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5 Great Flavors from Kia’s Virgin Vapor Vape Juice Review


Kai’s Virgin Vapor, once known as Virgin Vapor and one of Spinfuel’s very first e-liquid reviews a decade ago (2012), has undergone some major changes. But damn, it is so cool to be “reviewing” vape juice at all in 2022. I’ll explain what I mean by that at the end of this review.

As for how Kai’s Virgin Vapor creates a bold blend of vape juice, here’s how…

The KVV (Kai’s Virgin Vapor) flavor profile is built on a potent, bold platform.  Each blend is pure VG e-liquid that contains no colorants, no fillers, no diluting agents, or any preservatives. Each blend is also vegan, sugar-free, and gluten-free. In other words, these e-liquids are the best of the best, and while not the most inexpensive e-liquids, they are the ones I trust with my health.

The Flavor Process

Each KVV Flavors are all pure extractions. Extractions from ripe fruits, flowers, and nuts (not to worry, any flavor that includes nuts is noted for all to see.).

Keep in Mind

The most vital parts of the review to keep in mind (besides my flavor impressions of course) are:

    • KVV uses only Organic USP Grade Vegetable Glycerin
    • Tobacco Free Nicotine (when 0 mg is NOT ordered)
    • Only purse Organic Flavors are used.

Vape Juice from Kai’s Virgin Vapor – 5 Top Flavors

Before we begin, I want you to know that I did not pick these flavors. There are currently 18 flavors to choose from. I wanted it that way because I wanted to try flavors completely unknown to me. It would have been easy to choose flavors I always enjoy, like Perfect Peach, Coconut Conniption, and Fresh Thai Mango. Instead, the flavors below forced me to look deeply into how KVV created the flavors and how they delivered.

I used my trusty SMOK Morph 2 and 5 SMOK TFV16 Sub-Ohm Tanks with their .2-ohm Conical Mesh Coils at 65W. This coil delivers the longest life, pure flavors, and a wattage spread of 60-85W. Perfect for 100% VG vape juice and 10-14 days of coil life. Let’s begin with the name of the e-liquid, move on to Kai’s Virgin Vapor’s Official Description, and then my impressions.

Afterglow – My rating: 8/10

Bask in the calming taste of pure lavender followed by a burst of sweet pomegranate and the grounding finish of earthy bergamot. This vape juice is a soothing ritual best enjoyed in the gathering twilight at the end of a long day.”

My Turn

5 Great Flavors from Kia’s Virgin Vapor Vape Juice ReviewIf you read any of my e-liquid reviews from the past decade you’d know that every flavor component in Afterglow would be an immediate turnoff for me. Lavender? Pomegranate? Earthy Bergamot? Nope. Not me.

So why the high score of 8/10? I’m not sure really. Taking a fresh, clean TFV16 tank and fresh coil, I filled its 9mL capacity with Afterglow and let it sit for a few minutes. Then I drew in on the wide-mouth cap to draw e-liquid into the mesh coil. I set the wattage at 60W and began with short, light hits. (My ritual for breaking in a new coil and a new e-liquid)

At first the hit of flowery lavender was overwhelming. I don’t like flowery flavors. I was not happy at this point. I moved on to another flavor, that did not contain any flowery components and left Afterglow alone for 24 hours.

If you are an experienced Vaper, you well know that letting any flowery flavor component to sit overnight to properly mix, soak into the coil, and breath in natural air, dissipates that overpowering ‘flower’ taste so that you can capture all the flavors in the profile.

The next day I jumped the wattage to 65W, the sweet spot for this coil, and as I expected, that flowery hit was gone. In its place was a delicate and sweet lavender flavor on the inhale, a sweet and pleasant pomegranate flavor in the mid-point, and a delicious and potent orange flavor from the bergamot.

Allowing Afterglow an overnight aging did wonders for this very sophisticated flavor blend.  To be honest, if you’re looking for a sweet pastry, or bakery flavor, or any other sweet vape usually seen, you might not bother to try it. That would be a mistake. Afterglow is a delightful vape, producing massive, aromatic  clouds of vapor.

Hawaiian White Guava – 7/10

Aloha, guava. Plucking ripe guavas from the bush until the sun fell upon its sword over the ocean and wept purples and gold into the sea. The fireflies start their luminescent dance and I run home, my bare feet beating the earth, the grass slick between my toes.  Hello, guava, my old friend.”

5 Great Flavors Kia’s Virgin Vapor

My Turn

The guava is a unique fruit, part sweet, part tart, unimaginable until you have tasted it. A staple in the tropics, this delectable treat of a fruit will fill your vape with aloha spirit!

My least enjoyed flavor, Hawaiian White Guava will be a special treat, a new favorite, and a first-class vape for every Vaper on the planet that enjoys the flavor of ripe guava.

How do I know? Experience. Over the years I’ve vaped many, many guava e-liquids and while I might not have chosen any of them as a first-line flavor in my supply line, I know what a good guava tastes like. Hawaiian White Guava is not just a good guava vape juice, it’s an incredible, carefully crafted vape juice the likes of which you’ve never seen before now.

Like guava? You will adore Hawaiian White Guava

Singing The Blues – 10/10

Kai's Virgin Vapor - Vape Juice Review“Singing the Blues is a fresh, true blueberry flavor! Sweet, complex, and delicious!”

My Turn

Kai’s Virgin Vapor’s official description is exactly my thoughts. A sweet blueberry flavor is, to me, to die for. Before the arrival of these 5 flavors, my go-to is a blueberry vape. I won’t name names, but it’s what I’ve been vaping exclusively for 2 years. “Singing the Blues” blows my old favorite right out of the water. I was stunned.

Chances are you’ve vaped several blueberry e-liquids, but if you’re looking for one that will make you want to toss out all the others, this is it.

The only score I could honestly give was a perfect 10/10…

Romancing the Strawberry – 9/10

“With this intoxicating blend of pure strawberries overlayed with a delightful creaminess, it will be love at first vape. Queue the Al Green music…”

My Turn

While Afterglow was my first experience with Kai’s Virgin Vapor, I was terrified it would mean that every flavor would build off a flowery component. Fortunately, that is very far off course.  ‘Romancing the Strawberry’ is one of those strawberry and cream delights served up in a Rolls Royce.  I mean, wow. Rich, deep, sweet strawberry with thick creaminess is so satisfying as to be sinful.

The best strawberry and cream vape juice in years.

Razzmatazz – 9/10

5 Great Flavors from Kia’s Virgin VaporAre you ready for some Razzmatazz?  An explosion of sweet, juicy, true-to-life raspberry!  Let’s boogie!”

 My Turn

Over the years I’ve reviewed and/or vaped more than 300 different flavors from 75+ brands (99% were forced out of business by a senile Uncle Same). I tell you this because my relationship with raspberry flavors has always been hit and miss.

Some of the raspberry flavors, like say, from Ginger’s E-Juice (long gone now) created several amazing raspberry flavors. Others have produced raspberry flavors that were way too tart, sharp, and hard-hitting. My choice for raspberry vape juice is the type now made by Kai’s Virgin Vapor.

Razzmatazz delivers a powerful blast of raspberry flavor from the first tug of the tank. However, as powerful as it is, the raspberry flavor is sweet, full bodied, and delicious. Thankfully this is not some “blue raspberry” concoction, it is a ripe, sweet, honest red raspberry that made it on my “keep in stock” list the minute I tried it.

Kai’s Virgin Vapor Wrap Up

I know I’ve touched on only 5 of the 18 available flavors. If I’m lucky I may be able to do a part 2 that includes flavors that I already have a long relationship with. Whatever happens, in this review I’ve discovered new delights that I might have never tried, as well as revisiting a couple I love, and now love in a new more satisfying way.

With pure organic ingredients, careful use of the highest-grade flavors, Kai’s Virgin Vapor is an amazing evolution of one of the very first brands Spinfuel has ever reviewed.

Now about that rant, or “Why I’m surprised to review vape juice in 2022”

The US Government went to war over vaping a few years back. The moment it appeared that vaping could very well put Big Tobacco out of business with its safe alternative to all the certified carcinogens found in the death wave that is tobacco cigarettes, the government had to act.  Big Tobacco practically supports the government, financially, so when there is a threat to its money supply, when weighed against the health of its citizens, money wins every time.

Without getting into a long version of this wicked tale of corruption and deceit, let’s just say that the Feds tried many different tactics to rid the country of vaping, and eventually managed to do the most damage with two “last straws”; banning “flavors” and stopping the USPS from handling anything that has anything to do with the act of vaping.

Then of course, they pressured FedEx, UPS, DHL, etc., to go along with this ban. Hundreds of e-liquid manufactures in the US folded because they spent tens of thousands of dollars to the FDA to approve their products, which they didn’t, and never intended to.

With states like New Hampshire, a state which does put its citizens before profit, told the feds that it would allow ANY flavor in the state, the feds then acted by taking away the method to products from online vape shops to its customers. That put most US online vape shops out of business.

The survivors had to increase prices, find novel ways to get product to customers (the pony express method), and some are just ignoring the government and sending product in the mail anyway. Good for them!

The Only Legal Flavor “tobacco” is indeed a flavor

I found it incredibly insane that the level of stupidity of the government was so immense that no one even thought about the fact that “tobacco” flavors, the only “legal” flavor that could be sold, was a mix of 4 different flavors that attempts to duplicate the disgusting flavor of tobacco. I mean, come on!