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V8P Juice has released four delicious new cereal blends that are sure to please a wide number of palates worldwide. As you may recall, a team of Doctors, Nurse Practitioners, and Chemists & Engineers started V8P Juice, and they are based in Delray Beach, Florida. V8P Juice is mixed with 100% certified USDA organic VG (vegetable glycerin) and plant-based PG (propylene glycol) derived from V8 Juice Spinfuel eLiquid Team Reviewnon-GMO corn. The Nicotine is NicSelect-a liquid nicotine derived naturally from tobacco plants in a FDA inspected facility. The first set of four that we covered received good reviews and praise, but these four have gone over the top with TWO Spinfuel Choice Awards. Let’s get on to these sweet milk and cereal blends because all of us could not stop vaping the one bottle….


Prince Charming: Lucky marshmallow breakfast cereal drenched in sweet milk.
Kaptain Klouds: A very berry breakfast cereal drenched in sweet milk.
Mob Boss: Cinnamon & sugar breakfast cereal drenched in sweet milk.
Silly Toucan: Classic fruity breakfast cereal drenched in sweet milk.

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V8P Juice Particulars

The bottle sizes that are available are 10ml@$10, 30ml@$20. Both a 120ml@$75 and 250ml@$125 photos say they will be available soon, but then they mention how many are available in stock.
Nicotine Levels Available: 0mg, 3mg, 6mg, 12mg, or 18mg

Ratio: The V8P Juice is mixed at a 70vg/30pg ratio, but the owners will mix at a 50vg/50pg ratio if requested when the order is placed. This is a nice option for those of you who would like to try this eLiquid in Protanks, a nautilus, or clearomizer tanks.


The team and I received the 30ml frosted glass bottles with glass droppers. They were child safe and tamper evident which is always important. The frosted glass is a really nice touch in the overall look for this line. The labels are bright and colorful-they POP and will definitely stand out on a shelf amongst other eLiquids. The glass droppers are actually color-coded per nicotine level, which is an uber cool feature. You always know what mg you are vaping just by the dropper you receive!!


We have five to cover. Remember as always, taste is subjective and is in the mouth of the beholder. Myself and my team all have different palates and I value each opinion. Let’s see what we come up with for these four sweet milk and cereal blends…

PRINCE CHARMING – Spinfuel Choice Award Winner

“Prince Charming – Our Signature Marshmallow Cereal Vape…Tastes like Lucky Charms! You’re gonna love it”

V8 Juice Spinfuel eLiquid Team ReviewDori: 5 stars. Prince Charming is a very tasty rendition of Lucky Charms and the team and I all felt this one was pretty dead on. I am enjoying how I can taste the cereal elements, cream, and marshmallow treats that do indeed pop in from time to time. The inhale starts off with the cereal and cream and then the marshmallow dances into the mix. By the time I get the exhale, it’s a creamy mix and it is almost like drinking the milk at the end of the bowl of cereal. This vape2015-ChoiceAward- WEB is smooth with a medium throat hit and excellent vapor production. I’ll be using my Lotus LE80 mod with a Production RDA and a .3-ohm coil build for all of these reviews. I enjoyed this vape around 45-50 watts, but found it also tasted good anywhere from 30-60 watts. Those that like even warmer vapes may enjoy this at an even higher wattage, it just seems to be good anywhere.
I also ended up throwing this in my Maganus Tank and running it at 45 watts. Tasty, tasty, tasty!!! It is just like eating a bowl of Lucky Charms where you are right at the end of the bowl. You all know what I am talking about because you probably saved the marshmallows for the last couple bites when you were a kid too… This is one of those eliquids you could leave in a tank for days…and I RARELY do that. I’ve lost count, honestly!! I think this eliquid deserves a little plus at the end of my 5. BAM.

Alicia: 5 stars. I’m on board with everyone else on this one…5 stars all the way! Prince Charming is again, a spot on cereal vape and that makes me happy! Like Louis said, they got it right down to the inhale being almost a dry marshmallow. It’s just like when you first start eating your bowl of cereal, to the exhale being more of the marshmallow but soaked in sweet, sugary milk. The inhale, like I said, is an almost dry marshmallow taste with hints of oats tucked into it. The exhale starts off with that marshmallow, but then transforms into a marshmallow with sugary milk soaked into it. The flavor stays around and leaves a great aftertaste. I love the eliquids that leave a nice, sweet taste on my lips after I vape, and this does just that!

Scott: 5 stars. Well I think this one was the big hit with the whole team. This was one amazing cereal vape. The taste was spot on. The inhale I got was a nice, rich and creamy mixture of milk and marshmallows that haven’t been soaking in the milk and with a slight hint of cereal. The exhale was too terrific and I still was able to taste the marshmallows with a slight hint of cream. This made it taste like I had just gotten done tasting my last bite of that delicious cereal, leaving that sweet taste on my tongue. I used an IPV3 with a Fishbone RDA built to a .2 ohm and ran it at about 43 watts and the flavor was amazing.

Dana: 5 stars. Prince Charming is my favorite in V8P Juice’s new line of cereal flavors. It is a super sweet variation of marshmallow cereal. I can taste the sweet oat on the inhale and the smooth creamy marshmallows and milk on the exhale. It has a lovely smooth throat hit. I could vape this flavor for days on end without getting tired of it. It even leaves a sweet taste in your mouth after vaping. This eliquid is sure to satisfy any sweet tooth you may have. I enjoyed this the most at 45 watts. I couldn’t get enough of Prince Charming so I also tried it in my Kanger Sub Tank at .5ohms set at 25 watts. 
 V8P Juice has joined in on the cereal hype with their new line of cereal eliquid and I am glad that they did! Their renditions of cereal flavors are some of best out there that I have tried to date. I am very impressed that they use organic and plant based products to make their juice and it comes through in the flavor of their juice. Their line is clean and smooth tasting compared to other juices that I have tried. I vaped all of their juices using a Smok M80 mod and a Mutation X RDA build at .3 ohms. One thing that I really didn’t like was the top on the bottles. I had a few of them leak on me. They don’t seal all the way back up for some reason.

Louis: 5 stars. This was my favorite of the cereals from this line. I haven’t seen too many attempts at a lucky charm flavored eliquid, and it must be because it’s hard to achieve the right oat-like, yet marshmallow-like combination. V8P Juice delivered with this eliquid though. I got the oat cereal and the freeze-dried marshmallow taste in the inhale almost like you just opened up the box and tried a few pieces before you put it in your bowl. The exhale was the after milk result how the marshmallow tastes after it has some time to soak in all that milky sweetness. I loved how the aftertaste just coated my mouth. And it was similar with this eliquid, the higher I played with my wattage, the sweeter and more irresistible it got. This eliquid could easily be a daily dripper, something that I could crave on a regular basis.

KAPTAIN KLOUDS – Spinfuel Choice Award Winner

“Kaptain Klouds -Our Very Berry Breakfast Cereal E-Liquid. You gotta try this to believe how good it is… Spot On Captain Crunch Berries! BOMB”

Kaptain-Klouds-30mlDori: 5 stars. Kaptain Klouds is a good take on a Crunch Berry vape. I would like to consider myself quite a connoisseur of Crunch Berry flavors because it took me 8 months to find one good enough to stock in my shop. I could see this one there too if I ever get all of the other flavors in that I need first!! This one is a smoother take with a sweet cereal note on the inhale and the berry flavor 2015-ChoiceAward- WEBpopping in and out as the exhale starts. The flavors all blend and the creaminess really comes into play throughout the remainder of the exhale. Kaptain Klouds almost had a touch too much sweetness for me, but just a touch and I still really enjoyed it. The more I vaped it, the more I enjoyed it! There was a mild throat hit, excellent vapor production, and I enjoyed this best around 45-50 watts.

Alicia: 5 stars. Kaptain Klouds is oh so close to what they were aiming for. I will say it’s one of the closest that I’ve vaped to this day. A lot usually have too much berry flavoring, but V8P Juice made sure that they also included the little corn squares in their version, and for that, I’m liking it. I love those little squares probably more than I like the berry pieces. The inhale gives me the gold corn squares that I was looking for, with hints of berries tucked in throughout. The exhale, just like others, brings the milk into play. It’s sweeter than the inhale and the berry flavoring really comes through. It takes over my little corn squares, which is okay because it still tastes good. I do agree with everyone though, it is just a tad too sweet when I vaped it for a long period of time. This would be one that I would choose to vape just a little bit of throughout the week, like right before bed when I’m craving a nice, sweet bowl of cereal ☺.

Scott: 5 stars. Here is one that will make you the Captain of any vape. The flavor of this one was fantastic. It didn’t leave me with a throat hit, just a nice sweet feeling in my mouth. On the inhale, I got a nice, mellow milk and cereal blend with a slight berry undertone. The exhale is where I thought was the best because I tasted this rich, creamy, berry flavor with plenty of sweetness that lingered on my tongue. After vaping this, all I can say is that V8P Juice is doing something right to have this taste just like crunch berries.

Dana: 5 stars. Kaptain Klouds is another extremely sweet cereal vape, but so is the cereal, right? I swear I can taste raspberries on the inhale. I’m not sure if that is the flavoring that they use, but that is what I am tasting and I love it! As I exhale, I taste a sweet berry milk, like the milk left at the end of a bowl of berry cereal. Yummy! I played with the wattage and it brought out more or less of the berry flavor. I personally liked it best at 40 watts.

Louis: 5 stars. I am a fan of cereal flavored juices, and have tried a few different ones that tried to do captain crunch flavored juices, and this one is one of the closest that I have come to find. On the inhale, I could taste the fruity berry and golden corn cereal. The milky taste comes in the exhale, with the sweetness of the corn squares really shining through. I also noticed that this eliquid was a little strong at first, it kind of hit you with a ton of sweet/fruity/cereal, but it calmed down after a little while and started to taste like the cereal we all know and love.


“Mob Boss – Our Signature Cinnamon & Sugar Breakfast Cereal…. Tastes like Churros or Cinnamon Toast Crunch Drenched in Sweet Milk! You’re gonna love it!”

V8 Juice Spinfuel eLiquid Team ReviewDori: 4.5 stars. Mob Boss seems a tad harsh, but just a tad. It seems that once you get to the cinnamon and it sticks to the back of your throat for an instant, it quickly passes and turns into a sweeter cinnamon exhale. The exhale is also blended with more of the cereal and cream at the end. I think if it was as smooth as it was at the beginning and end, I would have enjoyed it more. As I turned the wattage down some to around 35, I started to enjoy it more. The cereal REALLY rounds out at this wattage and gives off a great flavor. I had initially scored this in my mind around a 4 at 45 watts. I don’t mind vaping certain eliquids a little cooler to get a better flavor. The cinnamon blends really well down lower and eases it’s way into the cereal and cream before the exhale. Next, it continues to blend throughout the exhale. Alright, I’m sold on this one too. I’m with Louis though where I can’t give out that 5 here because of the cinnamon harshness in areas. I have had successful cinnamon vapes that round out and make cinnamon into a sweet, bakery cinnamon without any harshness at all. So, it can be done. Again, it is a little on the sweeter side, but I’m ok with that. This could be a BIG sugar fix for me.

Alicia: 5 stars. Wow! I’m in love with V8P Juice. This is our 2nd round with them, and both times I’ve been amazed. Mob Boss is, in my opinion, spot on Cinnamon Toast Crunch. The inhale is sugary cinnamon throughout. I didn’t get a harsh cinnamon like the others did, but I also started at my sweet spot of 70 watts and loved it! I turned down the heat to around 35 watts, and the cinnamon was a little bit stronger, but still not harsh enough to turn me off of it. The exhale, oh my, it sealed the deal! The milk comes in to mix with the sugary cinnamon and it’s perfect! Again, I’m in love…that’s all I can say. Mob Boss will definitely be placed into my rotation, heck, I’m thinking of it as an ADV!

Scott: 5 stars. This s probably my least favorite of this line, but I’m not going to complain. The Mob Boss was a great mixture of a cinnamon and sugar cereal. The inhale was a pleasant taste of sweet sugary milk with a slight hint of cinnamon. The exhale was a little strong on the cinnamon, but I also noticed that I was left with a very sweet after taste. I did this both dripping and in a Atlantis tank and to me, I preferred dripping it because the flavors mixed better. In the tank, I noticed a lot more cinnamon and it was almost too much to make it enjoyable. Don’t get me wrong though because I don’t agree with Dori and Louis, I’d still make this an every day eliquid and don’t think this is enough to keep it from a 5. So to sum this line up, I will give V8P 2 thumbs up and in my opinion they did an awesome job on this whole line of breakfast cereals and I would have no problem adding any of them to my everyday use.

Dana: 5 stars. Wow! If you love cinnamon flavor, Mob Boss is your new go to eliquid. There is an intense cinnamon flavor on the inhale, and a creamy cinnamon milk on the exhale. Mmm-mmm just like the cereal again, good job! The more that I vaped this one, it seemed that the cinnamon settled down a bit. That first vape was very strong in flavor. I started out on a higher wattage, but I agree with Dori that this was much better enjoyed at a lower wattage.

Louis: 4.5 stars. This juice was a nice play on cinnamon toast crunch. I can’t lie, I thought the cinnamon was a little harsh at the beginning, but it got a lot better after vaping it a few puffs. I got the cinnamon taste the most on the inhale, and it stuck around for the exhale, but was accompanied by a sweet milky taste. The aftertaste was amazing (with every eliquid from this line actually), and it lingered for a good while. In my opinion, the higher the wattage the sweeter it seemed, and the lower the wattage the more the cinnamon came out. It was a very good eliquid, but if the cinnamon wasn’t as harsh at the start I would have given it a 5, but it was still very enjoyable.


“Silly Toucan – Our Signature Fruity Cereal Vape…Tastes like Fruit loops drenched in Sweet Milk! You’re gonna love it!”

V8 Juice Spinfuel eLiquid Team ReviewDori: 4 stars. Silly Toucan isn’t my favorite take on Fruit Loops, but it isn’t bad at a low wattage. I left it down at 35 watts because Dana had mentioned tasting a ton of lemon. I thought maybe it would work like the cinnamon in the Mod Boss, but it’s actually the opposite!! So, if you like vaping down on a lower wattage and your cereal vape on the citrus-y side…the lower wattage is for YOU. On the inhale, there is a sweet cream and a bit of a cereal note before the citrus swirls into play. The exhale is really creamy and more about the cereal, but I can still taste the citrus lingering at the roof of my mouth. At 50 watts, the creaminess really comes out. There is just a touch of citrus right before the exhale. I do like how the flavors change with the wattage. Maybe some people feel like a little more citrus some days. Hmmmmm….
Alicia: 4 stars. Citrus, ugh, why must there always be too much citrus in this particular cereal? Does everyone really taste that much citrus when actually eating it? I don’t. I get the fruity goodness with just a little citrus. Maybe it’s just me, who knows. Right from the start, I agree with Dana. The lemon, there is just way too much of it. It takes over the whole vape for me. I can’t taste any of the cereal or milk, just lemon. I played around with this at different heat levels, higher was better for me because at lower watts I got more of a sour lemon and at higher watts it did get sweeter. If I had to choose between the two, I’d rather have sweet than sour so 80 watts it is. Even with those different heat levels, none of the other flavors came out to me. Sadly, after being impressed with the rest of this group, this was by far my least favorite. If you’re into lemon vapes, then try it out. It is a good lemon flavor, but it’s not at all what I was expecting.

Scott: 5 stars. This one was one that I had to vape for a while. The inhale on Silly Toucan was a great mixture of sweet berries that kept my taste buds alive. On the exhale, I still tasted that same berry flavor, but the citrus seemed to overpower it. After vaping this one for awhile, I noticed the citrus exhale seemed to let up some, or I was just getting used to it…lol, but I’d still have no problem making this an everyday vape.

Dana: 4 stars. Silly Toucan is my least favorite from this line. The strong lemon flavor seems to stand out the most in this eliquid. As much as I love a good lemon eliquid, this one is too strong and imitation flavored. I did taste the cereal and milk on the exhale, but that lemon is just too much for me. If they toned it down a bit, it would be spot on to the cereal just like the other flavors, in my opinion. Again, I agree with Dori that the lower the wattage, the better the flavor.

Louis: 5 stars. Fruit loops at its finest. I could taste the fruity circle shaped cereal as soon as I inhaled. It was a little strong on the citrus of the fruit, but upping the wattage solved that. I kind of agree with Dori and thought that the higher wattages made it a little sweeter and kind of cut the sour from the citrus taste. The exhale was still the good fruity cereal taste followed by sweet creamy milk. It was just like eating a big bowl of fruit loops, I wouldn’t change a thing about this eliquid.


V8P Juice has amazed our palates with this line for sure. The fact that is handcrafted and designed by a team of medical professionals still astounds me. Two awards and great scores for the other two as well. Some of the team members mentioned V8P Juice definitely being a vendor that is being overlooked in the market and we definitely think they are someone more people should be paying attention to and that the word should start getting OUT. The particular blend that grabbed me from the first set of reviews was Sweet Geisha. This cereal line and the sweet cream flavor was really top notch. It blended well with all of the flavorings used as well as the “cereal” additions. The team and I recommend that you not only try one, but ALL of the flavors. We think you will be pleased especially if you are a cereal vape lover. We all look forward to future flavors from V8P Juice.

As always, the team and I all have a unique way of tasting flavors but you’ll know who you relate to most after you read all of the reviews. We all have our own style. These are our opinions and it is nice to have different views sometimes on the same product.

Dori and the Spinfuel eLiquid Review Team