Last Updated on December 11, 2019 by Team Spinfuel

Let’s state the obvious – The recent outbreak of lung illneses and new and proposed regulations and bans have vape shop owners struggling and finding ways to keep their businesses open, to adapt or die. It might be unfair, unnecessary, but it is what it is. A big Thank You to all the corrupt politicians and corrupt media assclowns.

It has been finalized through science that the cause of the outbreak of lung diseases were caused by bootleg THC cartridges that were mixed with Vitamin E acetate. Yet, despite this scientific proof, many states and towns have taken it upon themselves to Ban flavored e-cigarettes.

Still not word on Banning Flavored Vodka or other alcohol products that come in multiple flavors (which kill teenagers consistently and for many years),  but by God, a single signature can wipe out an entire smoking cessation product that works 100 times better than any other cessation product, all based on money and corruption. 

Adapt or Die? Vape Shops Will Survive Where They Can

As scientists, including the CDC,  have figured out what’s causing so many people to get sick or die from THC Cartridges, the future of the vaping industry is up in the air for no other reason.

That means lots of local small business owners all over the country are making tough decisions.  “We had a dip in business because of the whole vape ban that (President) Trump was proposing,” Scout Stubbs, co-owner of Drippers Vape & Hemp Relief, said on Tuesday.

I was afraid, because a lot of people got scared by the whole ‘illegal THC cartridge’ news stories that happened over the summer, and there were deaths involved, sicknesses. It was very, very bad,” she said. “But the more people started to realize, oh, this is more associated with the illegal products and not the legal e-liquid, then they’re a little more susceptible to come in the store and say, ‘hey, I know that it’s not you that’s poisoning people.’ So, we have the trust of our community back.”

As this might sound as though the crisis against vaping may soon be over, it is not. Every day a new state or new town decides to Ban flavored e-cigarettes. We suppose it is difficult for corrupt to get to every state and town in the country, so rather than happen all of a sudden, its being rolled out.


Can damaged Vape Shops make themselves whole? Maybe. It depends on what President Trump says in the coming weeks. If Vaping flavored e-liquids is legal on the Federal Level, then perhaps with enough protesting, the states and towns will back down. But what about Vape Shops that have closed up for good? In the Police State ran by the Dictator Charlie Baker, those that have lost their businesses and life savings will not receive any help to recover. The damage has been down.