777 eCigs – e-Cigarette Starter Kit Review Part 1

A Complete Review of 777 eCigs Starter Kit including a Vapor Test and Ranking. I cover Warranty, Customer Service, Batteries and Flavors – I even refill a cartridge. This is Part #1 of the 777 ecig Series Reviews. Part #2 will cover the 777 ecigs Ladies Signature Electronic Cigarette. Go to www.smokenjoey.com for extra information and coupon codes


The 777 eCigs Ultimate Starter Kit

 The 777 eCigs starter Kit includes all the essentials you need to get started enjoying the 777 e-Cigs experience. It is one of our most complete electronic cigarette starter kits. Our Ultimate starter kit includes 3 batteries with your choice of color, length, and manual or auto operation. We recommend all new 777 eCigs users to try both auto and manual batteries to determine which battery is most suitable for your eCig needs.
 777 eCigs Starter Kit includes:
  • 3 777 eCigs Batteries
  • 25 Signature Flavor Cartridges
  • 1 Home Smart Charger
  • 1 Car charger for on the go
  • Portable Charging Case
  • Metal Carry Case
  • USB Power Cig
  • 1 Owner’s manual
  • You can select up to 5 cartridge flavors and nicotine strength in your 777 eCigs Deluxe Kit.
  • Our popular flavors include: Classic (Tobacco), Traditional (Smooth tobacco), 777 Blend (Tobacco blend), Gold 7 (Tobacco blend), Menthol, Peppermint, Coffee, Caramel, Vanilla, Chocolate, Apple, Watermelon, Strawberry, Very Berry, Pina Colada, Italian Crème.
Included accessories for the  777 eCigs Starter Kit:
Metal Carry Case
The 777 eCigs carry case gives you an easy solution for storing your 777 eCigs batteries and spare cartridges in your pocket or purse.
The molded inserts hold two short or standard length batteries and two cartridges.  Note: the carry case will not hold the 777 eCigs long
Portable Charging Case PCC
(There’s nothing worse than a dead 777 eCigs battery and no power outlet!)
Our portable charging case makes charging your batteries quick and easy with no power outlet. Just screw in your 777 battery into the PCC to recharge. The PCC is equipped with a battery level status indicator, when you push the button the LED screen will show you the battery charge level. The PCC charger will re-charge a single battery up to 4-5 times before needing to be charged. When the PCC needs recharging, there are several options to recharge your PCC, you can simply plug the supplied USB plug into any compatible USB port, your computer, car charger or wall plug to recharge the built in battery.
777 Power-Cig –  777 eCigs Starter Kit
The 777 Power-Cig is a wired electronic cigarette battery attached to a USB cord which can plug into your computer USB port to use at your desk so you don’t have to worry about charging batteries, also to conserve your 777 eCigs Batteries for when your on the go.   Simply plug the device into your desktop computer’s USB port and screw on a 777 eCigs Cartridge and puff away. The atomizer in your cartridge will receive its power directly from the computer or you can plug into your car charger so you can puff in the car for the ultimate driving experience. Please drive and puff responsibly, check with your local laws and regulations regarding puffing and driving.