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Vaping With Vapinski – Admiral’s Reserve by Charlie Noble

Admiral Reserve Group     I did a review awhile back on a few of the Charlie Noble line. They were impressive blends to say the least, so I was excited about the release of their Reserve Line, Admiral’s Reserve. With four distinct flavors sure to please unique flavor chasers from all over the world, I couldn’t wait to dig in.

You have spent time with the crew, now it’s time to relax with the Admiral. Charlie Noble’s new Reserve Blend combines the most premium flavors with the most creative combinations to deliver you the most rewarding vaping experience. So, press your uniform and polish your shoes-the Admiral requests your presence.”

     I ended up letting my eliquid sit and steep a little longer once they arrived. I enjoy the deeper flavor after they have sat for a couple months honestly. The labels are nice, eye catching, and detailed. They even include the batch date along with the born on date and the pg/vg ratio. It’s placed neatly too, so it’s not too much information. They are 30ml glass bottles with childproof glass droppers. Perfect. I’ll give you the pg/vg breakdowns per nicotine mg at the end of the review. So, here we are, Admiral’s Reserve-the “Premium” Reserve Line-from Charlie Noble!!

The Noble Family’s chocolate chip cookie recipe, handed down from generation to generation. Warm and fresh from the oven, all you need is a glass of milk!

Chocolate Chip     Good Cookie is just that. It reminds me of a super flavored chocolate chip cookie dough on the inhale. I like that the chocolate flavoring is subtle and not overpowering. It adds just the right amount of chocolate to the cookie flavoring. The exhale is more cookie than chocolate, and I’m completely ok with that. The flavor is just really nice and smooth. The sweetness is spot on. It does make me want to reach for a glass of milk!! I think it makes an amazing all day vape, but goes especially well with a cup of coffee in the morning. The vapor production is super with Good Cookie and the throat hit is very mild with the 3mg of nicotine. I used a Popeye RDA with a .4-ohm coil build on a Mad Modder OKL box at 40watts.

“Be prepared, your new all day vape has been found! Smooth and full peanut butter cereal, layered with a cream undertone, breakfast never tasted this good…but your vape can.”

PB Cereal is a really smooth vape as well. The peanut butter flavor really comes out in the inhale. PBCEREALThe cream really adds a nice touch of sweetness and makes this vape so smooth that it really just glides off of my tongue. The exhale is full of a nice total bite of PB cereal that we are all looking for in a good cereal vape. The favorite part for me is the inhale though; it’s just packed with that nice peanut butter punch at the beginning!! The vapor production is great and just a mild hit with this one as well at 3mg. I used a Doge RDA with a .4ohm coil build on an unregulated Gator Box Mod.


“Bright pistachio, layered with a delicious blend of vanilla, caramel, and a light tobacco. The flavors play off one another to create a smooth, sophisticated vape.”

Charlie Noble Admiral   Pistachio RY4 definitely needed to steep the longest in my opinion. I didn’t truly appreciate the flavor until now. It’s about 3 months from the born on date. On the inhale, I get the “bright” pistachio as Charlie Noble describes it first along with the tobacco flavor. I like this best when it swirls in and mixes with the sweeter flavors. The first bit of the vape is my least favorite, but that doesn’t make me want to stop vaping it. The cream and caramel dance into the pistachio and tobacco blend and I really enjoy the final blend. Again, Pistachio RY4 is smooth, the vapor production is great, and the throat hit is mild. I dripped this in a Doge RDA with a .4-ohm coil build on an unregulated Gator Box Mod.


“Luscious vanilla ice cream, interlaced with ribbons of fresh raspberry. Creamy, sweet, and a bit of the tartness that will make you reach for another bottle.”

Raspberry Ripple Ice Cream is my favorite-and it was hard to pick between a couple of them!! I’veRASPBERRYAPPLEICECREAM had this flavor in my Atlantis tank for a while now. I like it best around 25 watts and I’m sporting an Eleaf 50 watt device. On the inhale, I get the tart berry flavor first, but the ice creamy sweetness swirls in quickly and makes this a dreamy vape!! The exhale is just like savoring that spoonful of raspberry ripple ice cream in your mouth as it melts away. Dripping this at 70w in the Popeye RDA with a .4-ohm coil build on the Mad Modder OKL was a joy as well. I get more cream on the inhale this way and it isn’t bitter except every once in awhile. It’s almost like your biting into a fresh raspberry in the middle of the ice cream. Very nicely done Charlie Noble….

I was a super fan of the Charlie Noble line and this Admiral’s Reserve line has not been a disappointment in any way!! The 30ml bottles retail for $15.99 and the 120ml are $54.99 at Don’t forget if you’re ever near Kittanning, PA to stop in at Sweet Home Vapor Co on Market St and try some Admiral’s Reserve out for yourself there!! The ratios and nicotine levels available are as follows: 0mg-80vg/20pg, 3mg-78vg/22pg, 6mg-76vg/23pg, 12mg-74vg/26pg, and 18mg-71vg/29pg. I really enjoyed the vapor production of the 3mg, but I’m sure at any mg with these ratios that it will be pretty good!! Some days you just luck out with a great line!

My ratings are as follows:

Good Cookie: 5/5 stars

PB Cereal: 4.5/5 stars

Pistachio RY4: 4.25/5 stars

Raspberry Ripple Ice Cream: 5/5 stars