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 There is a lot of hype surrounding CBD oil at the moment. It’s almost everywhere you look. CBD comes from the hemp plant and it’s one of the main compounds found within cannabis. Every cannabinoid interacts with the body differently. Our nervous system even has special receptors that accept them.

With more research going into this apparent super-product, the demand for CBD follows suit. The market is increasing in value every year, especially since the 2018 Farm Bill made it legal at the federal level to produce industrialized hemp.

No matter what you may know about CBD oil right now, there’s always more to learn.

Here are 5 things you didn’t know about CBD oil.

  1. The CBD Industry Is Growing Rapidly

In fact, it’s becoming one of the fastest-growing industries of all time. There are all sorts of stores across the country that sell CBD oil, both brick and mortar and online. This is due to the huge demand for CBD oil and other CBD products.

Experts have suggested that the CBD industry has expanded by more than 100% a year since its inception and will continue to grow for the foreseeable future. It’s a popular product and with more research proving its benefits, the demand for it will only increase.

The CBD industry exceeded one billion dollars in 2019 and current projections expect it to be worth 20 billion dollars by the year 2024.

As old-fashioned stigmas subside and misinformation is replaced by scientific data and facts, CBD oil and other CBD products will be better understood by us all.

  1. CBD Oil Can Fight Against Cancer

CBD is showing some very promising signs in the everlong fight against cancer. It is caused by uncontrollable cell division that ultimately destroys healthy cells in the body, from the muscles to the organs. Cancer caused incredible pain to sufferers and existing treatments are just as uncomfortable as the disease itself.

This is where CBD oil and cannabinoids in general may be able to help. Studies are showing that not only can it help to deal with the symptoms of cancer, but it may also slow down tumor growth. Other research suggests that CBD can improve the effects of radiation therapies without putting healthy cells in danger.

So, all this suggests that taking CBD oil can inhibit cancer growth, control the symptoms and help to destroy tumors. Of course, more research is required before anything concrete can come of this but it’s certainly very promising.

  1. CBD Is Used For Seizures

The CBD industry for the most part is not regulated. The FDA has actually approved it to treat certain conditions. To date, there is only FDA-approved product but it paves the way for the future.

This product is called Epidolex and it is to treat rare and severe forms of epilepsy like Dravet Syndrome. These conditions cause sufferers to experience dangerous seizures.

By taking this CBD-based treatment, the seizures become less serious and those with the condition don’t experience as many as they would without it, essentially improving their quality of life.

  1. CBD Is Aiding New Medical Research

CBD oil is opening the possibilities to treating all kinds of health issues. There have been several studies looking at how it can help people with stress and anxiety, depression, PTSD, heart problems, high blood pressure, chronic pain, skin conditions like acne, Alzheimer’s disease and much more.

With the legalization of hemp and CBD, researchers and scientists have the freedom to conduct as much analysis into the compounds as they please. They can even raise plenty of money to help support their research.

The specialist receptors in our bodies make it clear that we are designed, at least to some extent, to use cannabinoids and the ever growing list of benefits supports this theory,

On top of all this, CBD oil can also be used in substance abuse. The US is in the middle of an opioid crisis, with painkillers behind thousands of overdoses every year, but they continue to be prescribed to patients as there aren’t any viable alternatives available.

CBD can help manage pain and inflammation but it can also have a positive effect on addiction by relieving withdrawals and reducing cravings.

  1. Pets And Children Can Use CBD Oil

The final thing you didn’t know about CBD oil is that you can give it to your pets and even your children.

Companies stock CBD pet treats for those suffering with chronic pain conditions, anxiety, or even those that have a problem with their appetite. They won’t even know they’re taking the CBD as the flavor is usually well covered by the treat.

Owners also give their pets CBD oil to relieve pain from conditions like arthritis. There is not as much research on CBD in pets as humans but pet owners claim the best CBD oils are convinced by its effectiveness.

Children can also benefit from CBD. Studies suggest that it can be effective for treating children with ADHD. It removes the need to give them stimulants that can have negative side effects.

This doesn’t mean that you should stop giving your child their medication immediately. You can certainly arrange a meeting with their doctor to talk about this natural alternative.

Like adults, children can also use CBD oil to treat pain and inflammation. Also, mental health issues like stress and anxiety. A host of other health problems can benefit from CBD.


CBD oil and CBD in general has a host of useful benefits. Children and pets can benefit just as much as adults without facing harmful side effects.

CBD oil is only becoming more popular. The more time and money put into research, studies and trials, the more you’ll see it in the mainstream. And with the legalization at the federal level, there’s no threat of the government halting progress.

The future of CBD is bright. Who knows what else it can do for us. Only time will tell, but it’s certainly exciting to think about.