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777 eCigs Bullet eCigarette Review – The mini-eCig Grows Up

777 eCigs is one of the fastest growing eCigarette brands to appear on the electronic cigarette scene in the past year. The business ethics of 777 paved a road to success and proved that not every cig-a-like brand in the industry are crooks or con artists. They offer high-quality vaping products at fair prices and they refuse to fill their website with outlandish claims like so many others. Bring up Bull Smoke and 777 eCigs on two browser windows you will understand in an instant what I mean. It’s like night and day.

So, when we heard that they were launching a new eCigarette, one with a longer lasting battery and a miniature clearomizer we took notice. We asked to review one when they became available. It’s been a few days now and after continuous use of this new product I’m ready to reveal the pros and cons of this evolutionary step in mini-vaping.

The 777 eCigs Bullet

777 eCigs is the first of the major electronic cigarette companies to launch what will most assuredly be the next big thing in mini-eCigs, or cig-a-likes. They call it the “Bullet”, and it is the coolest small battery eCig I’ve had the pleasure to use. It has instantly become the ecigarette I use in public when I don’t want to rouse the attention of people around me. Because it’s not much bigger than a normal ecigarette it makes for great ‘stealth’ vaping. The vaping experience is ‘bigger’ than vaping with a mini-eCig as well.

This is what millions of Vapers who are currently using cig-a-likes will be vaping soon enough. It is the next step, the evolution, of the cig-a-like.

What It Is

The 777 eCigs Bullet is a 2-piece electronic cigarette featuring a slighter larger than normal, manually activated battery rated at 320mAh, with what I can only describe as a ‘baby-clearomizer’ in place of the old-school cartomizer. I’ll get into the details in a moment, but upfront, these eCigarettes provide a much better vaping experience than any 2-piece mini-battery and cartomizer available. More vapor, more flavor, and a longer-lasting battery is the end result of moving up to a Bullet.

The Bullet fills a hole in the eCigarette marketplace I didn’t even know was there. After using it for a few days I’m sold on it. Many Vapers that start with the cig-a-like often want a bigger experience at some point but are nervous about moving all the way up to a full-sized eGo or some variable voltage battery. The Bullet makes the transition to something ‘more’ easier.

Starter Kits

There are two 777 eCigs Bullet Starter Kit configurations offered. The first kit is called “the essentials”. It’s a single-battery single-mini-clearomizer with a USB + Wall Adapter, and printed manual (nice Americanized English too) for $35.95. If you’re already vaping and are interested in having a stronger ecigarette in your vaping arsenal this is a good deal, and priced right. But, if you were looking for vaping solution to either replace your current cig-a-like setup or you’re looking to purchase your first starter kit I’d take a pass on it. Single battery starter kits are fine, if priced right, as a backup, but as a main kit you’re better off stepping up to the Bullet’s “Standard” kit. Whenever you have a single battery available for vaping there will be ‘down time’ while it recharges and can be an unwanted experience, to say the least.

The Standard Kit is the ‘essentials’ kit with an extra battery and mini-clearomizer. For $10 more it’s the best deal in the house ($49.95). The only downside to either kit is that neither one comes with a bottle of eLiquid. If you already have eLiquid at your disposal you’re all set, but if don’t, or if you haven’t tried 777’s eLiquid yet you’re missing out on some great tasting juice, so throw in a bottle of juice in the shopping cart when you place your order. There are 42 flavors to choose from, and they are all packed with flavor.

The Battery

The Bullet battery is a 3.7v (fully charged), 320mAh, 808-threaded with manual activation, featuring a good-sized backlit polished metal button for activating. A 5-click on/off feature adds a level of safety and if you utilize it you’re wind up recharging your battery less often. ( Note* As someone who never bothered shutting her batteries off, when I forced myself to start doing it I was amazed at how less often I was sticking my batteries to their chargers.) It is also a lithium-ion battery so it can be charged and recharged up to (and exceeding) 300 times before needing to be replaced. My experience with lithium-ion tells me that 300 is a conservative number, you’ll probably get 20-25% more than that.

Long Lasting: While steadily vaping you can expect a fully charged battery to last at least 4 to 5 hours. When you’ve used the battery for a large part the day and it finally reaches the threshold of needing to be recharged the LED backlight will begin to flash, letting you know to switch to your backup and get this one back on the charger. They recharge about as fast as a normal mini-eCig. Expect about 2 hours for a full recharge.

The Bullet is available in black or stainless steel finishes. When ordering the ‘standard’ starter kit you can choose either color for both batteries or order a black and a stainless steel. We received the black and stainless steel kit for review. The black battery finish is a nice glossy black and the stainless steel has a nice smooth, almost chrome finish. Both batteries look and feel great, and the battery is light and balanced in your hand when you’re using it.

The activator button sits flush with the body of the battery. I suspect that like me it will take you a couple of hours of feeling around for the button while vaping, after that your fingers seem to be able to pick up the difference in the tactile feel of the button without any effort. I understand the aesthetics of making the activator button flush, but had it been bumped up just a tiny bit it would have made the initial two hours of fumbling for it a non-issue. Lastly, the bullet has a 15-second cut off time, which is plenty long enough and longer than most any other battery I can think of. A nice steady pull will provide plenty of vapor, and although the cut off is 15-seconds I never got near that limit. Can you imagine the throat hit with a 15-second pull?

The mini-Clearomizer

The idea of the mini-clearomizer, or “minimizer”, is so new that this was my first time using one. I am mightily impressed with it. It holds a full 1.3ML of eLiquid; nearly double that of most normal (.7ml-capicity) cartomizers. The drip tip is a plastic screw-on tip, smaller than the drip tip on a normal sized clearomizer but plenty comfortable. The screw-on tip prevents any leaking from the top of the clearomizer. In fact, so far I haven’t experienced any leaking whatsoever.

It is a top-coil clearomizer and the atomizer will last an average of a week or more with steady use. How long your mini-clearomizer will last depends on several factors, including how strong you vape, how often, and the type of eLiquid you’re pushing on the atomizer. The only difference between this mini-clearomizer and a full sized clearomizer is the physical size. The quality of the atomizer and the tank itself, and even the drip tip, are right up there with any Clearomizer CE4 you can find.

The coils are not replaceable, yet, so once you start getting an under-performing vape while your battery is fully charged, it’s probably time to toss the clearomizer and start with a new one. (Note* the mini-clearomizer is sold individually at for $4.95 each.) Considering the price of the standard clearomizers are often $5.95 or more, $4.95 is a fair price for a mini-clearomizer. I wouldn’t hesitate to keep several of them around at that price, all filled with my favorite eLiquids so switching flavors on a whim is quick and easy. Comparison: A standard sized CE4 clearomizer from Apollo Cigs holds 1.6ML of eJuice and sells for $5.95. Physically it’s about 3 times the size, yet it holds just .3ML more juice and costs a buck and a half more.

Filling the mini-Clearomizer

Unscrewing the tip drip and looking down inside the tank you get the immediate impression that the only way to get eJuice inside is to use a syringe. On closer inspection you can see that as small as they are they can be filled with almost any bottle tip, but the 777 eCigs Shisha eJuice comes with a bent needle tip that makes filling the tank a breeze. Otherwise you can use a simple syringe or eyedropper to fill it, just like any other clearomizer. For this review I used both the 777 eCigs Shisha liquids and eLiquids from a couple other brands and didn’t have any problems with filling the mini-clearomizers.

Real World Impressions

By now you’re probably wondering if the 777 Halo Cigs Bullet is the right solution for you. The answer to that question depends on your individual vaping needs and what you are using now. If you are a Vaper that depends on pre-filled cartomizers and have zero interest in moving beyond that then the Bullet or any other vaping system that requires you to handle eLiquid is not for you. Not yet anyway. Most people will move up from prefilled cartomizers, or at least supplement them with a stronger vaping solution and when that time comes for you the Bullet is a great move up.

If you are new to vaping and just starting out you can avoid the pre-filled cartomizer experience by moving to the Bullet instead. It is less expensive then using pre-filled cartomizers and you never have to put up with the last couple of hours of a dying cartomizer. You can easily see how much eJuice is left in the clearomizer so when it gets low you can fill it back up and never again worry about a weak drag or that burnt taste of pulling on a near-empty cartomizer. A full mini-clearomizer lasts most of the day, even for Vapers that vape a lot. My experience with using a Bullet full time required just one refill a day. Starting at around 7AM I would refill the mini-clearomizer about 3PM and that would take me through the rest of the day.

Over the past year+ I’ve used every different type of vaping device on the market. From the smallest of the small mini-eCigs to the advanced vaporizers like the eVic, ZMAX, and ProVari, and each one serves a purpose and fills a need for the varied Vapers among us. The new Bullet fills a purpose as well. Despite the fact that my personal choice is my red brass ZMAX and a large tank for vaping at home and the office, out in public I used to bring a mini-eCig and a couple of cartomizers. After using the Bullet for a few days that has changed.

When the Bullet starter kit arrived the first thing I did was to charge up the batteries. They come with a substantial charge already but it’s a good idea to charge them before using. Once they were charged up I filled one of the mini-clearomizers and began vaping. It was such a pleasant experience I wound up leaving my ZMAX on the nightstand all weekend long. I’m not about to tell you I gave up my ZMAX and my 3ML, 5ML, and 6ML carto-tanks and clearomizers, but that first day I simply didn’t feel the need to switch. I was enjoying the Bullet, so why stop?

Even more importantly, yesterday I had to run to the grocery store and I took the Bullet with me. I vaped throughout the grocery store and never felt like I was drawing attention to it. I felt the privacy that a mini-eCig offers, but the “bigger” vaping experience with the Bullet was just so much better. Visiting friends and relatives, going to parties or out to eat, and when traveling, the Bullet will make a great companion.


Spinfuel talked with the owners of 777 eCigs last year when we reviewed their mini-eCig starter kit. We loved their straight and honest approach to the electronic cigarette industry. They never made outlandish claims on their website, they never claimed they are the “#1 Best-Selling eCigarette” on the market, and all the rest of the BS of lesser brands. They never make a claim they can’t back up. They just tell the truth.

777 eCigs created this company by launching with the high quality products along with 16 flavors in pre-filled cartomizers, and offered their 16 flavors in eLiquid bottles and blank cartomizer packs. Every one of us was impressed with their products and their honesty. We’ve chosen 777 eCigs starter kits as giveaway prizes and I have personally moved 3 smokers off tobacco and onto 777 eCigs. Even my primary care doctor’s mother-in-law uses 777 eCigs now.

We reviewed their eLiquid line and found them all to be very flavorful and high quality (except for their menthols, we didn’t care for them), and we made it known that they were Chinese manufactured eLiquid. (They gave us some inside information that made it clear they did not buy from just any company and in fact had developed their custom flavors themselves.)

Lastly, the Bullet is selling like hot cakes (hot cakes? – ed.) and 777 eCigs has even more products in the pipeline that will definitely keep them in the game as one of the premium brands on the market that can be trusted. Along with the Bullet they just launched their eHookah, and John and Tom will have their review on it this week, as well as a line of disposables we’ll talk about this week as well.

777 eCigs is on the move with some very impressive products. High quality, fair prices, and 42-flavors of eLiquid and Shisha eLiquids makes 777 eCigs a company we trust and fully endorse.

Julia Barnes