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777 eCigs Launches The M-1 Mod, VV/VW, and much more…

Just a few weeks ago I wrote about the new expanded presence of one of the most honest and straightforward vendors in the industry, 777 eCigs, and how they were expanding their product line to include several new branded mods, and top of the line batteries, tanks, glassomizers, and much more. Today, I’m hear to tell you about a mod I’ve been using for more than a week now, the new 777 M-1.

The M-1 is an original design by 777, custom crafted by 777, with exclusive features and functions. It is also one of the best looking mods I’ve seen. As you can see by the accompanying photos, this hour-glass shaped mod is not only beautiful, but it features textured stainless steel, an eVic-like head, and all of the features found in top-of-the-line devices that make up part of it’s DNA. The M-1 a serious mod for serious vapers, including such features as variable voltage, variable wattage, resistance meter, safety circuitry and a bright and sharp OLED screen.   The 777 M-1 mod is a 510 & ego thread mod so you can use just about any tank, clearomizer, glassomizer, or 510-cartos to your heart’s content. I’ve used several different devices with it and they all worked beautifully.777 eCigs First Full-Blown Mod, the M-1

The photo in this review that shows the M-1 taken apart illustrates how you can swap out an 18650 battery for an 18350, with simply leaving off one section of the tube. With an 18350 battery the mod feels much smaller, yet still just as capable. With the 18650 you have a standard size mod, longer battery life, and a little more heft to it. With the option of switching battery sizes you have the opportunity to go ‘stealth’ if you need to, without concerning yourself with the unattractive ‘telescopic’ features of other mods.

I had a chance to talk to Paul at 777 again, to ask him about the evolution of the M-1. This is what he had to say:

Well, how this product started was one of my manufactures approached me with the idea and a single sample. I made several changes, including a locked feature that disables the rotating wheel when no adjustments are needed, and more… so as of last week this is my design. The next batch will have enlarged text on the digital screen which I think is a little too small, but my younger employees think its fine, maybe it’s my eyes as I get older.”

Real World Usage

After using a whole bunch of mods that are basically a cylindrical tube, handling the M-1 was a pleasure. You really feel like you have a good grip on it. All the features worked, were accurate during my testing, and I particularly enjoyed using it with an Aspire Nautilus and AeroTanks by Kanger. As for the OLED text being too small, that depends on your eyes, I didn’t have any problem with it but my wife needed her reading glasses.

But, there are a couple of things I would like to see changed, or at least tweaked. For one, the notched dial above the battery and below the black head spins a little too loosely. I would like to see the voltage and wattage change up or down with each click of the dial, but it doesn’t do that. Probably just a matter of tightening it down some, but in order to me to change the setting I would sometimes have to move the dial 3 or 4 ‘clicks’ before the screen displayed the change.777 eCigs First Full-Blown Mod, the M-1

One other minor quibble with the M-1 is remembering which buttons are used for which function. The button shapes are identical and sit opposite each other on the glossy black head section, and nearly flush with the head. One is for bringing up the menu the other is the firing button. When I changed the setting I had to look at the buttons to make sure I was going to hit the firing button when I would take a draw. I’d rather have, well, if not a different button, maybe a different color, or maybe a different feel. Too many times I had to spin the device around to get my correct thumb on the firing button. Simple, minor issues really, but worth mentioning.

Bottom Line

The 777 eCigs M-1 is a major first for the company. This is unlike every other product produced by 777. The M-1 would satisfy any level Vaper, offering features found in more expensive mods, and it feels very well made. 777 did not take the cheap way out, they never do, so for the price of $99 you’re getting good value for a good product.

Most mods in this price range offer similar, if not identical features and functions, so if I were a customer looking to buy a mod like this there are two major factors that weigh in support of the M-1.

777 eCigs First Full-Blown Mod, the M-1One is the company behind it, 777 eCigs. I’ve known these guys for a long time and I’ve never heard anyone say anything bad about them. Their customer service bends over backwards to help, and with the number of emails I get everyday about vendors if there were complaints out there I would hear about them. You can trust the company, and that means a lot.

The other major factor that supports the M-1 over much of the competition is value. If you’re going to spend $100 for a mod you not only want, or insist, on the features of the M-1, but you want something of quality. You want high-grade stainless steel, modern chip sets, and dependability. Most of all, you want accuracy. If you set the voltage to 3.7v you want 3.7v, and our testing leads me to believe that your unit, when it arrives, will be just as accurate as ours.

There are many Vapers out there in the community that have their mod and are happy with it. While I may think this would make a great primary mod for experienced Vapers, it would also make a wonderful, fully featured back up mod. For Vapers just coming into the world of VV/VW mods this is a great opportunity to buy a mod with all the bells and whistles at just under $100. They may not want another mod for a very long time.

In closing, I urge all the experienced Vapers in the community that may know Triple 7, or 777 eCigs, as a cig-a-like brand, to learn more about this aggressive company. In a years time they’ve stepped up their game wisely, taking bolder and bolder steps, and are now among the most trusted of vendors.

They may not have the fanciest website around, they certainly don’t spout off with wild claims that some vendors do, and if there is one thing I’ve learned in 2.5 years it’s that there is no vendor that works harder, that’s more dedicated to building the right kind of company, then 777 eCigs. The M-1 is the result of hard work, experience, and a solid grounding in reality. They are the real deal, and so is the M-1

John Manzione

M-1 Features:

  • Variable Voltage: voltage can be adjusted from 3.0 – 6.0 volts in .1-volt increments.
  • Variable Wattage: Wattage can be adjusted from 6.0 – 16.0 W in .5 watts increments.
  • Short Circuit Protection.
  • Reverse Battery Protection Circuit
  • Battery Voltage Detection
  • Resistive Load Detection (ohms meter)
  • ON/OFF function
  • LED Battery Power Display
  • Low Voltage Warning
  • Safety shut off feature
  • Removable Tubes to use 18350 or 18650 batteries
  • Battery safety protection
  • Compatible with most tanks ( iClear16, iClear30, Magnum tanks, Protanks & most ego thread tanks)
  • Built-in 3 Character Display (Ohms meter, Volts /Watts, Atomizer voltage output)