture.

We like to vape this flavor on a beach, reading Masumoto’s “Epitaph For a Peach” (our inspiration for the peach flavor). This flavor holds up in any mod, but to truly taste the mangosteen’s undertone, you’ll want to turn up the wattage to over 60w.

Julia: 5 Stars – A Suncrest Peach is a cross of Alamar, a delicious peach used mainly for freezing, and Gold Dust, top-quality peach of unparalleled flavor. It is the flavor notes I tasted most. However, this complex blend also uses mangosteen, a unique pear-shaped, sweet, juicy and tangy tropical fruit that grows on an evergreen tree that is native to Southeast Asia islands. Taken together, this unique combination works as one of the most delicious exotic fruit eliquids I’ve ever vaped.

Magna was vaped in my Kanger K Kiss for most of the 3 days, and the performance, and the flavor, worked well in the K Kiss. However, because both Lush and Magna are High VG blends, I had to pop open another Melo 300 with the sextuplet coil head and use it on the eLeaf QC, just to see if the flavor profile was somehow different in a high wattage range of 120-140W. It was.

High VG juice deserves the ultra-low resistance found in the best sub-ohm tanks, and plenty of wattage to vaporize every molecule of the liquid. Magna emitted pure flavors and legendary clouds of vapor. Now I wish that I had spent all 3 days with Magna in the Melo 300.

Tom: 5 Stars – Lush and Magna share many of the same exotic touches, but the flavors themselves are unique to each. With each direct lung hit I was able to pull apart the most amazing peach flavor and the exotic mangosteen flavor, yet somehow, they held together to produce something I’ve never tasted before. Like Lush, Magna is an all-day-vape and when vaped in a high performance tank the satisfaction of the vape experience is outstanding.

Kiera: 5 Stars – Both Lush and Magna are fantastic exotic blends, both worthy of the Spinfuel VAPE Choice Award. However, if I could choose just one, it would be Magna. While Lush brings together a unique kiwi and cucumber flavor that I actually enjoyed, it is the more recognizable peach flavor of Magna that I would ultimately pick over kiwi/cucumber.

This delicious peach and mangosteen blend is not overly sweet, but the purity of the flavors are as satisfying as sugar is to a sweet tooth.

Cloud product is remarkable, and its ability to withstand high wattage vaping makes Magna a great choice for ultra-sub-ohm coils and RDA’s and high wattage mods.

Jason: 5 Stars – Yes, both Lush and Magna bring something new to the taste buds of Vapers all over. And yes, both are deserving of the Choice Award, and as much as I enjoyed Lush, it is Magna that I enjoyed just a little more.

I don’t consider myself as someone that picks the exotic over the mundane. I would happily vape everyday flavors (in High VG of course) without every needing to go down the road of exotic flavors, but I am glad I did, this time. Magna, although exotic, is closer to being a mainstream flavor than Lush ever could.

Magna will be accessible to more Vapers than Lush will. The very mention of cucumber or even kiwi will turn some people off. It shouldn’t, not in the case of Aeris Vapor, but it will. But Magna? Magna is first and foremost a sweet peach blend, despite the peach variety being a complex blend of two distinct peaches. That said, in every lung hit the tastebuds are drenched in a succulent peach AND an amazingly flavorful mangosteen.


 This review for Aeris Vapors Lush and Magna turned out much differently than we had anticipated. The review was arranged by Dave, not me, so right there we took a chance. Dave wanted us to experience something different from our last few outings, and when the opportunity arose, Dave took it.

Aeris Vapors consists of just two blends, and that makes it tough to become a mainstream eliquid brand, especially when the brand is bringing to market something very different than much of the remaining brands on the market.

As eliquids, both Lush and Magna deserve to be successful. If enough people can try it, the success should be assured. Except for one thing; the cost of vaping Aeris Vapors. Cost is the only drawback for these two fantastic blends.

Call to Action

This team has never attempted this before, but we would like to issue a Call to Action. A Call to Action for you, our readers, and for Aeris Vapors. The reason is simple; the four of us would very much like to be able to purchase a bottle of Lush or Magna, or even other blends in the works at Aeris, for a very long time. To do that the company must be successful, or it will go the way of more than 25 brands we used to vape, including many previous Spinfuel Choice Award winners.

Call to Action: Readers – Choose one of the two eliquids in this review, buy a bottle and give it a try if you are a sub-ohm user or someone that builds coils. Come back here and post a comment to let us, and other readers, know what you think of the eliquid. Then tell Aeris Vapors.

Call to Action: Aeris Vapors – You have two wonderful eliquids here. They are so good we’ve awarded both with the Spinfuel VAPE Choice Awards. However, 2017 is all about survival of the best, and we want you to survive what’s coming. We believe that if you continue to sell 30mL for $20 that will not happen.

UPDATE: FEBRUARY 28, 2017 – We are so pleased to announce this morning that Aeris Vapors just announced that they will soon be shipping their award-winning eliquids in 60mL bottles at a much more affordable price. We’ll continue to update this review as we obtain more information.



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