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5 Best Kratom Products for Sleep (2023)


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5 Best Kratom Products for Sleep? You bet! Over the last few years, we’ve learned more and more about the importance of sleep. The classic, “sleep when you’re dead” philosophy has finally fallen out of favor, and in its place a science-backed approach that recognizes the best version of yourself is a well-slept one.

However, people struggle with sleep for countless reasons. Could kratom, a botanical herb from the kratom tree (mitragyna speciosa) in Southeast Asia, support you in falling asleep faster and staying asleep longer? 

If you choose high-quality, third-party tested products that are verified for purity and alkaloid strength, then you may have found a natural, herbal solution to help you sleep.

The Best Kratom Products for Sleep and Relaxation

Hush Platinum Extract (best for convenience, ease of use)

Maha Kali Red Vein Kratom (best powder-based option)

Red Vein Borneo (best for kratom beginners)

How Does Kratom Help With Sleep?

Kratom contains two active alkaloids that give it an array of effects: mitragynine and 7-hydroxy-mitragynine (7-HMG).

These alkaloids are responsible for kratom’s effects, from relieving pain, to improving energy levels at low doses, to helping you fall asleep at high doses.

Kratom at higher doses tends to have a sedation effect, and strains that test higher in 7-HMG also tend to help people relax and get better sleep.

When selecting a product, these are the two variables that matter. That’s why it’s important to find products that give you transparent test results of every batch of kratom. To that, we only include brands on our list that are certified by the American Kratom Association (AKA) and third-party tested.

Even products of the same strain have varying alkaloid levels. Overall red strains test higher for 7-HMG. That’s why you’ll see different red strains of kratom on our list.

Researchers are still investigating the exact scientific mechanism for how kratom seems to affect different people.

Here are the best kratom strains and products to help you fall asleep.

1) Hush Platinum Extract

The 5 Best Kratom Products for Sleep (2023) Extracts & Powders to Fall Asleep Fast

Check Lowest Price


  • High dose for sedation
  • Convenient liquid shot available
  • GMP-certified and third-party tested
  • Known alkaloid content
  • Proven, long-standing brand


  • Costs more than straight powder

The Best Kratom Products like Hush Kratom Platinum Full Spectrum Extract tops our list for its quality, transparency, and track record. 

Hush has been around for nearly ten years, are AKA certified, third-party tested, and backed by hundreds of five star reviews from their customers.

With the equivalent of 12 grams of plain leaf Kratom powder, the Platinum Shot has the most total alkaloids of any Kratom product. It’s the strongest shot Hush has to offer. Each bottle contains 3 servings. Just 1/3rd of the full shot is enough to start feeling the powerful relaxing effects of Kratom.

Another benefit to extracts in general is the dose is standardized. You’re getting the same dose in each shot.

Hush also uses food-grade food solvents, and takes extra steps to ensure quality. It’s no wonder they’ve been one of the top extract brands for years.

For all of these reasons, Hush Platinum Shot is our #1 pick for the best kratom for sleep. For more on extracts, you can check out our article on the best kratom extracts.

2) Maha Kali Red Kratom

The 5 Best Kratom Products for Sleep (2023) Extracts & Powders to Fall Asleep FastCheck Lowest Price


  • Stronger than most strains
  • High in 7-HMG to help you fall asleep
  • Long-lasting effects thanks to its strength
  • Great price
  • GMP-certified and third-party tested
  • Available in capsules and powder
  • QR code on every bag to view lab results


  • Alkaloid content varies by batch
  • Powder has a bitter taste

As mentioned, red kratom strains are typically better for sleep because of the higher 7-HMG content. 

However, what separates different strains of red? Again, it all depends on the alkaloid levels.

Maha Kali Red Vein Kratom tests about 20% stronger than most other commercial reds. 

This means stronger effects and falling asleep faster while needing to take less powder. 

How do you know the strength? Again, you need to buy from a company that displays their lab testing results. For pure, high-quality kratom with a strength that can soothe you to sleep, check out the third-party tested options from Viable Kratom.

Sourced from Kalimantan, the Indonesian side of Borneo, Viable’s Maha Kali Red Vein is named after the Hindu goddess of destruction, in Sanskrit the name loosely translates to “Great Time” and is known for its lasting effects, thanks to its high concentration of alkaloids.

Each batch is tested to meet the American Herbal Product Association Testing Requirements for Botanical Products.

3) Red Vein Borneo Kratom

The 5 Best Kratom Products for Sleep (2023) Extracts & Powders to Fall Asleep FastCheck Lowest Price


  • Gentler experience that’s great for beginners
  • Red strain with high 7-HMG ratio to help you sleep
  • Great price
  • GMP-certified and third-party tested
  • Available in capsules or powders
  • QR code on every bag to view lab results


  • Experienced users should go for a stronger strain

Any first time Kratom users wanting to start off with a gentle experience, look no further. Red Borneo kratom is just what you need to safely gauge what kind of effects you want when introducing Kratom.

This is a pure red vein, to give you a calm, mellow, and floaty effect.

It’s typically used to unwind and ease into a state of tranquility later on in the day. When your work day is done, lay back into the comfortable feeling that helps you ease into sleep. 

Viable’s Red Borneo comes as kratom powder or kratom capsules. It’s third-party-tested for purity. Each batch is tested to meet the American Herbal Product Association Testing Requirements for Botanical Products.

4) OPMS Gold Kratom Extract Liquid

The 5 Best Kratom Products for Sleep (2023) Extracts & Powders to Fall Asleep FastCheck Lowest Price


  • High dose for sedation
  • Convenient liquid shot available
  • GMP-certified and third-party tested
  • Known alkaloid content
  • Proven, long-standing brand


  • Costs more than straight powder

For another high-quality extract option, check out this Gold Kratom Extract from OPMS. OPMS also has a proven track record in the industry, are third-party tested, and give you a known dose.

Using a cold water high pressure extraction process, OPMS is able to pull out more potent alkaloids from their already high quality kratom.

This 8.8 mL shot has approximately 280 mg of 42% Mitragynine kratom leaf extract so just a drop or two added to your evening tea can help encourage a calming state.

5) Red Vein Sumatra Kratom

The 5 Best Kratom Products for Sleep (2023) Extracts & Powders to Fall Asleep Fast

Check Lowest Price


  • High in 7-HMG to help you fall asleep
  • Great price
  • GMP-certified and third-party tested
  • Available in capsules and powder
  • QR code on every bag to view lab results


  • Alkaloid content varies by batch
  • Powder has a bitter taste

Sumatra is referred to in Sanskrit as “Island of Gold” due to its bountiful gold deposits in the island’s mountains. While the island of Sumatra is no longer known for its gold ore, it’s turned into a plantation island known for its golden plant: Kratom.

Red Vein Sumatra is all you’ll need for a relaxing night after a long day. In fact, because the effects of Sumatra strains tend to be a little more mellow, it’s the perfect Viable Kratom product even if you get home a little too late. Just mix some in your water, take it back like a shot, and wait to feel that soothing effect all kratom users are raving about.

How to Use the Best Kratom Products For Sleep

Okay, now that you have your product, now let’s talk about protocol. Again, there isn’t great research on the effects of kratom, so for protocol we turn to the anecdotal experience of thousands of users.

Remember, kratom at lower doses has a slightly energizing effect. That means, even if you take a high dose, as it kicks in, you might feel alert before you ease into calm and relaxation. As a general guideline, take your dose about 2 hours before you want to be asleep. Again, this will vary, so test and tweak based on what works for you. However, this is a good starting place.

Best Kratom Dosage for Sleep

As for dose, around 10 grams of plain leaf kratom is a standard “sedation” dose.  Again, you’ll have to tweak based on your personal experience, as everybody metabolizes the kratom differently.

If you’re new to kratom, start with a smaller dose of 6-8 grams, and take it a bit earlier before bed. Some people do NOT get sedating effects from kratom at moderate doses, so you’ll want to make sure you don’t ruin your sleep.

If you take an extract, usually a standard dose will be enough. 

Sleep Pain-Free

Kratom for sleep is most popular among people who have chronic pain for pain relief.

It can help you when recovering from an injury or pain. Remember to listen to your doctor, but you can ask if kratom can replace at least some use of painkillers, or help you wean off them into a drug-free recovery.

If you suffer from chronic pain, kratom at lower doses can ease this and help you sleep better. For these reasons, it’s also popular as a pre-workout supplement for those who struggle with pain. However, for an energizing kratom, you’ll want to go with a white or a green strain.

Use it to Complement Your Routine

Kratom on its own will not fix your sleep. The typical  “sleep hygiene” basics are also important. Try to avoid bright screens a few hours before bed, get sunlight and movement in the morning, and stick to activities that help you relax (reading, meditation, light stretching, and more.)

Kratom Strains to AVOID For Sleep

White vein and green vein kratom tend to have more of a stimulating effect. You’ll want to avoid these strains and stick with extracts and red vein kratom to help you fall asleep.


What Are The Different Types of Kratom?

There are two main types: extracts and plain leaf kratom powder. Within this, there are many subtypes. Extracts, well, extract the alkaloids in kratom and distill it into a shot or capsule. They’re stronger, but often cost more.

Plain leaf kratom is when the kratom is dried and crushed into a powder. Red vein kratom is when the kratom is dried in the sun, white vein is when it’s dried in a greenhouse. Green vein is simply a combination of the two.

Plain leaf products have more variation in effects because the leaf grows differently with slightly different alkaloid ratios and concentrations.

This is how you can buy the same strain of kratom from the same vendor and have different effects. For a more consistent experience, go with an extract.

Is There a Best Brand of Kratom for Sleep?

The reality is with kratom, there are many good brands and many unreliable brands. Obviously there’s more gradience within this, but most kratom out there is crap.

Look for brands that check off a few boxes:

  • American Kratom Association, GMP-Certification. This ensures the brand is monitored and approved by the overseeing organization in the United States.
  • Transparent Lab Results. The brands on this list you can see the lab result of every batch with a simple QR code scan. 
  • A Track Record. On this list, we’ve only included brands that have been around for years, and have proven their quality over and over.

Hush, Viable, and OPMS are a few brands that check all of these boxes.

How Does Kratom Work?

Kratom contains two alkaloids: mitragynine and 7-HMG. These alkaloids attach to receptors called the “opioid receptors,” which are named so because opioids also attach to these same receptors.

That’s why the best kratom products have a much more mild version of the effects of serious painkillers. It can help soothe pain, improve mood, and in some circumstances, help sleep.

You can build a tolerance to kratom, even the best kratom products, which is why you should plan to cycle kratom and NOT use it every night to sleep.

What Are The Best Kratom Strains for Sleep?

Red kratom strains are your best bet for sleep. In particular Maha Kali red vein kratom seems to be most effective because it tests higher for alkaloids than other red kratoms.

Will Kratom Help Everyone Sleep?

No. First of all, it depends on the kratom strain and the product. As mentioned, red kratom strains seem to help more with sleep.

Second, it depends on the dose. Higher doses tend to help you get to sleep, whereas small doses have a stimulating effect.

Third, everybody is different, and since we don’t fully understand kratom on a biological level, some people will respond to kratom differently.

Will Kratom Help My Pain While I Sleep?

Yes. Kratom is a pain-reliever. If you struggle sleeping because of pain, kratom is worth looking into.

Can Kratom Help With Sleep Disorders?

While there isn’t enough research on kratom and sleep to affirm its use for an array of sleep disorders, countless users anecdotally have praised kratom for its sedative effect.

The right kratom and the right dose for the right person can definitely help you sleep.

Why Are Red Kratom Strains Better For Sleep?

This isn’t fully known, but the leading theory is because red strains tend to have a higher concentration of 7-HMG.

In general, users have found that red strains of kratom are more effective for sleep, in contrast to white strains or green strains, which are a blend of red and white. Sort of like tea, the species is the same, but the different strains have slightly different chemical compounds. Black tea, for example, has more caffeine than green tea.

Red kratom strains also test lower in mitragynine, one of the main alkaloids responsible for kratom’s effects, and the one that gives the most stimulating effect. Without the stimulant, you can get to sleep. As to how specifically it can help with sleep, that is still unknown.

Based on anecdotes though, red kratom works better for sleep.

Will All Red Kratom Strains Help With Sleep?

No. In particular, the ones that are marketed as red, but in reality are a blend, may have more stimulating effects.

For example red Maeng Da kratom is not on our list because red Maeng Da is a blend of red and white/green vein kratom.

In contrast, we have pure red vein kratoms on our list. These ones are most likely to give you the calming effect you’re looking for.

Second, lots of red vein kratom strains aren’t actually red kratom, and you have no way of knowing because many companies aren’t third-party tested. That’s why it’s important to choose from proven, quality products

Why Isn’t Red Bali Kratom On Your List?

A lot of companies advertise “red bali kratom” as being one of the best options for sleep. Here’s the problem with this though: you can’t get kratom from Bali. Nearly all commercial kratom comes from the Indonesian islands of Borneo and Sumatra.

Why do companies do this? Marketing. If you buy “Bali” kratom, you’re likely buying from a place that’s lying to you about where the kratom comes from.

How Do I Know If Kratom Is For Me?

You’re probably turning to kratom because you’ve tried a lot of what traditional medicine has told you will help, and it hasn’t.

Kratom is not for everybody, but there are lots of ways to safely try kratom, and see if it can give you the benefits you’re looking for. You may even want to try a few different kratom strains to see what’s best for you.

What Else is Kratom Used For?

It’s used for chronic pain, to help with opioid withdrawal, and to improve mood. If you’re addicted to painkillers, it can help the withdrawal symptoms so you can slowly take a lower dose.

Its analgesic properties may lead it to help people with stress-related conditions, from headaches and migraines to anxiety.

At lower doses and for green and white strains, it’s often used as a pick-me-up.

Does Kratom Impact Your Sleep Cycles?

Right now, we don’t have research on how kratom affects our sleep cycles. Anecdotally, we know kratom has helped many people fall asleep faster.

Can I Combine Caffeine with Kratom?

If you’re taking kratom for a boost, you may consider combining it with caffeine. For more, check out this article on kratom and coffee.

Can I Combine Kratom with Melatonin for Sleep?

Melatonin as a sleep supplement has become increasingly controversial. That’s because it slows down your body’s natural melatonin production, which may make you dependent on the supplement to sleep.

With this in mind, using melatonin and kratom together is inadvisable.

What Are The Side Effects of Kratom?

Kratom does have a few common side effects. The FDA warns against kratom use, however critiques from big organizations have been met with backlash from a big community of kratom users who’ve harped on kratom’s benefits. Nonetheless, there are a few side effects.

GI Distress

The most common side effect of kratom is GI distress. The kratom leaf can’t be easily digested by humans. You may wind up with mild nausea, constipation, or other side effects resulting from indigestion. If you have a sensitive stomach, you may want to go for an extract option.

Hallucinations, Impairment

You should not operate machinery while taking kratom. Especially at higher doses and can lead to a “high” feeling that impairs your perception.

Does Kratom Help With Weight Loss?

Kratom is not a weight loss supplement. However, smaller doses of white and green vein kratom are popular as a pre-workout supplement.

What’s the Difference Between Borneo vs Sumatra vs Bali Kratom?

You’ll see a lot of companies touting certain types of kratom as the best, without much evidence (like verified lab testing) to back it up.

The reality is, the difference in these strains is that they’re grown in different places. Borneo kratom comes from the island of Borneo, while Sumatra kratom comes from Sumatra. (This is usually the case, other times less reputable brands just make up where it comes from.)

Different islands will have slightly different soils, which may mean different effects. However, these differences haven’t been quantified in any significant way.

Where Does Kratom Come From?

Most commercially available kratom comes from Indonesia.

Disclaimer: Talk to your healthcare provider before using kratom or any herbal supplement.

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