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Pure Michigan Strain Review

The Pure Michigan Strain was developed by combining the genetics of two Michigan breeders, ThugPug Genetics and 3rd Coast Genetics, and is mostly indica. Oreoz and Mendo Breath F2 (Studly Spewright) are the parents of this hybrid.

Is Pure Michigan Indica Or Sativa?

Pure Michigan is a cannabis hybrid. It contains 23% THC on average, but this proportion may vary according to the producer. Those suffering from depression may find relief in Michigan’s natural beauty. It also has a somewhat robust coffee scent.

These days, hybrids come in hundreds of varieties. Both CBD and THC may be found in high concentrations. Many have a range of cannabinoids in them. Flowers from hybrid cannabis plants might be more sativa or more Indica dominant depending on the proportion of each parent strain used in the cross. Hybrid cannabis strains are artificially created plants that combine the best of cannabis ruderalis, sativa, and indica to provide a more balanced euphoric experience.\

Pure Michigan Strain Details

3rd Coast Genetics created this lineage by breeding the Oreoz and Mendo Breath F2 cannabis strains. It resulted in the Pure Michigan strain.


The Pure Michigan strain comes from Oreoz and Mendo Breath parents.


This Indica-dominant variety is easily identifiable with its sugary olive-green flower buds with plump, grape-shaped, purple sugar leaves. Its nugs have a frosty white trichomes crystal resin coating and are coated in orange hairs.


The Pure Michigan Strain has a reputation for having a sweet and skunky taste profile, with overtones of citrus and pine.


Pure Michigan cannabis strain has a powerful, sweet blueberry scent when split up. You may also detect pine and an earthy undertone.

Pure Michigan Strain Review

Effects of a Pure Michigan Strain

The high you get with Pure Michigan is absolutely delectable, and it has peaceful and soothing benefits. As a result, you will feel pleased and elevated for an extended period. When you are in this condition, you will experience feelings of happiness and creativity, feel socially stimulated, and be ready to discuss easily with everyone around you. This hefty rise is accompanied by a soothing body high, leaving you feeling completely relaxed from head to toe and sometimes tired. Unfortunately, dry eye pressure and dry mouth are undesirable side effects; therefore, you should prepare eye drops and beverages in advance.

Medical advantages

The Pure Michigan strain is well-known for its beneficial therapeutic properties. If you have difficulties nodding off at night, this may aid you by relaxing your muscles and easing you into slumber. However, it also has the potential to reduce mental tension, making it a suitable option for anyone struggling with stress or sadness. It would help to note that these are just recommendations and should not be used in place of actual medical care.

Grow Information for the Pure Michigan Strain

Pure Michigan is resistant to weather variations and may survive with less care than most other types, making it an ideal option for new gardeners. Indoor and outdoor cultivation of Pure Michigan cannabis seeds is possible, with an 8–9 week blooming period and a harvest window that begins in the middle of October for outdoor crops. Indoor marijuana cultivation results in a production of seventeen ounces per square meter; however, outdoor marijuana cultivation may result in a yield of up to nineteen ounces per plant. Consider growing Pure Michigan seeds in warm and humid temperatures, and prune them regularly for the best possible outcomes.

Yield from the pure Michigan strain

  • When grown indoors, expect seventeen ounces per square meter.
  • The outdoor yield per plant is 19 ounces.

The most effective techniques for cultivating Pure Michigan strain

Super cropping

HST techniques like “super cropping” include pinching and bending branches to damage the inside fibers while leaving the outer lining intact. To do this, sturdy, woody branches are pinched until their internal structure is destroyed, but the branch’s outer shell or skin is not broken. Although this stress may seem counterintuitive, it benefits your plants by encouraging stronger vegetative growth and enhanced bud development. In response to predators and other stresses, female cannabis plants undoubtedly produce trichomes rich in cannabinoids and terpenes. In this way, the damage produced by super cropping prompts the plant’s defensive mechanisms, allowing it to absorb more nutrients and fuel its growth.


During pruning, you get to remove undesirable and even decaying leaves. Your cannabis plants will flourish if you remove the older, yellowing leaves as they appear. Never take off a leaf that seems healthy. To encourage growth in certain places, trimming your cannabis regularly is crucial. To control the spread of illness, you should prune your Pure Michigan cannabis strain in several contexts. However, after pruning, the plant will grow slowly for a few days as it recovers from losing leaves or branches. Try to snip or cut while doing cannabis pruning. Remember, if you prune your plants severely, they will experience shock and may either stop growing or die.


Like topping, but different from it, fimming is a high-stress technique designed to increase yield. The expansion of primary colas is still the target. Fimming might create four or more new leading colas rather than just two. If you have a few plants, this is a great strategy for you to use. The same hormone utilized to grow the primary cannabis stem is used to nourish the plant’s lateral branches. According to most growers, fimming is often far less effective than topping in reducing stretching. Still towering in stature, a fimmed plant will produce many additional colas at the very top.

Furthermore, after your plant has established 3-5 nodes, you should FIM it. Like cannabis topping, the approach may be detrimental if applied too early since it can shock the plant and stunt its growth. For plants to put up maximum effort during bud production during the flowering stage, you should FIM them during the vegetative phase.

Pure Michigan, developed by ThugPug Genetics and 3rd Coast Genetics, is recommended for those with experience using cannabis because of its high THC content. The Pure Michigan strain has a calming, energizing, and humorous impact. It is a popular dispensary for people seeking medical marijuana to treat symptoms of stress, sadness, and gastrointestinal problems. This strain of cannabis relies heavily on terpene limonene.

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