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Modern Digital Advertising In Spinfuel

As the leading Alternative Lifestyle Digital Publication, Spinfuel offers a highly targeted and effective advertising opportunity at incredibly affordable rates. Since its inception in early 2011 Spinfuel  has grown faster than any other online vaping-related publication in original content, daily, weekly, and monthly pageviews, ‘unique IP’ visitors and even time spent on by each and every visitor that comes to explore the thousands of original articles, reviews, commentary, and videos we offer. Spinfuel has been the most successful, most recognized, and most respected growing publication of its kind since 2012.

We have also enjoyed a higher advertising retention rate than any other vaping publication on the net. Why? Because advertising in Spinfuel gets results.

Our readership continues to grow every month as more and more people turn to vaping as the intelligent alternative to tobacco consumption, and by the terrific word-of-mouth from our readers and viewers, by our social media presence, and because we offer the best original content written by vapers for vapers.

Securing a Spot in Spinfuel

When you secure your spot in Spinfuel it is visible on 99.99% of our posts and pages. That means that no matter where our readers go your ad will be seen.

Advertising spots are sold by the month, not by CPM. (A CPM is equal to 1000 page impressions). Advertisers can purchase a spot by the month, quarterly, or semi-annually, with unlimited page impressions. We will never throttle down the power of your ad, or limit its exposure because of the number of times your ad has been seen by our readers.

In fact, when you buy a spot in Spinfuel you can rotate as many as 6 Ads at the same time, automatically rotating each one every 6 seconds. It’s as effective as running 6 different spots for the price of one. We accept JPG, GIF or Animated GIF ads. All 6 ads can be linked to individual URL’s so you can track which ads are the most effective.

Are you interested in learning more about advertising in Spinfuel eMagazine? If you are, fill out the form below and click the Send button. We will get back to you as soon as possible with our latest Rate Card, which includes real-time traffic data, page impressions, and a whole lot more.

Whether you’re looking to raise your brand awareness, promote an event, or generate more business, let us help. Advertising is a must for every successful company, and we understand that better than most. We’ll do every thing we can to help your company grow because your success is our success.

Spinfuel does not work with any affiliate programs. Please do not contact us about your affiliate network. We do not sell text spots or editorial advertising. Contact us only if you are interested in purchasing a spot in Spinfuel.

In addition, we are always looking for experts in our wheelhouse to contribute researched and well-written articles for inclusion in our great publication. Use the form below if you’re interesting in contributing.

What to Expect in 2023 and Beyond

A lot has changed in the twelve years since the launch of Spinfuel. Vaping seems to be devolving in size with low wattage pod mods, and in the United States and Australia the government hatred toward vaping will surely will be felt for some time to come.

The problem has always been Big Tobacco and the billions of dollars of revenue, and many millions of dollars given to corrupt politicians in both countries. Isn’t it sad that only the United Kingdom has seen the benefit of vaping over smoking tobacco cigarettes? Fortunately, the UK audience has discovered Spinfuel, and our audience there was exploded.

You’ll also notice that Spinfuel now writes about the benefits of CBD, and Cannabis, Delta THC, Kratom, and even magic mushrooms beneficial use in helping people work through major stressors in modern life.

So what are you waiting for? Contact us today and if we have a spot available you could be advertising in Spinfuel in as little as 3 hours.

Dave Foster
Managing Editor


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