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About Spinfuel eMagazineThings You (might) Want to Know About Spinfuel


Thank you for visiting Spinfuel eMagazine We hope you enjoy the fruits of our labor and will continue to stop by to read our latest reviews, opinion, and news covering the Electronic Cigarette industry. It is on this page that you can read about the team of editors, writers, graphics, and IT staff that makes Spinfuel what it is. Below is our mission statement, as well as our philosophy, our editorial guidelines, and our beliefs and our commitments to our industry, our lives, and the whole damn universe.  Enjoy!

Our Goal

The Mission Statement – Our goal at Spinfuel eMagazine is to provide our readers with real, hands-on, honest, in-depth reviews, hard-hitting opinions, and the latest industry news in an unbiased ‘narrative’ style. We maintain a pro-vaping position in all matters pertaining to our chosen industry. We will never risk our integrity, and our position as an industry leader, we will always tell it like it is, honestly and with facts to back it up. What you read in our publication is not only 100% original content*, written by a staff that is passionate about our industry, our rights to vape,  and are sworn to produce honest and unbiased content.

Fact Checking

We will always strive to bring you nothing but the absolute truth. When possible we quote our sources.

With each new eLiquid ‘brand’ our review team presents there is always an Interview published so that you can read what’s important to the eLiquid company itself. It’s vital to know how the owners feel about the business sector they work in, why they chose it, and how important it is to use and utilize safe and pure ingredients. Getting them on the record is something we take very seriously.

Opinion pieces of course, are “opinion” pieces, and they may or may not be the opinions of the publisher or other staff members, but they are heartfelt and articulate. We assure you that even the opinion based commentaries use real facts and figures when developing their positions on a variety of issues that affect every vaper, and are based on first-hand accounts or through information obtained through reliable, insider individuals. 

Why Do We Do That What We Do?

Tobacco Kills

Spinfuel eMagazine was born out of the sad realization that there remains some 43-million Americans still consuming tobacco products, the majority of which consume tobacco through the common, but deadly, ‘tobacco cigarette’ (often called ‘analog’ cigarettes in the electronic cigarettes community). Even worse, more than 1.2 billion people over the globe continue to consume tobacco products causing millions upon millions of early deaths, diseases, and other health issues that cost us all billions upon billions of dollars each and every year.

There IS a better way, and if you are reading this you already know that we believe this ‘better way’ is through the use of electronic cigarettes (eCigs). The eCigarette is an infinitely safer, more enjoyable, and more satisfying way to experience the benefits (yes, benefits) of nicotine consumption in moderation without the dangers of carcinogens and other poisons found in tobacco.

Electronic Cigarette Fraud and Ripoffs

Another reason Spinfuel eMagazine was born back in 2011 was the ghastly and disturbing business practices in our industry. Too many con artists believe the streets in Vapelandia are lined with gold. Taking advantage of desperate smokers looking for a way off the tobacco death train, they skirt the law and deceive as many people as they can, and unfortunately it is far too many being ripped off. From Bull Smoke to Emerald Lux, we attempt to expose them while informing as many smokers and new vapers as we can.

As in any industry there are frauds, criminals, and cheats, and the electronic cigarettes industry has more than its share. It is our intention to expose these companies out when we find them, to help our readers avoid being victimized by them, and to help others remove them from the industry through tougher fair trade regulation and self-monitoring by good eCigarette, eJuice, and Accessory manufacturers, vendors, and retail shops…. the government’s involvement in our industry should be effective, but minimal. Many of the issues we have with these con artists can be fixed through regulations in fair trade and truth in advertising laws.

Safer = Better

The bottom line is that we believe the electronic cigarettes is more than simply a safer way to consume nicotine. Every staff member enjoys “vaping” as a hobby and has left behind their tobacco addiction a long time ago. Now we vape because it is relaxing, delicious, and extremely satisfying.

We also enjoy trying out new products, talking about new products, and spreading the word about new products whenever we get the chance.

This is Just The Beginning

The electronic cigarette industry has exploded into a multi-billion dollar industry. Companies will come and go, and regulations may get tougher before the understanding of our industry widens and is accepted as a safer alternative to smoking, and Spinfuel eMagazine will lead the way into a brighter, healthy community.

Behind The Curtain At Spinfuel eMagazine?

Spinfuel eMagazine was founded by our publisher, John Manzione. John has been a publisher of several online publications on the Internet since 1994.  John is dedicated to following the Mission Statement he helped shape by providing honest, in-depth reviews and opinion, and to assist in any way he can to strengthen the industry and to help steer new “Vapers” through the treacherous waters of this new marketplace.

Spinfuel Video Channel

In mid-2014 Spinfuel eMagazine committed to building a solid, factual, and entertaining Video Channel based in YouTube and inside our own publication. We are aided by Nick Bessette, host of the Spinfuel’s DailyVapeTV. In late 2014 John Manzione began producing videos for the channel. We call John’s video series, “The Cold Open“, and although he will record reviews on various vape gear, he addresses important topics and news happening in the eCigarette industry. Often funny, but always sincere, The Cold Open is the Flagship of the Spinfuel Video Channel. You can access the Spinfuel Video Channel right here on our navigation menu as well as YouTube.com

(YouTube channel is currently paused)

Now Let’s Meet The Team

John ManzionePublisher – John is a writer, professional photographer and businessman. Publishing on the Internet since 1994 John has seen a lot of trends come and go, but electronic cigarettes are no trend. Vaping is a lifestyle change. Spinfuel exists because there is a need for an online publication that cares more about the consumer than it does about the companies that provide the products we all use. Dedicated to the truth, at any cost, John refuses to look the other way when inferior products are pawned off as great products.

Dave Foster – Editor-in-Chief –  If it needs to be done Dave is usually the one doing it. Dave, along with his wife Angel, live on the lake in Meredith New Hampshire, and often travels back to Florida to help around the office.

Julia Hartley-Barnes Writer Photographer Review Coordinator – Julia has been a member of the Spinfuel team for more than a decade, helping John publish MacNET!, XtremeCamera, and other successful online publications. A successful stock photographer Julia travels extensively and has visited some parts of the world we never knew existed. Julia was married in 2014 to the lovely Keira Hartley, a model, writer and photographer. Julia’s column “Vaping with Julia” appears sporadically throughout the year.

Tom McBrideWriter, Reviewer – Tom has also been a long-time employee for Spinfuel’s parent company.. Having been a writer for decades Tom’s main job is writing jingles for commercials and freelancers a bit of speech writer jobs. Tom reviews vape gear for Spinfuel.


While our roster of guest contributors changes once in a while, we are proud to present the excellent writing of our current contributors; Julie Selesnick and Pascal Culverhouse (publisher of the electric tobacconist)


There are limited Advertising opportunities on Spinfuel eMagazine and if you are interested in raising your brand awareness you can contact our advertising department via email at [email protected]

We will only partner is good and decent companies and individuals that want only the best for our industry. If your company offers “Risk Free Trials“, and “Auto Ship Programs” there is no need to make an inquiry, you will be turned down. Spinfuel eMagazine does not engage in any affiliate marketing or programs. We are not interested in hawking products in exchange for a cut of the profits. Please do not contact us about your affiliate programs.

Copyright notice: Everything in Spinfuel eMagazine, from website design, graphics, and the written word* is copyrighted by Spinfuel LLC. “The Art of Vaping” is trademarked and protected by the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO). ALL rights are reserved.

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