Last Updated on November 3, 2017 by Team Spinfuel

With so many new tanks and high-performance coil systems on the market today, it’s easy to forget the simple satisfaction that comes from building your own coils and crafting an ideal vape experience. So, when an innovative rebuildable atomizer like the Advken Manta 24mm RTA comes around, we get excited about getting creative all over again.


What has us most intrigued about this stainless-steel beauty is the sheer amount of customization there is for vapers of any variety. Included in the box are two ‘glass’ sections – one standard 3mL capacity, and a bowed-out 4.5mL replacement section. The latter might be necessary, given the spacious build deck, which should accommodate all but the most “out there” coil builds.


Interestingly, the Manta RTA deck uses an inversely staggered post layout, which was something I haven’t seen as of this writing. While I don’t know yet how this might affect vape quality, it’s a sensible design that should allow more-creative builders to stretch their legs a bit.


The posts themselves feature 3mm terminals, which should easily handle any ornate coil construction with room to spare. Having used countless RTAs, 3mm has always been more than enough room to build with creativity, and the Manta certainly instills the same confidence at first glance.

Advken Manta 24mm RTA Preview – SPINFUEL VAPE

Also interesting is the dual-sided, six-hole bottom airflow control ring, which leads to a narrower, dual-stacked, four-hole setup next to the coils. I have to admit, I’m skeptical about leaking with such ample bottom-seated airflow, and expect to have my usual RTA “trial and error” period before mastering the wicking and building.


That said, I’d LOVE to be wrong about this. But I am surprised a top-airflow setup wasn’t in the cards for an otherwise forward-thinking RTA.


But the rest of the Advken Manta 24mm RTA is designed for optimal performance. The threaded top-fill section seems to be well-machined for smooth refilling (but close off that airflow, kids). And the PEEK insulators on the positive posts add a sense of reassurance for newcomers. Finally, the gold-plated 510 pin may be more common these days, but that doesn’t make us any less excited about it.


One minor complaint is the 10mm ULTEM wide bore drip tip, which seems to be the going standard for atomizers in this category. But flavor chasers and those who just prefer a narrower mouthpiece seem to be out of luck. There doesn’t seem to be a 510 or Goon adapter in the box, and we’re unclear about compatibility with other styles, as well.


Is the drip tip a deal breaker? Of course not. But considering most of the Manta RTA is focused on fine-tuning vape quality, it just seems odd that Advken would opt for a proprietary format here.


As we mentioned at the top of this post, finding a quality, innovative RTA can be difficult these days. So, when one comes along, we want to put it through every possible build and use scenario. Which is exactly what we’re going to do in the coming weeks, with a full detailed review to follow.

Manta 24mm RTA by Advken specs:

  • 24mm Diameter
  • 3mL Standard Juice Capacity
  • 4.5mL Maximum Juice Capacity – Bubble Glass Extension
  • Superior Stainless-Steel Construction
  • Pyrex Glass Reinforcement
  • Spacious Build Deck
  • Staggered Two-Post, Dual Terminal Design
  • Deck-milled Negative Posts
  • PEEK Insulated Positives
  • Single or Dual Configurations
  • Adjustable Hidden Top Airflow
  • Two Dual Stacked Internal Air tubes Inside Chamber
  • Dual Bottom Airflow Control – 6 Air holes on Each Side.
  • Convenient Threaded Top-Fill Method
  • 10mm ULTEM 510 Wide bore Drip Tip
  • Gold-Plated 510 Connection

Manta 24mm RTA by Advken contents:

  • 1x Manta 24mm RTA
  • 1x Bubble Glass Extension
  • 1x Doctor Coil Screwdriver
  • Spare Parts & O-Rings