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The 777 eHookah Review – A Lot More Fun Than You Think


Tom: When my editor asked me to join him in the review of the new 777 eCigs eHookah I had no idea what it was, other than a hookah type product. On YouTube and other places there are videos that show what looks to me as big eCigarettes, not hookahs, so I really had no idea what to expect.

When I saw it in person I had no idea how to use it, and the first time I saw an eHookah cartridge I had no idea what to do with it, where it went, or anything else. I was a complete noob all over again.

The 777 eCigs eHookah (that’s a mouthful) was the strangest vaping experience of my life, at first. It was also the most fun. Once the review was over the eHookah was turned over to me and I accepted it happily. Nowadays you’re more than likely to find Angel and me sitting on the sofa, in the evening, with the eHookah between us. We enjoy it immensely.

Oh, and the water in the bowl and the bubbling sounds it makes? So cool, so fun, it’s an experience all by itself, so much so that I’m spending probably half my vaping time with the eHookah now.


John: Before the review I thought the eHookah was not something every Vaper is going to want. I thought it might appeal to a couple of types of Vapers; those of us that were around when The Beatles were still a band putting out new albums and on occasion we would share a hookah with certain types of smoke-able substances, and Vapers that can be defined as having above average creativity, who are more open and adventurous, and those that perhaps wish they were adults when The Beatles put out new albums and John and Yoko were on their ‘Bed-in for Peace’ tour. In other words, I thought the eHookah was not a mainstream vaporizer. Now, I’m not so sure.

Once the eHookah reaches a certain penetration point in the vaping community I think it has a real chance of becoming one of the top selling PV’s. Tom is right when he says the 777 eHookah is a beautiful hookah, and that the bubbling sound definitely has a strange allure. The whole ‘hookah’ experience, without the harmful side effects of traditional hookahs and tobacco (or whatever), is a very enjoyable way to vape.

The Hookah or Shisha Community

As Vapers we (Spinfuel) were taken a bit off guard when we heard about the eHookah. But once we started looking into it we spread out our research to include the traditional hookah, (sometimes called a shisha) and were astounded to see that there are dozens of websites dedicated to hookahs.

We had no idea that hookah usage is as popular as it is, especially here in the US and over in the UK, and of course in the middle east. The eHookah, like the eCigarette, offers the same benefits to traditional hookah users that the ecigarette offers the cigarette smokers. With traditional hookah users there is added benefit of not having to concern yourself with one of the major pains about using a hookah (or so we’re told) and that is maintaining hot coals. Suddenly the idea of an eHookah began to make a lot of sense. We are sure that the people that are “into” using hookahs are every bit concerned about their health as those that use cigarettes, pipes, and other forms of tobacco are and that switching to an eHookah is probably an intriguing idea. That said the eHookah would need to deliver a vaping experience equal to, or greater than, the experience of a traditional hookah to be taken seriously.

By setting out to create an electronic hookah that could deliver the same experience without all the nastiness of a traditional hookah, by using a battery instead of hot coals, and with a specially blended Shisha liquid, it looks as though 777 eCigs is giving hookah community something to consider. A little Google searching turns up a whole lot of information about hookah users expressing a desire to switch to something safer, so from here on out its just a matter of getting the 777 eHookah in front of the hookah community. A tall order? Perhaps not.

The eHookah by 777 eCigs

777’s eHookah is an electronic atomizing/vaporizing device that can give the end-user the ‘experience’ of smoking a traditional tobacco, or tobacco-like (come on, you know what we mean, don’t make us spell it out) Hookahs. The intense vapor and flavors, especially using the 777 eCigs special Shisha Liquids that were blended for their eHookah (but can be used in any eCigarette), makes the eHookah a device a Vaper would never forget. I can tell you that whatever it is you’ve vaped before; the eHookah is on a whole different level.

The concept of the 777 eHookah is exactly the same as any vaping device. The eLiquid is vaporized and you inhale it, that’s pretty much it. The difference is the delivery device itself, a powerful device with a unique way of getting the vapor to you, in a thick vapor laced with incredible flavors.

Tom: The features of this eHookah are astounding. Being able to change flavors in seconds simply by switching out the flavor “tank” is one of the best things I like about it. But be warned; you will want to vape an eHookah a lot longer than you would any other vaping device so you might consider doing what I did. I lowered the nicotine content by half over what I vape in eLiquids and eCigarettes. By lowering the nicotine level I was able to still get a sizable throat hit and vape on it for hours.

John: That’s a very good point Tom. The 777 eCigs eHookah is something you want to use for quite a while, like a traditional hookah. A lot of people vape their eCigarette until their nicotine blood levels have returned to normal and then they stop. The eHookah is an invitation to vape longer, relax more, and unwind.

Using an eHookah to the fullest means to invite someone to sit for a spell, relax, and vape with you. So you are right, you don’t want to over do it, so by taking in less nicotine over a longer period of time it’s the ideal way to deal with longer vaping sessions.

The Mechanics

The 777 eHookah consists of two (2) primary components. There is the flavor cartridge (cartomizer) and the battery, pretty much the tech behind every electronic vaping device on the planet.

Setting up the eHookah was easy; unpack the contents in the long, sturdy box (with a flip-flap), fill the bowl with water (we used a nice bottled water for purity), fill the cartomizers, attach the hoses, charge the battery, attach the hand grips that contain the cartomizers to the hoses, turn it on and vape to the sound of a babbling brook.


Each 777 eHookah Cartridge is filled with an eLiquid called ‘shisha’ which consists of a solution of nicotine, (or no nicotine), and water, food colorings, fruit and tobacco extracts, along with the usual propylene glycol (PG) and vegetable glycerin (VG). Like the “cartomizer” each of the 777 eHookah cartridges contain built-in atomizers, eliminating the need to buy additional atomizers or cleaning atomizers, and so on.

Tom: I respect 777 eCigs because they are a company building their product line without the fake bullshit you see on many brands. They don’t make claims that aren’t true, they don’t boost about being the #1 best-selling whatever, and with regard to their eLiquids, they make the ingredient list available to anyone interested in knowing exactly what’s inside. By posting a complete shisha ingredients list they aren’t trying to hide anything from the customer. (Follow this link E-Liquid Ingredients.)

The Starter Kit comes with a 5-pack of Cartridges and they are reusable up to 10 times (according to 777). We played around with the flavors quite a bit so all in all we never did reach the 10 refills but after 6 or 7 refills they were still going strong. Additional 5-packs can be purchased for just $9.95. (look for numerous 777 eCigs sales and stock up)

Filling the cartridges is as easy as filling any cartomizer. I like using syringes to fill everything, except maybe Kanger T3 and EVODS, because it’s quick, clean, and easy. 777 tells us that they prefer dripping in the cartomizer/cartridge using the eyedropper in the Shisha bottles. Whatever method you choose is fine. Each cartridge takes about 20 drops of liquid.

Naturally the eHookah uses 2 cartridges when you utilize both hoses, but we would be remiss if we didn’t tell you that you don’t need two people to enjoy the device. If its only you using the eHookah you’re fine with one cartridge.

Tom: I want to interject that another cool aspect to the eHookah is that if it is only you vaping with it you can hook up both hoses with different flavors and switch back and forth.

Using The eHookah

Using the 777 eHookah is a simple matter of filling a cartridge with your chosen flavor and screwing it on the end of one of the hoses. As long as you have a charged battery and liquid in the cartridge you’re vaping. Tired of the current flavor? Pop the cartridge off and put a new one on. Simple.

Tom: The crazy-cool factor of sharing an eHookah with a friend is that you can both vape different flavors at the same time. Since the cartridge screws into the hose, and there are two hoses, well, you do the math (groan – ed.) I’ve smoked on a traditional hookah before so I naturally assumed that when using an eHookah you share the same eLiquid, I wasn’t expecting the separate cartridges, which is very very cool.

John: You’re right. The two-flavor ability gives you the opportunity to do something “communal” but at the same time the ability to vape your chosen flavor. I’ve seen Julia and Keira using the eHookah and it is an intimate experience, it brings you closer together, a bonding experience if you will. Yet, Julia might want to vape a peach flavor and Keira might want blueberry or vanilla, and with an eHookah they can. That’s a huge selling point I don’t see 777 making.

The Battery

The battery that 777 chose to use in the eHookah is rated at 4 hours (2200mAh). Our experience was just a little over 4 hours, pretty much right on the money. I think we’ve recharged the battery more than a dozen times between all of us and the last time it was used the battery lasted 4:11 minutes, so it seems to be a quality battery.

Tom: Another thing that 777 gloss over is the fact that the eHookah is a pass-through device. Plug that baby into a USB port or the wall and you can vape constantly with the added benefit of recharging the battery. That is huge, and something very much worth shouting about when it comes to features.

Here’s What You Get for $129.00

The price of the 777 eCigs eHookah Starter Kit was $50 less than I thought it would be. I had figured on $179 price tag when I first saw it (it’s a game I play- John) and when I found out it was just $129 I was surprised, but in a happy way.

• 1- 2200 mAh Battery
• 1- 5 Pack Of Blank Refillable e-Hookah Cartridges
• 1 Wall Charger
• 1 Owner’s Manual
• 2- e-Hookah Hoses

The Shisha Liquid

Before we get into the Shisha liquids themselves you need to know that while these liquids were specially blended for use in an eHookah they can be used in any electronic cigarette, particularly 777’s Bullet and their mini-eCigarettes. We’ve used them in the Bullet during the Bullet review and the flavors are very intense and flavorful to the extreme.

777 is not the only company making an eLiquid called “Shisha”, but as far as I know they offer the most flavors. A Shisha liquid is known for its ability to deliver a lot, and we mean a lot, of flavor. The richness of the flavor catches you off guard actually.

John: The first time I tried one of 777’s Shisha flavors it was in the form of one of 777’s blank cartomizers and their cig-a-like battery. After the first drag I pulled back on the eCig and looked at it because the flavor strength freaked me out a bit. I didn’t expect it to be so flavorful, but I have since learned that it’s normal for a Shisha liquid to deliver that much flavor. Now I use them in many devices.

777 eCigs launched the eHookah with 24 flavors of Shisha. We’re going to do a regular Spinfuel eLiquid Review by the team in the next couple of weeks so rather than go over each one now, we’ll tell you about our favorite flavors.

Tom: For me it was Sugarplum. This is a plum-flavored Shisha that delivers an authentic sweet plum flavor. I happen to love plums, both red and black plums (he means dark blue – ed.). But real plums have to be ripe before they deliver the full flavor and sweetness you want in a plum and the guys at 777 blended a fully ripened plum Shisha because it is a sweet plum liquid. I like several of the others, but Sugarplum was just amazing.

John: For me it was a tough call between the Triple 7 Mai Tai and the Georgia Peach. Choosing between those two I would have to opt for the Georgia Peach because it was a sweet peach flavor, very rich and very peachy. And I love peaches.

Real World Experience and Buying Advice

Setting up the 777 eHookah was a breeze, the 2200mAh battery lasts a long time, and hoses are long enough (though they could be a little longer), and the Shisha flavors are intensely flavorful, so the components to a great vape are all there.

John: It has been decades since I last sat down in front of a hookah. I wasn’t entirely sold on idea as a regular vaping device, but after several vaping sessions with it and the delicious Shisha flavors I am definitely sold on the device now. There is a little prep time involved, changing out the water in the bowl, filling the cartomizers, and so on, but it was well worth it. My wife and I enjoyed it at home a couple of nights ago and in the office it was passed from desk to desk. It was a hit, no doubt, and although Tom is the official owner of the eHookah now I’m pretty sure the others will get their eHookah times easily enough. Keira plans on buying one for her and Julia. Ain’t love grand?

Tom: The biggest selling point for me is the intimacy an eHookah brings. This is a vaping product that is best shared with someone. Angel and I love sharing a vape like this, and I think it played a factor in bringing us together faster.
The 777 eHookah is well made, works beautifully, and produces huge clouds of vapor and more flavor than you ever thought possible. I completely agree with the sentiment that once the eHookah starts to show up in more and more people’s homes other will want in on the action. And with a selling price of $129 it is a real bargain.

Tom & John: We are in complete agreement that eHookah vaping is an extraordinary experience. The 24 flavors of Shisha liquids made by 777 are flavorful and real vapor producers.
Our buying advice is very simple; if the idea of vaping with someone this way appeals to you then by all means be the first one on your block to buy one. Take it out at the next party and explain to the non-smokers that the eHookah is not a tobacco product (keep some zero-nicotine Shishas in the home as well, you don’t want non-smokers getting a buzz from the nicotine…or do you?) and invite them to take part in an incredible flavor experience. We’re betting that your party guests will be waiting in line for their chance to vape a hookah.


777 eCigs has the eHookah in stock and ready to ship (we checked). We’ve included a YouTube video below produced by 777 to introduce the eHookah. We urge you to take a look so that you can get a feel for how large it is, how long the hoses are, and to see how gorgeous it is.

Are there any negatives about the eHookah? Well, yea, of course. No product is perfect right? Here’s the rundown by each of us.

Tom: Once you get into the eHookah way of vaping you’re going to want to add other eHookahs to your collection. Well, I do anyway. So I would love to see 777 come out with different styles, colors, and even cool ornaments for the top. While the “777” logo is fine, the whole 777-thing reminds me of casinos and Vegas, not my favorite things. I would like to replace the 777 with something more personal to me.

I wouldn’t mind longer hoses either, and more choices in the handgrips, and even a few different battery strengths. While the 2200mAh was a splendid choice for the first one I’d love to see a 2500, 3000, or so on, because they will last even longer. Yes, you can use it as a pass-through, and believe we do, but being able to go all day on a single charge, say 10-12 hours of vaping, would be awesome. Other than that, the 777 eHookah is wonderful.

John: I agree with everything you said Tom, except for the batteries. Yes, it would be nice to have a choice of various mAh, but it’s not on my priority list. But I would like to see longer hoses as an accessory purchase, because if it came with longer hoses the price would be more than the affordable $129.00. The additional styles and colors? That has to be something 777 is considering, I imagine they are waiting for to see how the first one does before they go that way. Though I do agree that when you really like something you want more of it. Accessories and exchangeable parts is only natural.

Final Words

Tom: I have a lot of faith in the eHookah and I think there is potential for this area of the vape community and it will grow much larger. As for the 777 eHookah, if you’re looking for an intimate way to vape with a loved one or friend, this is it. Buy this one.

John: 777 had to sell me on the idea of an eHookah. Well, not them actually, the product. The product had to sell me. It had to provide a great vaping experience and it had to not only deliver great vapor and flavor, but I had to enjoy the whole “Hookah Experience”. And I did. I loved it. Watch the video, and let us know what YOU think.

Tom McBride and John Manzione